Beintehaa 13th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 13th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aaliya is sadly sleeping on the bed. Zain says even he felt bad when Surayya alleged her of having an affair with Zubair. Aaliya says Zubair is his cousin and she cannot even think in dream like that and she loves only Zain. Zain romantically kisses her on her forehead. Muskurane ki wajah tum ho….. song plays in the background. They both sleep holding each other.

Zain wakes up in the morning and sees Aaliya performing morning prayers. Usman comes to their room and sits silently watching Aaliya praying. He goes into flashback where he promises Ghulam that Zain will marry Aaliya and then Zain cribbing about his marriage with Aaliya. Aaliya finishes her prayers, sees Usman and greets him salaam. Zain realizes his dad’s presence and greet him. Usman gets a call from his client and tells he cannot come but Zain and Aaliya will come. He informs Aaliya and Zain that they have to attend his client’s daughter’s marriage. They both agree. Zain says Aaliya that he sees her praying every morning and romantically looks at her. Aaliya gets Zubair’s SMS asking her to get sad that he went and says he will fulfill his promise of designing Zain’s cabin.

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Shaziya asks Surayya why is Usman not talking to her. Surayya says he wants her to apologize Aaliya which she will not. Aaliya comes there and requests Usman to go to office today for 15 minutes at least as Zain needs his help. Usman agrees. Surayya and Shaziya get angry seeing her command over him.

Usman gets ready to office remembers Surayya used to help him everyday, but she is not helping him today. Surayya brings juice for Usman, but he does not pay attention to her and leaves.

Rizwan praises Zubair for designing Zain’s cabin beautifully. Zubair says hope Usman likes it. He then says he has some important work and goes from there.

Zain and Aaliya reach marriage venue and meet bride and groom. They see singers preparing for qawwali. Two kids meet Zain and Aaliya. Zain asks them their name. They introduces themself. Zain says male kid that today is qawwali competition between girls and boys and boys will win.

Zain and Aaliya start qawwali competition with tumse milke dil ka hai ye haal kya karen……….. song. They both start dancing then.

Kids see their dad coming and happily run towards him calling him paapi. Aaliya sees that and goes to meet the man, but man leaves before that.

Usman reaches his hotel and goes towards lift. Zain on the other side is still dancing with Aaliya on tumse milke dil ka… song. Usman gets into lift. Lifts malfunctions and Usman stucks in a lift. He pleads for help and calls Zain and Fahad. Zain realizes something is wrong and runs calling dad. Aaliya follows him. Usman falls unconscious in lift.

Precap: Usman is unconscious on the ICU bed with oxygen mask on and vital signs monitor suddenly stops.

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  1. Guys I’m totally broken.. But I have one question. How can Ghulam, Shabana, n Usman let dem take this decision? I think Usman is behind all this coz few months before spoiler said ki Usman has a dark character too. Maybe I’m wrong but who knows what is true… But really sad 2 no abt ZaYa… 🙁

  2. guyz, v r up 4 a pathetic spoiler, aliya nd zubair will b held responsible 4 usman’s accidnt, nd dis wud lead 2 zaya divorce. its all over the internet. i hope dis spoiler is jst F material nd total absurd, bt i fear its true. they showd dis news on a famous indian news channel “aajtak”, whch evn cited dat aliya will b remarried 2 a character name rhehman which will b portrayed by famous telly actor nandish sandhu. i pray dis spoiler is false bt if its not, then bye-bye 2 beintehaa. adieu, coz its nthng without zaya! 🙁

  3. Please tell me it’s not true that Zain blames aliya and they divorce I will be so sad just when they started to fall for each other it will be heart breaking

  4. Guys zaya r nt getting seperated fr a long time bcuz the director had declared it himself but sad to say that aliya will get married to another person. ABHI ABHI TOH MILE THE AUR ABHI HI DOOR CHALEJAINGE!!

  5. plz Aliya and zain should not seperate…abhi to vo mile hai

  6. kas sunday ko bhi read karane ko milt

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