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Hey all , here I am starting a review book on fanfiction which are written on TU. First of all , I will honestly tell u opinion about ur ff & I will try to not become rude. I will make sure that I will tell ur flaws about ur writing in a good way but still u feel that I will criticized you , then It’s your choice to nominate ur fiction or not .I review book as a reader. I am not judging u because writing is not everybody’s cup of tea & u need skills to write .It’s not a easy task .So , please never underestimate urself .

Those who want to nominate their book they can comment in comment box according to the rules which are given below .


1. Self-nomination is allowed , u can nominate ur ff for review.

2. You can nominate someone’ else , I mean other author’s ff too but u have to make sure that u take his/her permission before nominating his/her ff because I don’t want any issues in last .

3. For nominating u have to comment ff name , genre of ur ff (like – Horror, Romantic etc.) ,author name & link of the first part of ur ff in comment section.

4 . Review is based on the basis of writing style , title , concept, dialogues & story moulding.We don’t count ur grammatical errors because they are common but we will tell u to improve them.

5. You have to wait for ur chance . We review two ff in a week . Those who comment first , they get first chance. Keep patience if u want review.

6. We don’t read ur full ff because of lack of time . We read some parts & last three parts to give honest reviews.

7. We tell ur flaws very politely & hope u also take them positively without being demotivated.

8. We are going to rate ur book out of 10 .Those books who get 10/10 or 9/10 in review , we follow them & give like & comments too if time allows . Most importantly , u have a chance to get a reader or ur fan from ur writing .

9. Those who interested in reviewing with me , they can pm me . Currently I & Neha is only going to review .We need two or three people , so u can pm if u want to help us.

10 . I ( Hania) will surely follow ur ff if u get 10 / 10 or at least 9/10 but I am not sure about others members who are going to helped me in this. It’s their personal choice to read ur ff .

11. You have a week to nominate ur book . After one week nomination get closed. Don’t worry , nominations get again open but after the reviewing of all ff which are nominated in first week.

12. We post review rating of ur ff in activity area ,so ur book get promote & u get readers . I noticed that some writers write really well but they don’t get response according to their hardwork.So, it’s for boost ur confidence.

13 . You can nominate any fiction based on any genre whether it’s original or any serial based . You can nominate any genre romantic, horror, thriller,comedy etc . You can also nominate those ff who are not based on any love story or couple .

14 . You can nominate ur closed one ff too or those who just started but ur fiction must have at least three or two chapters for getting the story .

15 . We don’t want to hurt u at all & give our best to review book in a good way .Please don’t feel hurted & if u don’t get 10/10 in rating, then don’t underestimate yourself .Keep writing because u all do a great job & u have skills to write . Everybody have not skills to write .

Thank you so much for reading & giving ur precious time . If u are interested then start nominating . I will try my best to polite with reviews that you can’t hurt .

Stay blessed & Stay safe .



You can find all competition entries on THIS PAGE.

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  1. That’s a great idea please review ” I’LL SNATCH YOU FROM SKY TOO.

    Author: Nati

    Please do review as i’m the first one ??

    1. Hania

      Thank you for nominating but u have to take permission of author,

  2. NAPSHa J

    Hi.. I loved your idea.. πŸ™‚
    Can I ask to review more than one ff? Is there any maximum limit on no. of ffs by each writer to be reviewed?

    1. Hania

      You can nominate maximum three ff of yours not more than that . Thank you .

    2. Sarafacebook

      Napsha J’s fanfics from “Suhani si ek ladki”, the love story of YuvAni ‘s are absolutely fantastic. I must say that she’ a brilliant writer. I’m a Big fan of her stories!

      1. NAPSHa J

        Hi Sara..?Thank you so much sis.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Glad to hear from you after a long time..

  3. NAPSHa J

    Plz review my ff “Trapped”
    Genre- Romantic
    Link to the first part:

  4. Anokhi21

    Ff name:Friendship,love and nothing else
    Author: Anokhi21
    Genre: Romantic comedy

    1. Hania

      Thank you & Keep patience .

