Madhubala 13th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 13th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone rushing Bai ji to the hospital. Dau ji puts the gun on the doctor asking him to operate Bai ji soon. Bai ji is being treated. The nurse asks them to arrange blood soon as they don’t have the matching blood. Dau ji goes in the operation theatre and asks them to do the operation. The doctor says we are trying and takes it out. He scolds Dau ji asking him to understand, and not shout. He says we need O- blood, but we don’t have it in any hospital in the city, you have to organize it, and then we will do the operation. Agni says we are new here, we don’t know anyone.

He asks did anyone give her blood before. Dau ji says yes, I will call him. The inspector talks to RK and says its good you came in two hours, I thought you will come late and it can benefit me. The commissioner comes and asks who was on duty yesterday and who is Raja. He scolds the inspector and asks did you leave him. The inspector apologizes. The commissioner says he is charged with marital rape and he went to threaten his wife, you will be also blamed, I will get you punished. He tells the staff if anyone supports RK, then they will be suspended immediately. He leaves.

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Madhu takes the support of the NGO. A woman comes to meet her. Madhu says I need justice. She says I have fought 40 cases of Marital Rape and I lost 20, so you be ready to face failure too. Madhu says no, I can’t take failure, as I m sure you will win this case. Dau ji comes to RK and tells him that Bai ji fell off the stairs, and she needs blood now, come with me. The inspector says he won’t go anywhere. Dau ji requests him to let RK out for one hour else Bai ji won’t get saved. She is fighting with death in the ICU. RK says its about my Bai ji’s life, I will give you much money, let me go.

The inspector says you can go if Madhu takes the complaint back on phone, then I will leave you now. RK asks Dau ji to send someone to Madhu, once she knows Bai ji is in danger, she will take the report back, as I know she can’t see anyone dead. Dau ji says fine, I will send Tara to her. RK says send her soon. Dau ji calls Tara and says the inspector is not agreeing to me, even when I tried to bribe him, just go and talk to Madhu, convince him to take the complaint back, ask her to save Bai ji, then punish RK later. Tara says I will surely go to save my Bai ji’s life. Bhanu stops Tara and says I will meet her.

Bhanu comes to meet Madhu and Bittu talk to him. Madhu sees him. He says Bai ji fell off stairs and she wants RK to come, RK can’t come, if you take you complaint back, he can meet Bai ji. Bhanu does not tell her that Bai ji needs blood. Madhu asks him to leave. He says if anything happens to Bai ji, I will burn this house.

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Madhu scolds Bhanu for threatening her. She says I would have thought if you told me in good way, but now, I will never come, do what you want. She goes. Bittu asks Bhanu to leave and shuts the door. Bhanu smiles and thinks I did not tell Madhu that Bai ji needs RK’s blood and this thing will create a wall of hatred between them. RK says Madhu can’t do this Dau ji. Dau ji says I have sent Bhanu there and she has refused him. RK says she is blind in revenge, how can she do this knowing Bai ji needs my blood. Dau ji says Bhanu pleaded her but she refused.

RK breaks the water pot on anger. Bai ji is getting serious. The doctor asks Bhanu about the blood, as he is helpless and patient is critical now. Everyone go in the ICU and asks what happened. The doctor tells them that Bai ji is no more, we could not save her. Everyone is shocked. Tara and Agni cry. Dau ji comes there and is shocked too. Agni says Madhu has killed my Bai ji. Dau ji cries. Dau ji covers her face with the white cloth.

RK is restless in the jail. He thinks he will surely go to his Bai ji and not let anything happen to her. Bhanu comes to him with tears in his eyes. RK asks him how is Bai ji now. Bhanu bows down. RK asks again. Bhanu says Bai ji died. RK is shocked. Bhanu says I wish to burn Madhu with Bai ji, this happened because of her. RK cries saying Bai ji…….. RK says Madhu made us cry, I will make her and her family cry, I will not leave that Madhubala. Bhanu smiles and thinks Madhu and Raja’s love Swaha…….. he laughs in his heart.

RK confronts Madhu and says you have killed my Bai ji, I wish to kill you, come with me and do the ritual. He says come and do the Antim Sanskaar. She says I won’t come, I know you all will kill me.

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