Sasural Simar Ka 13th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 13th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli is with Anjali she says do you want biscuits ? She shows her picture of simar and says your mom loves you so much. she is looking at you with so much love. mata ji and sujata come there. Mata ji says Anjali lives so happily with you. You have to take care of this whole family. All of the responsibility is yours now. Sujata says now after simar if anyone can keep this family united, then its you. Mata ji and me have all the trust in you. Truth is that we all need you. Mata ji says sujata is right we trust you. Mata ji takes out the keys of the house and says you will handle this from now. This family of simar is yours now. She places the keys in roli’s hands. Roli is in tears.

Scene 2
Simar is getting her photos with a baby girl. Simar is in the passport office. The lady asks her name ? She says sunaiana. She gives her the passport.

2 years leap.

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Scene 3
Mata ji prays at the morning. Roli calls someone and sasy after two years we have a happy moment in this house. Everything should be perfect. Roli goes in her room and looks for Anjali. She is hiding somewhere. Roli says okay let me dronk the chocolate milk shake alone. Anjali comes out and hugs her. she seems to be happy with her.
Simar is on a sofa. A baby girl comes and says mama, simar hugs her.

Scene 4
There is a party in bharadwaj house. Mata ji and suajat are welcoming all the guests. Jhanvi and anurag come. Uma says you should have come earlier. Jhanvi says I am late because of you nephew. Anurag says he is so chilled. uma says who will be chilled if not kids. Mata ji asks where is shanti and bua ji ? He says bua ji is still nit well. Maa had to stay with her.
Satu asks sid and sankalp where are dry fruits ? sujata says roli has palce them somewhere. Khushi and pari along with their kids meet Verma aunty.
Shalu gives pandit ji all the stuff. Shalu asks pari where are the sweets ? Pari says ask the one who has the keys. How would I know. He asks sujaat. She says ask roli. She knows everything.
Roli is in her and getting Anjali ready. She asks simar’s picture how do I look mummy ? Roli says she must be finding you so good looking.
Shalu comes and says who is this little princess ? She says I am Anjali. He asks her about the sweets. he sasy everyone is waiting for you downstairs. Roli comes downstairs with Anjali. Everyone loves Anjali. Sid asks roli where are the keys ? she says shalu bhaiya has it. he is in store room. She asks is jiju ready ? Sid says let me look for him.

Scene 5
Prem is in front of simar’s picture. he recalls the moments of her death. He is in tears. He recalls the way he has put up with all this without her on two years. He remembers their wedding day. Sid comes in and looks at him. He places a hand on his shoulder. Sid says I read in the paper that my bro is starting a new life. That’s so nice. This is my bro prem he is so strong. He has to add smile in the beginning. He says look prem prem our whole family is so happy fro you. You are starting a new life. Tears should never end o begin something. Two years have been passed since simar left. We can’t for forget her because we love her. Life is moving on and you have to live this life. For yourself, for Anjali. Will you ? Come on lets go. Prem looks at simar’s picture again and the song ‘adaat’ plays in the background. He feels like simar has held his hand. He looks at her. Sid says are you okay ? prem says nothing. He goes downstairs. Simar is all over his mind.

Precap: There is a new family. Everyone is relying on simar there. Her new name is suaniana. She says my family was taken away from me. I will explain everything..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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