  5. Dishani01

    that cool…??
    It’s my ff..
    “my life is your smile” ek deewana tha ff…

    1. Hania

      Please comment according to rules. you have to comment down your ff genre & link of first part too. Thank you.

      1. Dishani01

        Genre:- romance…thriller…horror…family drama..

        Intro link:-


        Total part:-21..

        Please reviwe pls…

  6. AMkideewani

    Can you please review my story Forbidden love as it’s the newest story I have posted here.

    1. AMkideewani

      Author: Amkideewani
      Genre: Romance
      And here’s the link:

    2. Hania

      Yeah will sure.keep patience & Thank you .

  7. Please review *Bakhuda tumhi ho*
    Author : Maha aijaz
    Please review this story this is the best of all I wanted to give some more story name but this one is exception can I give some more ff ???

    1. Hania

      Yeah u can …..Thank you for nominating but u have to take permission of author before comment down their book.

  8. Please review:bubbly swara intelligent sanskar

    1. Hania

      Please first take author’s permission.

      1. Praneetha

        I took author permission

  9. Hey… Please review: Swaragini ff… Few shots…
    Author:Shivika Oberoi…

    1. Hania

      Thank u but please first take author’s permission

      1. Shivika__Oberoi

        Actually that’s me only… I forgot to log in before commenting… Sorry…?

      2. Shivika__Oberoi
        This is the link for another book… Both the ffs has a fanfiction genere

  10. And an another book… It’s not complete but still…
    Swaragini: a magical love story
    Author : shivika oberoi

  11. Please review my FF “Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi”

    Genre- Romantic

    This is the link to the first part:

    1. Hania

      Thank you & keep patience.

  12. Monaa

    Nice idea..
    I too want my book to be reviewed.. Its complete..

    Book – “Twinj- Marriage, betrayal and love”
    Genere- Fanfiction
    Author- Monaa
    Link- ”

    1. Hania

      Thank you & keep waiting for ur chance.

  13. Shivika_ Kaira_Avneil_Fan

    Please review the FF The Flashback Story
    Author:VHM aka Harika

    1. Hania

      Thank you but please first take permission of author.

      1. VHM

        Hi Shivika_Kaira_Avneil_Fan ..thank you for remembering my work and thinking of getting it reviewed.

        Hania : I give my consent to go ahead with your review.

  14. Shivika_Kaira_Avneil

    Pls review the FF The past and the present

    1. VHM

      Thanks again Shivika_Kaira_Avneil .
      Hania : Here too i give my consent to go ahead with your review.

      1. Hania

        Thank u & u get ur review very soon.

  15. NAPSHa J

    “You can nominate maximum three ff of yours not more than that . Thank you .”


    1. Trapped (details alreadu given above)

    2. Love and nostalgia
    Author- me
    Genre- romantic
    Link to the first shot:

    3. Socha na tha
    Author- me
    Genre- Romantic, Thriller
    Link to the first part:

    1. NAPSHa J

      the first one is romantic & thriller, and the third one is romantic, thriller & suspense..

    2. Hania

      Thank you & Keep patience for it chance.

    3. Sarafacebook

      Hey Hania, I’m really excited to hear the reviews of ‘Napsha J’ from you. I’m damn sure you would fall in love with her stories the minute you read. ☺

      1. NAPSHa J

        Thanks a lot once again sis.. πŸ™‚ Your words mean a lot to me.. πŸ™‚ And yeah, I’m equally excited.. πŸ˜‰ ?

  16. NAPSHa J

    I would like to know how will you rate the fanfics and give your reviews.. will you make a separate post for each story? will it be done as and when you have read it or all at once at the end?

    1. Hania

      Dear , first we read all the parts of ur ff , then give a single review for ur whole ff. We make a separate article for every nominated ff & ur review get published on TU as well as on your account’s activity wall .Hope u get my point .Thanks you for asking & If u have any other queries , u can ask me.

      1. NAPSHa J

        yes, I got it.. thank you.. πŸ™‚
        one more doubt.. will you post the reviews all at once at the end for all the ffs nominated, or it will be posted after you have read a ff..? hope you got what I’m trying to ask..

