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Saraswatichandra 13th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kumud talking to Saras and seeing him asleep. They tries to sleep. They wake up hearing the sound again. He says same sound again, why, lets see. Anushka talks to her friend Radhika and says I can’t imagine Rahul did this with you, you both were so happy together, I can’t believe this, don’t cry, I m with you, we will think what to do with her. Kusum hears this. She asks what happened. Anushka says Radhika’s husband Rahul has an affair with someone else, after two years of marriage, he used to give her many gifts to hide his affair. He said he was helpless to do this, as Radhika did not give her any time. She says guys are mad, they change after marriage and put all the blame on a girl.

Anushka says I m very angry, and I should sleep now. Kusum leaves. Saras and Kumud hear the water leaking sound and checks all taps. She says maybe its under the basin. Saras checks and finds the water leaking. Saras fixes it with a cloth. He says we have to call the plumber tomorrow, lets go and sleep now. Danny gives a surprise to Kusum and she is shocked seeing him with a candle. Music plays………….. Danny gifts her. She asks whats this. He says your gift. She asks but why. He opens the lights. She asks whats today. He says another day of our life. Kusum thinks of Anushka’s words that extra love and extra sweetness is to hide an affair.

He praises her and says this saree will look beautiful when you wear this. Kusum smiles. Danny says when you give a sweet smile after getting the gift, for seeing it, I can bring gifts for you my whole life. Saras and Kumud lie to sleep. They hear some other sound and get up. Saras asks whats this. She says maybe its watchman. Saras says but we did not get the sound yesterday, is he doing duty or spoiling our sleep, I will see him. She says leave him, try to sleep. He says how, look at the sound. He shuts his ears. She says I have an idea to make you sleep.

She plays FM. Saras smiles. She says hear this and sleep. Saras sleeps. She smiles seeing him and sleeps. Its morning, the maid comes to meet Kumud. She says I came to know you want a maid. Kumud says I did not tell the guard. Saras says I told him, you are doing work all the time, I did not bring you here to work, now she will do the work. Kumud asks what was the need. He says if you keep working, whenw ill you spend time with me. He goes to have a bath. Kumud smiles.

She says thanks and dries his hair. The bell rings. She says I will see, your clothes are here. She sees the maid talking to the laundry man. She says I made the tea too. Kumud looks at her.

Kusum acts sweet to Danny. He asks what do you want, new phone? She says nothing, I did wish to do this. He says how sweet. He says you are taking care of me, why. She says I made paneer parathas for you. He asks is anything special, I m getting tension, why are you doing all this. She asks did I not do this before. He says but in one day… She says I m your wife, have food now. He says I m getting late, I will come in evening and have it. She says no, I won’t let you go, come. Saras asks for tea. The maid says its ready, I will bring. He says great.

She gives him and Kumud. They thank her. Saras says you made good tea. Kumud asks shall I give bread and jam in breakfast. The maid says no, I made Poha for you and will bring it. Saras says I m really smart, it was my idea to keep her. Danny and Kusum argue infront of everyone. She asks Danny to have food and go. Danny complains about her. He says Kaka tell her, I m getting late. Guniyal takes Kusum’s side. Anushka says I don’t think anyone else does some work and taunts Kabir.

Kabir says its Danny’s meeting and not mine. She laughs. He says my meeting is in evening. Guniyal asks them to be quiet now. Kusum makes Danny eat by her hands and he finds it odd and over sweet. Everyone smile. Vidyachatur asks Guniyal to make him eat and she says what, don’t you want to eat. She smiles. The maid says she did all the work and leaves. Kumud goes to give her phone. The door gets locked by closing by air. She says I don’t have any phone, what to do.

Prashant comes there and asks what happened. Kumud says I came out and the door got locked by air, do you key. He says no, I will call the keymaker, you come with me to my home. She says no, I will wait here. He insists. He calls Ravi and says he will come office late. Kumud goes with him. Prashant asks her to sit. Kumud thinks she can call Saras by Prashant’s phone, but no he will be worried for me, its his first day at work today. Prashant calls someone and asks the keymaker to send anyone to make a new key. Kumud thanks him.

She says you might be late for office. He says no its fine. She says this does not happen in Ratnagiri. He asks about his family. She tells about the family members. He says such a big family, how does you live together. She says with love, my dad asks us to always stay united. Prashant looks at her as she tells him about her family. He looks at the black four dots at her neck. He asks does Saras and his brothers stay with you. She says yes, Saras’s dad is my dad’s best friend, its one family. He says its good.

Badimaa makes Aampanna for everyone. Anushka says we get this readymade in Mumbai. Anushka likes it and asks for more. Kabir taunts her. Badimaa misses Kumud and thinks who will make this for her in Mumbai. Prashant gives her and asks her to have it. She says its good. She says its late now, call and ask when will he come. He calls again and asks did you send anyone, fine if he is coming, thanks. Kumud says then I will wait there. He says please sit. She says no, you already got late because of me. She says I will wait outside, thanks. She leaves. Prashant smiles.

The man tells Kumud that he got the call 15 mins before and he came. Kumud says but he called you 1 hour before.

Update Credit to: Amena

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