Baawre 13th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Baawre 13th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The principal informs Nikumbh that they have roped in Yamini to play the lead in his play. Nikumbh doesn’t think it is a good idea. Telling the principal with a straight face that he knows what’s best for the play and should make the rest of the decisions too, he leaves. Yamini follows him and tries to reason with him. They reach a decision that she give an audition after ten minutes in order to prove that she deserves the role of Shakuntala. Then, however, when Yamini does enact her part she is scared and isn’t able to get the dialogues right. Tauntingly, Nikumbh says that she’s been so fast with her dialogue delivery that he’s hungry now. He leaves.

Azam is at the college campus, looking about for Shaheen. Nikumbh calls him from behind and they discuss each other’s plights for the day. Azam cannot find Shaheen anywhere and Nikumbh cannot get rid of Yamini who hasn’t even recited one dialogue properly since morning. They joke and decide to go look into their respective matters.

At long last Azam finds Shaheen inside a classroom and has a moment, if you will. The professor thinks, Azam who is standing outside of class is also a student. He takes him inside forcefully. Meanwhile, Nikumbh reaches the auditorium to find Yamini still rehearsing her part and is somewhat mesmerized by her performance. Everyone else starts coming in and Yamini realizes that she’s not alone. But even so this time, well rehearsed, she manages to impress everyone.

Shaheen’s professor aims his History questions at Azam. Azam gives answers involving Anarkali and Kraanti. Now you may imagine that the class laughs and Shaheen laughs. When the class is dismissed, Shaheen teases Azam when he tells her that he is in fact at business in the campus since he’s assisting Nikumbh with his play and thought that Shaheen might be interested in something related to the drama. But he takes her cue that she doesn’t want anything to do with and leaves. Shaheen looks ashen.

Nikumbh and Yamini meet outside the college building. Nikumbh informs her that the college will be closed from tomorrow and that they will be rehearsing at the Haveli. Telling her to be there by ten tomorrow morning and not be late, he leaves. And before that he says in a very slow voice that she did good work today.

Next morning Yamini is rehearsing her dialogues. Since she’s clearly having fun, she starts a dialogue between herself and Nikumbh in front of the mirror. Daddu comes in and she tells her that she feels like she’s doing her own thing for the first time and doesn’t want to mess it up. Nikumbh is waiting for the actors to arrive and Azam is teasing him about Yamini when one by one everyone comes, except Yamini. Yamini’s father tells Yamini that the show is happening because of her so it wouldn’t be a problem if she reaches an hour or two late when she tells him she is late for rehearsals.

Without Yamini, Nikumbh starts the day at work. He tells all the actors the reason why everyone acts but nobody does theater as often. It is due a lack of passion. Then he tells them that theater comes with teamwork and teamwork comes with trust. So, he stands up on a stool and tells them that he has complete faith in them that when he falls from there they will all catch them. But everyone is caught off guard by an influx of excessive light in the hall as the door opens. And Nikumbh falls and the people backing him stagger a little. Then they also see Yamini come in. She apologizes for being late and tells Nikumbh that her father had some work on the way so she got late. Nikumbh says to her that she may join in from tomorrow only and rather finish all her personal work today.

Precap: Media come to interview Nikumbh, but Yamini interferes and tells media she answered already. Media says her wish, if she doesn’t want them to take Nikubh’s interview. Nikumbh is not happy.

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