    2. Hania

      The reviews posted according to ur comment number . We will review a ff , when it’s review get posted then only we move to next one .

  17. Niyati

    Hi Hani , I want to nominate my book.
    Author – Niyati
    Ff name – Dastaan
    Genre – Thriller, Dark/Suspense , Tragic

    1. Hania

      Of course , I would love to review ur ff.Sorry to say dear but I will tell ur flaws honestly.

  18. Niyati

    Author – Niyati
    Ff name – The Cinderella of modern era
    Genre – Humour & Spirituality

    1. Hania

      Of course , I would love to review ur ff.Sorry to say dear but I will tell ur flaws honestly.

  19. Riana

    Author – Riana
    FF name – Connecting Dots
    Genre – Romance | Thrill | Drama

  20. Riana

    Hania i am really with your decission…Its takes our ffs to new level judgement…really good ! I had nominated my ff above ?

    1. Hania

      Thank you so much dear for understanding my intentions.I will love to give review of ur ff.

  21. Aditi.Ayansh

    hi i would like to nominate my ffs
    1. Author- Aditi Ayansh
    FF name- Jag Ghoomeya Thaare Jaise Na Koyi Season 2
    Genre- Fanfiction
    Link to first episode

    2.Author- Aditi Ayansh
    FF name- Incomplete Love
    Genre- Fanfiction
    Link to 1st shot

    3. Author- Jayanti & Aditi Ayansh
    FF name- Jab Sanskar Met Ragini
    Link to 1st episode

    1. Hania

      Thank you & Keep waiting for ur chance.

  22. ChandanaSSV

    Pls review my ff Tere sang pyaar
    Author : ChandanaSSV
    Hania I am very impressed with your idea ?
    Osm.dear ????…..

    1. Hania

      Thank you dear & Keep waiting for ur chance.

  23. Ruby_MarNy

    1. Author: ruby_MarNy
    FF: ISHKARA FF-Life Found Love Once Again
    Genre: romance, suspense, family, second love
    Link to prologue:

    2. Author: ruby_MarNy
    FF: Hatred Love
    Genre: Hate, revenge, love, friendship
    Link to prologue:

    3. Author: ruby_MarNy
    FF: Our Angel, Ishana
    Genre: Paranormal
    Link to prologue:

    1. Hania

      Thank you & Be patience for ur chance.

      1. Ruby_MarNy

        You are welcome…. No problem, dear… I can wait…

    2. Hania

      Thank u for understanding dear

  24. Pavithra1616

    Author: Pavithra1616
    FF name: Its Destiny Dear
    Genre: Romance,Sacrifice
    Show: Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (on devakshi)
    Hope u will review.. This ff has been completed.. It has 7 shots..

  25. Pavithra1616

    This is my another ff.. Hope u will review it.. Warning:- its not so good??
    Author: Pavithra1616
    Ff name: It was a mistake to love you..
    Genre: Romance, tragic, sad
    It has reached its 14th chapter..

    1. Hania

      Thank you & Keep waiting for ur chance .Stop criticizing ur skills .Everyone have not guts to write .Respect ur talent dear.

      1. Pavithra1616

        Thank u Hania??

  26. I don’t how TU permitted you to do this review and all. This is just very stupid. Seriously, you are no critics to do so. Not expected such stuff.
    I wonder why people are keen nominating thier ffs?!
    In this way, you’ll just hamper the creative space,just my opinion, I don’t mean to offend anyone.
    This is very childish!! ?

  27. Hania

    I am not offended .It’s your pesonal opinion but still I said try to see positive side of the coin .First of all , I am no one to judge them because I have not those writing skills & they all are amazing in their job .I am just telling my opinion about their ff thay as a reader what I like in their stories or what I don’t . Peoples are nominating their ff because they actually get the idea of mine & TU is allowing because they know I am not going to criticize anyone .Hope from now onwards you never read these type of stupid stuffs.Thank you.

