Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 13th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 13th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Niranjan asking Anjali is she regretting. He says I told you to walk on the hot stairs in the temple so that you can know how much you insulted me remembering your parents, you and Astha will be punished strictly. She says I will surely regret. He says I feel the fate is playing the same game, like history is repeating itself. There was a time when you had to choose between your parents and husband and you chose me, your decision is right, same time came now when Shlok has to choose between me and Astha, he chose me and his decision was right. He says let it be anyone, no one can go against me.

He says everyone will choose me in this house, either by their wish or mine, you all are helpless and can’t think to go against me, else if Astha thinks, then understand she will be ruined. Anjali says I will go to the temple today, no one will doubt. He says Do the Jaap that you won’t remember your parents even if they die infront of you, you will turn your face. Anjali says fine. He leaves.

Sojal comes in the room and sees her sarees all over. She sees Kavya wearing one and smiling seeing herself in the mirror. She asks why did you wear this. Kavya says I want to become like Chachi. Sojal says you have a beautiful mum and you want to become like her. She gives her a new doll and sends her. Sojal says I have to do something soon else I will lose Kavya. Astha asks where is Anjali going. Anjali says temple. Astha says I will also come. Anjali says no, and leaves. Astha says she will go after her, I won’ let you regret for what mistake you did not do, I care for you, I won’t let your feet get burnt.

Shlok asks Astha where is she going. Astha says temple. He says come with me to office. She says I have to do this things till one year of marriage, so you go. He says fine, I will drop you in 10 mins. Avdhoot comes home. Kalindi is glad seeing him and asks how was your seminar. He says good. He says I missed your hand made tea in this one week, please make it. Kalindi says I will bring it. Astha asks Shlok to hurry up and pulls him. He says are you mad. She says the puja will start in 5 mins. He says fine, see how I drop you in 5mins.

Astha wishes she reaches there before Anjali. They leave for the temple. Kalindi brings tea/ He asks why is she looking so happy. She says our Sid loves Jyoti. He is shocked. He says are you in your senses, how can you be happy, Jyoti is married and Sid loving her is not good, Jyoti is pregnant and the big thing is she is Niranjan’s daughter, I m scared to think so, don’t you know Niranjan and Anjali’s mindset. He says they will never agree for this, if they know this, we don’t know what can they do with Jyoti.

Kalindi says I thought you won’t have any problem with this and we will support Jyoti. He says it’s a big thing, it can affect Astha. He says Sid has to stay away from Jyoti, it will be good for him and us. Kalindi gets tensed.Kavya tells Sojal that Astha went to temple with Shlok. Sojal says she might have went with Anjali, they are making a good team these days, I m fed up of Astha. She says she will cook for Kavya.

Astha thanks Shlok. He says I should get something as I brought you here in 5mins. She smiles and gives him a kiss. Shlok leaves. Astha reaches before Anjali and finds the stairs very hot. Anjali comes there. She walks barefoot. Astha talks to the pandit. He says why people do this to serve Lord and themselves. Astha asks him can I do anything for them. He says sure. Anjali finds of Niranjan’s words and finds hard to climb the hot stairs.

Anjali is shocked to see water flowing and then sees Astha throwing water on the stairs. Some people bless Astha. The pandit also praises Astha. Anjali comes to Astha and says you are stopping me from regretting. Astha says no, I also vowed that I will cool down the feet of the people, I m happy. She says I will not let any pain reach you. Anjali smiles and kisses her forehead. They do the puja. Anjali says I want to do the puja on my parents name. He asks are they alive or………. She says I don’t know, just do the puja for their peace and happiness.

Astha prays for Anjali to get her parents. Anjali sees her parents sitting as beggars in the temple. She is shocked. Astha too identifies them. Anjali sees her bad state and gets tears in her eyes. Her mum cries. Anjali runs from them and cries. She says this can’t happen. Anjali’s dad says lets go from here Lata before anyone kick us out from here, lets go far. Astha asks Anjali to stop her parents, where will they go, you wanted to know where are they, now you know they are here. Anjali says let them go.

Astha says what, this is Lord’s miracle that you got them here, how can you let them go. She says stop them. Anjali says what can I do, tell me. Astha looks on.

Anjali says let them go, atleast they are living their life, I m happy knowing they are alive, I can’t take their life and can’t let Niranjan kill them.

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  1. when will sholk know truth of his father

  2. Someone needs to beat the shit out of that Niranjan.

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