Are you happy with the news of Madhubala coming to an end?

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon is rumored to end in July. What do you think might be the reason for this? Let’s tell you. The show has been losing viewers. It tried hard to make the show become hit by making Abhay Kapoor’s entry in the show casting him opposite Madhubala as her love interest. But when the makers saw that things are not working well for the show, they made his positive character a completely negative one, making Abhay the angry revengeful man to make Madhu married to a mentally challenged guy.

We think everyone in the show is in the mood for revenge, be it Raja who has killed Abhay for hitting him with a truck, or be it Madhu who is taking revenge from Raja for raping her, and now Raja again to take revenge from Madhu as his Bai ji has died, which is confirmed to him by Bhanu.

Revenge revenge everywhere…. Do you think revenge track will be hit? We don’t think it is being well accepted by the audience. The people loved Raja’s character who has been madly in love with his wife Madhu, and went against his family for her sake. The viewers were expecting a love track from them post they go back to Mumbai, but what we saw was a shock. Madhu became a victim of Marital Rape and Raja has lost his sense of love. The viewers did not wish to see their hero raping his heroine.

Madhu has filed a case against him and is now fighting it. Raja is getting revengeful being in jail and knowing Bai ji is no more. Bhanu blames Madhu for this and Raja decides to make Madhu and her family cry blood tears. Sadly, even Dida also lost her trust in Raja knowing about his bad deeds. The show is going bad way, we hope to see a good ending in it with everyone happy and together. Fingers crossed……….. Anyways, you give us your opinion on the show and you can comment below about what you think about the show and how it should proceed.

  1. Madhubala show need to keep playing on channel, but better writing, script, positive attitudes, more romance, pleasant , with good sense of humour. Revenges & conspiracy are sucks. Let it go .

  2. We love madhubala show in good way to watch for mental pleasure, change positive please.thnx.

  3. please give us a news that all fans of madhubala request us that dont end madhubala so madhubala to continue plzzzzzzz

  4. east or west madhubala is the best

  5. no i m not happpy of dis news pls change the tract not end the serial……….pls pls pls

  6. aakhir hum kyo yeh comments likh rahe hai jabki in sabka koi fayda hi nahi hai aakhir kyo hame yeh news nahi de rahe ki madhubala nahi khatam hoga

  7. shekhar gupta

    plz show off mt kro plz i luv dis show best serial hi kyu off krte ho yrr balika vadhu jaise show off kro toh thik bhi hai lekin plz madhubala serial off mt kro plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

    1. thank you for gave this comment

  8. madhubala ko bahut achi ratings mil sakti hai jo kal ala episode tha usko dekh kar lag gaya tha ki madhubala jab raja aur madhu ek ho gaye please give one promo of madhubala in a week please dont end it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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