Bani Ishq Da Kalma 13th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 13th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Rajji’s residence
Buaji is shocked at what she just heard. rajji comes in and buaji asks what does she want as she doesnt want to talk to her. Rajji comes and asks buaji to have her meds, as in all this trouble, she has forgotten to take care of her health. Buaji lashes out at rajji, that instead of giving her meds, she should rather poison her and finish this chapter altogether. rajji asks her not to talk like this as she only means well, and if she doesnt want to take meds from her, she would send in kuki with them. Buaji says that even kuki isnt as innocent as she seems, and is about to spill the truth about kuki’s descision to run away with guggi, but checks herself just in time. Buaji tells rajji that she didnt just distance her from the family, but from her own daughter too, and she wont forgive her for this. Rajji is apalled to hear this, and asks her to sit and think with a calm mind, and that all arent kids that she trapped everyone and asks her to understand why would she stop kuki’s marriage. buaji says that she doesnt want to listen to anything and asks her to get lost. rajji keeps the meds on the table and goes out. Buaji is unfazed. She is tensed wondering about kuki, and wonders how to stop kuki. Kuki asks the lord to give her strength to be able to do this. Rajji thinks that her father wont reach in time, and that she would have to make kuki understand. They both try to devise a plan of their own.

Scene 2:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
Parmeet and randip come and he instantly rushes to bani and asks why wasnt he picking the phone. He asks why is anu here. Anu says that she reached in time and narrates everything to him, and also show him the note. Both the boys are shocked to see it. Parmeet says that this is due to him, as he wont open the NGO by risking Bani;s life. Bani says that he cant turn back now, ashe knows how imp this work is for him. Randip too says the same. parmeet says that it isnt more imp than bani, and they would stop work tomorrow. anu advises parmeet not to stop, and says that he has an idea that can solve this altogether and explains everything. Randip asks if this would work. bani says that they have no other choice. Parmeet says that this wont work. anu says that they dont have any other way out, and that they have to put in an extra effort. bani says that she has belief in anu. parmeet agrees to go by anu’s plan. parmeet gets a call and is frazzled. he tells everyone that sarpanch’s men went there to take all the material. randip is enraged and swears to be violent. Parmeet says that this is the right time to implement anu’s plan.

Scene 3:
Location: NGO Site
The goons after taking everything search for their keys but done find it anywhere. Parmeet comes in gloating that they have the keys. Randip tells the goons that the material belongs to them, and asks them to keep it back. The goons threaten him to give the keys. randip and parmeet tells them not to threaten. A verbal arguement ensues, where each stays put on their opinion. The goons decide to teach the boys a lesson. they are about to move ahead, when anu and bani come along with other ladies, and face the goons. They wonder how did they come. the goons are unfazed. bani and anu say that they shouldnt underestimate the power of women. the goons taunt the women off. Anu says that these women have come since iuts their matter. the goons pass obscene and leering comments at them. anu is enraged and goes ahead to slap their leader who is shocked. Anu asks them to remember this slap, the next time they insult women. bani says that they arent strong but cowards, and infact a real man is a person, who stands by his wife, like parmeet. The goons ask bani to lecture someone else. Bani says that one slap isnt sufficient. The women all say that all of the support has been garnered in other villages too. the goons says that now they would show these women their statuts. the women too get together and are finally able to beat the crap out of the goons. they run off, and the ladies are complimented for their bravery. the ladies thank parmeet for his noble cause. anu says that if they need them ever again, they would call them. the ladies leave. parmeet thanks anu too, who says that she just did her duty. parmeet apologises to anu for his behaviour and trap with jiya too, and he realises his mistake too. Anu says that its good that he realises his mistake, and that the mistake can be washed away with his noble cause, and asks him to keep bani happy. He swears always to do that.
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Scene 4:
location: parmeet’s residence
parmeret and randip relate everything to the family, and all are happy. manpreet and guggi go to serve dinner. She turns around to call bani. bani comes to her. they discuss the failure of their romantic plan. Gagan gets another idea, and then asks manpreet along, saying they need to do sometghing speacil. the boys wonder what the ladies are upto.

Bani and parmeet find a romantic setting in their room, and bani clarifies about it. Bani says that he had said that this day is very special in his life. parmeet caresses her face. He gets on his knees and asks her to dance along and she complies. they dfance intimately and romantically. parmeet takes bani in his arms and she rests in them, sharing and basking in the glory of their new found love. Parmeet takes her in his arms and makes bani lie down on the bed, and romantically embracing her, kisses her on the forehead. He takes off her dupatta sensually, as she seems to melt in his arms, professing for the firsttime, that she loves him. She hugs him tightly. He undoes the lace of her kurti, and starts slowly kissing her around the nalpe of her neck, and bani too embraces this new found intimacy with him. The screen freezes on their face.

Precap: While kuki is packing, she is startled as rajji suddenly walks in her room. she hides the bag behind her, and faces rajji, who finds her visibly tensed. Rajji asks kuki whats bothering her, as she looks so pale. Guggi tries to make an excuse, and says that there’s nothing like that. Rajji finds that she is hiding something, and asks her whats she hiding. Kuki doesnt relent, but rajji insists and finds out. She asks kuki what is she doing. kuki says that they have no otgher option now. Rajji tells kuki that buaji would never forgive her. they are startled as they find buaji on the door, visible tensed ans surprised at what she hears. Guggi, on the bus stop waits for kuki, thinks that they dont have time to waste, and that kuki should have been here by now as they cant really afford delay.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I don’t knw y this colors trp is going down bt I just want that BANI ISHQ DA KALMA should not go off air….. Because I like sohum rajji (Soji) v much…..

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