What do you think is the reason for Colors downfall in TRP chart?

Colors has been losing good viewership in past few months. The hit shows on the channel are now focusing on negative and sad tracks, which are revengeful and bringing good characters in bad light.The show like Balika Vadhu has been put a great character like Shiv under defaming red light where he is accused of molestation of Rasika and is being blamed for her husband Narendra’s death. It was Rasika and her boyfriend Brijesh’s plan to do this, but Shiv and Anandi, the powerful characters are shown helpless right now. Coming to Madhubala, Raja has been put behind bars by Madhu for raping her and the show is not attracting people much, as they are not liking this track.

Then we have Bani Ishq Ka Kalma, Rajji has been trying hard to expose Vicky. Beintehaa also has a sad track where Usman is meeting with an accident again thanks to Barkat, and poor Zubair is going to be blamed for it. Another show Rangrasiya, Rudra is denying to accept his mum and Paro is working hard on it. Uttaran is the long running one, which does not have much new in it, same story dragging since stone age. Sasural Simar Ka will be showing Simar leaving her family, and moving on to another one, leaving aside Prem and Anjali. Does this happen in real? So much fiction that it’s getting hard to digest.

Coming to Comedy Nights, the show was hit before but slowly losing out in the race, as there are many interesting show on the block these days and with much competition, only the best can survive. The channel has less number of shows compared to Zee and Star Plus, and that might be reason for it’s lagging behind. What do you think about this? We have stated the reasons to make it easy for you to give your opinion.

  1. Just their bad luck all serial r just faltu i only watch comedy nights with kapil on this channel

  2. if you people will change the story into good enjoyable and loving then it will hit its rate…. it has all bakvas script..only the serial starting 2 or 3 months will be nice and rest is like omg what bhakvas it is…….and the most important thing its leaps ufff other than puting its leaps change the serials it will be better….there most important thing long lasting and never ending stories please put some interesting one

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  4. […] Also read ‘What do you think is the reason for Colors downfall in TRP chart?’ […]

  5. bcoz it is ignoring madhubala

  6. […] Also read ‘What do you think is the reason for Colors downfall in TRP chart?’ […]

  7. Yeah i totally agree with shweta and my opinion is also the same really starting is nice then it goes bakwas

  8. wat d hell is happening with beintehaa. it was good before but now news is there on sites that aliya and zain will get divorced due to that bakwas suraiyya and barkat. people will hate seeing aliya getting married to another man. we want that further in show aliya should get shot and zain should care for her more not divorce her.

  9. actually beintehaa is going very good, all the episodes are very new, not like we expect, something different and GOOD

    1. yaa realy and harshad and aliya are perfect

  10. […] Also read ‘What do you think is the reason for Colors downfall in TRP chart?’ […]

  11. only beinteha & Comedy nights with kapil r worthwatchng….other showz r meaningless…..

    1. Yaa beintehaa is best show no dout but divorce track is going that will fall the trp may be

  12. I like rangrasya,may be other. Shows are boring

  13. rangrasiya is gud….but i donno wen rudra n paro will start loving each other…

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  15. Uttaran should end. For God sake, nani is shown to be atleast 80 years and still scheming….wow! please end the show now..there is nothing about anyones uttaran or riches..nothing left in the serial to say the least!

    1. hi i think serials are going in bore version. whats the meaning in sasural simar ka if simar as to leave her sasural and roli as to maintain it. please complete the sad story soon

  16. […] Also read ‘What do you think is the reason for Colors downfall in TRP chart?’ […]

  17. […] Also read ‘What do you think is the reason for Colors downfall in TRP chart?’ […]

  18. comedy nights with kapil is only watchable.

  19. in sasural simar wy to leave own sasural and maintain others sasural its too hard to digest. how can a mother leave her own child and become mother of other child after getting become mom with so much difficult. how can she come back to her sasural now. what about prem. its tooooo strategical

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