Pavitra Rishta 13th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 13th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Naren, Ankita and Pari in a hut. Naren and Pari sit hugging each other. Naren asking Ankita to lie down. Tera Manjhana plays. Pari gets close to Naren. Ankita gets sad. Pari tells Naren that weather is good. She asks him to come outside. Naren says no. She insists him to come. Naren and Pari go outside. Ankita recalls the romantic moments between her and Naren.

Pari takes Naren out of the hut. Naren says it will rain now. Pari says let us live moments which we will remember in life. They both dance on a song naye mausam ki saher…. Ankita watches them dancing from a window and cries. She remembers Naren and her consummating their marriage. Naren sees Ankita watching them and gets conscious. Ankita then goes from the window. Naren gets a flashback of time spent with Ankita in the hut and says PAri that he has come to this place with her. Pari says she has not come there at all. Naren says it must be his dream then.

Archana catches cold after playing in water. Manav scolds her for playing in water and catching cold. Arachana asks about her family, Manav informs that they have gone out. Rushali and Sirish come there. Sirish asks about other family members. Manav says they have gone out. Sirish says he wants to talk to them important and says they have come with Naren’s alliance for Pari. Archana asks what about Ankita. Rushali says Ankita’s contract marriage is finished now and they should concentrate on their children’s future now. Archana says she will talk to PAri, if she does not have any problem, they they also don’t have any problem.

Pushti and Teju distribute sweets to the whole chawl on Naren and Pari’s marriage fixing. Pushti gives sweets to Mansi and informs about it. Mansi gets tensed and calls Ankita asking her to come back home soon. Ankita gets worried about Mansi. Rushali calls Naren and informs that his marriage is fixed with Pari now, they spoke to Arcana and Manav and they have agreed for the alliance. Naren gets happy and informs Pari about their marriage. Pari gets happy. Ankita listens to their conversation and cries, thinks Mansi must have know everything, so she called her.

Manav sees Archana sitting silently and asks what is she thinking about. Archana says it would have been good if Arjun-Purbi whould have been here. Manav says we will make sure Pari does not feel Arjun-Purbi are not present. Savita and Sulochana divide marriage reponsibilities among the a

Ankita comes home. Mansi asks her how can Naren marry someone. Ankita says she does not love Naren and her this child is only hers, so she does not want to inform about the child to anyone. Mansi thinks she has to find out why Ankita wants to hide her pregnancy to Naren.

Precap: Mansi informs that Ankita is carrying Naren’s child to Pari.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. This soap is so senseless now.i just can’t it anymore

  2. Kya yeah sach mein pavitra rishta hai?

  3. please writer dont hurt viewers. do something to reunite ankita and naren

  4. Boring us too tears crap HP when naren regains his memory its too late

  5. @natasha. Well dnt watch it
    Naren playing he 4’_,(

  6. pls yaar…….dnt take it too long ,…..

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