    1. Why do you need to tell them? Don’t the readers tell the authors what they like or not? ? But I wish this becomes a success.
      And oh btw, without reading how can I tell the magnitude of stupidity an article has. ?

  28. Why do you need to tell them? Don’t the readers tell the authors what they like or not? ? But I wish this becomes a success.
    And oh btw, without reading how can I tell the magnitude of stupidity an article has. ?

    1. Hania

      Thank you for ur opinion .I mean to say whenever u see review book or something like this .Please don’t read them because you don’t have to waste ur precious time on it. Dear , i just comment down my point of view. If it’s stupid in ur view , then it’s ur opinion .I already said that those are interested , they can read & those who are not interested they can ignore it . Thank you for writing down ur views in good language. That’s really appreciable .Have a good day ahead.Take care & thank you for telling ur opinion honestly.

  29. Anee

    Heyyy!! Hania it’s good thought….
    i want to nominate my FF…
    FF name: Heart to heart Connection
    Author: Anee
    Genre: Romantic
    here is link:

    1. Hania

      Thank you & Keep patience

      1. Anee

        Okay Dear…

  30. Yuvani

    I too wanted my ff to be reviewed, thank you for this idea. ff name “my wife” Under romantic.
    link to the first part:

    1. Hania

      Thank u & keep patience dear.

      1. Yuvani

        Sure dear, thank you

    2. Sarafacebook

      Oh wow! Another one of my favourite writers from Suhani si ek ladki, YuvAni fans ?. I’m really thrilled to see the growing craze for the amazing chemistry of Yuvraj & Suhani!! Their story was actually very different among other shows. Also am I a big fan of Sahil Mehta ?.

      1. Yuvani

        Thank you dear for your support, Yes Yuvani chemistry is amazing, just in love with our beautiful Yuvani, only reason by which I started to write..

  31. Ff title: jab we met
    Author: napsha j (I took her permission u can see in coment sec of 12th epi)
    Genre: romantic
    1st epi:

    1. Sarafacebook

      Jab we met is definitely one of the latest wonders of masterpiece of Napsha J’s fanfictions from Suhani si ek Ladki’. All I will say is it’s a great vibrant love story of YuvAni. Napsha really got some sweet skills which she takes her characters to an amazing level of our imagination!!

      1. NAPSHa J

        Thanks for the nomination Sunflower.. πŸ™‚ Glad to know about my new silent reader.. πŸ˜‰
        And Sara, I’m feeling like on cloud nine after reading your comments, especially this one.. ☺☺ Thanks a lot sis.. Love you.. ??

  32. Sukaen

    Can u review on my story.. The story is still going on..

    I want to knw review. so that I can improve my story..

    This is my story: Rudra and Saumya ka Kahaani Rumya ff..

    This is the link :

    1. Hania

      Thank u but can u please comment down ff genre

  33. Despacito

    Story name: Tum Jo Mile (Ragsan Swalak ff)
    Author: Despacito
    Genere: romantic

    1. Hania

      Thank u & keep patience

  34. Ananyagour

    Hey plz review my ff
    Name of ff – is there love in my life??
    Author- Ananyagour (me)
    Genre – romantic
    Link of promo

  35. Ananyagour

    Sorry this is the promo link the link present above is epi 1 link

    1. Hania

      Thank you & Keep patience .No need of sorry .

  36. Hey hania,have you guys started reviewing ffs & when will results be posted

    1. Hania

      Hi dear , Yeah we start reviewing book . First of all it’s not any competition dear, so there is not any result . We start posting Reviews of nominated ff from tomorrow .Thank u.

      1. I meant reviews only,waiting for the first review,actually I jus wantd to see how you all will give review so. hope you won’t mind

      2. Hania

        Of course we don’t mind .Review get posted .They will publish soon.You can check & hope u like them.We are trying to polite with everyone.Thank u .

  37. SizzlingPooja

    Hania and team, great job. So when are u guys posting reviews.? Like u said above dat u will post today.

    1. Hania

      Thank u dear for appreciate our work.Review get posted , they get published very soon.Thank you.

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