Yeh Jawaani 13th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Jawaani 13th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dodo is flirting Radhika when two boys come to him and asks where is Yo Yo Singh? Dodo asks them if they can’t see he’s busy. Radhika too asks him same question. The boys say Dodo is making them fool and warn him if Yo Yo doesn’t come, then it won’t be good for him. Dodo says he will be right back checking where Yo Yo is. His neighbor meets him and says no one got tooned after drinking like how he was thinking. She has some plan and asks him to wait and watch.

Everyone is playing truth and dare game. Devika says truth, but no one likes it. She then goes with dare. Dodo assigns her task of kissing the host. Sid gets anxious and happy. Devika gets up and walks towards Sid. Sid anxiously waits for her to kiss, but she walks pass him and walks towards Cheeku. Cheeku wonders if she heard kiss the host or kick the host. Devika kisses him on cheek. Kimaya, and everyone else is shocked. She wishes a happy birthday to Cheeku. Sid nearly has a heart attack. Cheeku wonders what that was. Is that how a kiss is? It’s so good. He then remembers about Kimaya and wonders what if she thought anything wrong. He goes and video chats with her. He asks her if she’s enjoying the party. She replies yes in serious tone and asks him if he’s enjoying it. Dodo’s neighbor makes an announcement that Yo Yo Singh is in the house. She sends them to kitchen side. All run there. Dodo says Yo Yo went to other side. All run to find him. They come to Dodo and his neighbor ask where he is. Dodo says he came and left, but he said they all rock. All get happy.

Cheeku meets Sid and says he’s such a nice brother. He took beating from Billu. Sid asks if he’s drunk and leaves. All guests act as if they really met Yo Yo and dance starts.

Hansraj meets Cheeku and says he saw Devika kissing him. Cheeku says to hell with girls like Devika and kisses like that. He only likes one girl and her name starts with K. He mentions Kimaya is only friend of his who cares about him. His life changed after she came into his life. Kimaya hears it and feels happy. Cheeku continues praising her.

Devika is dancing with other boys and Sid doesn’t like it. Dodo tries to get closer to Radhika, but she doesn’t let him. Cheeku imagines him dancing romantically with Kimaya. He stands on side. Devika continues making Sid jealous.

Cheeku comes to the kitchen and sees a boy and a girl coming out of his room. He takes out his cake and is excited to cut it, but his mood goes off when he sees Cheeku on it. He takes out a knife and says, today it will be the end of Cheeku. He erases Cheeku from it and writes AK with sauce. He then says all will ignore him, so he won’t share cake with anyone either. He goes somewhere with the cake and says, Cheeku will die today. Kimaya hears it and gets worried. She calls someone. All are busy dancing in the party. A boy informs everyone that Cheeku went to the terrace to commit suicide. Kimaya is still trying to call someone.

Cheeku is looking down from the terrace with his cake. He says he didn’t say anything wrong to Kimaya. He’s not high. All come running there and ask him to come down. Kimaya is still trying to call someone. Sid and Dodo try to stop him. Sid tells him not to make joke in front of Devika. Cheeku asks who is Devika? He says the one who kissed on his cheek. Dodo tells him not to commit suicide. Cheeku says whose committing suicide? No one will commit suicide on his birthday. A guest says to call police. Cheeku says let police come, he will handle them today as well. A guest says to start recording video, it will go viral like virus. Cheeku says whose computer got virus? He will clean it up. All start taking his photos and videos. Sid tries to stop them. Cheeku loses his balance and all get worried.

Precap: Sid asks Devika if he should drop her. Dodo stops Radhika saying after party is left. Kimaya shows a cake to Cheeku and sings happy birthday Aditya. Cheeku cuts cake with Kimaya and share some close moments. Sid tries getting number from Devika. Dodo finally becomes friend with his neighbor who helped him today.

Update Credit to: Tina

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