Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 13th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 13th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avni cries and says to Bauji that dad is making Akshit leave the house. Bauji says he himself is shocked. Avni says can you ask your children to leave home whether they made mistakes or not. Avni asks him to do anything to prevent him executing his decision. Avni says we have no time, we will do it tomorrow. Avni says they must talk to Arpita then, Bauji says I am Suket’s father and I give you the permission today that you go and talk to her.
Arpita asks Akshit what was the reason he did this to himself. She was worried. Akshit says he didn’t want to tell his mom a lie. Akshit says but the truth was of no use. Arpita says he shouldn’t have taken a risk, he says at the most he would have lost his life. She puts hand on his mouth saying she cant imagine her life without him. He says he cant imagine his life without his parents, she assures him they are with them.
Bhawna comes to Sanvri’s room. She was crying. Bhawna apologizes her but Sanvri says she must say sorry to her for saying a lot to her. Bhawna says she is her friend and that whatever she said to her was not as a sister in law but as a friend. Sanvri says I said everything for the betterment of the family. She says Pratab ji doesn’t understand this, that she is not an enemy of Akshit. Sanvri says she loves him like a mother, but she doesn’t understand why no one gets it. Bhawna says you were against Akshit’s marriage because you thought Arpita had a boyfriend. That boyfriend came out to be our own Akshit and this set our family apart. Sanvri says now what she can do if she couldn’t give birth to a baby. Bhawna says she is such a helpless mother, she couldn’t go to her son when he needed her mother so much. Bhawna says it is a good sign that Pratab ji said what was in his heart. Sanvri cries that she tried everything. Bhawna takes her to the temple, and tells her that Krishna is known by the mother who brought him up, she should also adopt a child.
Arpita thinks she thought, she will give happiness to everyone when she will come to this home. But today she is the reason of all the problems here. Avni calls her from behind; she says she has Bauji’s permission to talk to her. Avni tells him that Suket sent doctor for Akshit. She says they are all with them. Avni says tomorrow is a special day, it is his birthday today. Arpita says she must leave home then, as she won’t be a part of this drama as the older one’s cost them so much. Avni says that tomorrow is Suket’s birthday and he distributes food in poor children every year this day. Bhawna cooks the food usually but this time she must do the cooking, so that Suket’s anger might lessen. Arpita says if this will bring even a smile to his face, she will do this.
Raj appreciates Avni for bringing the idea. She says she is nervous. Raj says that he will definitely give blessings this time. Raj says you must help Arpita as she will have to wake up at 4 in the morning. Avni says there is a problem.
At 12 o clock, Avni prays that she doesn’t want to do this, still she has to do this.
Someone knocks at the door, Bhawna and Suket wakes up worried that Akshit’s might have worsened. It was Avni who brings cake to the room. Bhawna asks what’s in the drink, Avni says this is just fruit-cocktail. She tells them to get fresh, she puts something in Bhawna’s drink and says sorry but she has to do this.
Avni tells Raj she mixes sleeping pills in maa’s drink but is guilty. Raj says the results will make her happy.
Raj calls Avni at 4. She asks was he awake all night to wake her up in time. He tells her that he heard about the sleeplessness in love, has now felt it too.
Arpita and Avni cooks all the food. Bhawna wakes up, she thinks it is 6 in the morning, how can she be so late. Bhawna runs to the kitchen and is quiet to see Arpita. Arpita says she was asleep and poor people must be coming in a while. Avni also asks Bhawna not to get upset. Bhawna asks does she know how their papa would react. Arpita says whatever his reaction is going to be, he wont return the people without any food.
Everyone greets Suket in the morning, Akshit and Arpita see them from the window. Jija, jiji and Raj came there too, Sanvri asks what they are doing here. Pratab says he called them here. Pratan says Raj went through a huge accident so he thought of inviting him to pooja too. Raj says this time his mannat is very special.

PRECAP: Raj tells Avni that he came to put Tika on her forehead. Her cellphone fells down, when she begins to pick it up the red colour goes into her head as sindoor does. Raj closes his eyes, Bhawna sees this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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