The Cinderella of Modern era (few shots) by Niyu – Character sketch & Shot 1

Hi guys, hope u are fine. So, there is my story plot which is totally based on imagination & a original fanfic .As u expect from the title , the story is based on Cindrella’s story . Well, it’s quite different from the real story only the title is inspired because I thought that it suit the storyline.It’s not a journey about to find love or prince charming , it’s a journey if a girl to find herself .A spiritual story of self-discovery with my imagination .That’s it.


A room is shown which is beautifully decorated & slightly lighted . A beautiful girl is writing her diary .

Girl P.O.V

Mohabbat … ye ek jazabaat hai .Mohabbat toh sacchi wo hoti hai jiske badle main insaan kuch chahe nahi par Mohabbat karne wala bhi badle main mohabbat chahta hai.Hum insaan jaane anjaane main apne humsafar main woh sacchi mohabbat dhoondne lagte hain, uske khwaab dekhne lagte hain jiska kuch pata nahi ki jaise insaan ko hum apna humsafae chahte hain waisa koi duniya main hain ya nahi ya phir humare khawaabon main.Duniya main Maa – baap aur upar wala hi sacchi mohabbat kar sakte hai jiske badle wo humse kisi cheez ki ummed nahi karte aur hum badle main kya karte hain apne maa-baap ko raste par chod dete hain jab humein koi aur mohabbat mil jaati hai humsafar ki shakl mein aur upar wale ki mohabbat toh tab hi yaad aati hai , jab hum mar rahe hote hain.Wo insaan bewakoof hai jo sacchi mohabbat ko chodkar us mohabbat ke peeche bhagta hai jo usne khwabon main dekhi apne humsafar main ,jo sach mein hai ya humari soch main…fark samajh nahi aata.

Main koi philoshper nahi bas ek aam si muslim family main rehne wali ladki Nayab fatima jise bhi apne maa-baap ki mohabbat tab samajh mein aayi jab Allah ne unhe mujhse door kar diya.Shayad sahi kiya kyunki humein jab tak us cheez ki kadar nahi hoti ,jab tak wo humse door nahi chali jaati.Kehne ko mere paas Maa hain par soteli aur do pyari behnein bhi par wo bhi soteli ….Mujhe samajh nahi aata ki Maa kaise soteli aur sagi ho sakti hai ,Maa toh Maa hoti hai.Rishton ke darmiyan saga aur sotela nahi hota kyunki jo paraye hote hain wo rishte hi nahi hote .

( Love …It is a feeling.True love is that in which the person don’t expect anything in return but the person who love anyone also expect love in return.We humans unintentionally start finding that true love in our life-partner, we start seeing dreams of that person which we don’t know it exist in real world or it is in our dreams only. God & Parents are only who give us true love without any expectations but what we do, We leave them when we found our true love in the form of life partner & We remember God’s love for us only , when we are dying. That person is a fool who leave the true love of their parents & run behind that love which he/she saw in dreams which is truth or is in her imagination …Don’t know the reality.

I am not a Philosopher , I am just a ordinary girl Nayab Fatima who brought up in a normal Muslim family.I also understand my parents love when God snatched them.I think it is right because we know the value of thing then only , when it get away from us . Well,I have a mother but she is my step mother & I have two lovely sisters but they also are my half-sisters …I don’t understand how can be a mother is real or Step , Mother is only mother . There is no real or step in relations because Relations are always real.)

P.O.V ends

Suddenly someone break the vase & the sound broke her chain of thoughts . A girl is shouting on someone .

Girl : Mishal , Aaj toh tera katl hona hai mere haathon se .( Mishal, Today I will kill u)

Nayab closed her diary after listening sound & move toward the room.She entered in the room.

Nayab : What is happening here ?

Mishal : Appi , jaldi koi peer baba ko bulakar laayein.Seerat par Jin Chad gaye hai .Mere katl karne ko keh rahi hai.( Appi, Go & bring someone religious person, seems like the ghost enter in Seerat.She want to kill me.)

Seerat : Mujh par nahi tujh par shaitan savar hai ladki , jab dekho har cheez kharaab kar deti hai Chodungi nahi aaj tujhe .( The devil is inside u not mine, You always ruined everything .I will not spare u today).

Nayab : What happen….Wait a sec.

She said while defending Mishal.

Seerat : You don’t come in between Noor.I will kill this idiot.

Nayab : Ya Allah ! Can u both stop fighting like childrens.

Seerat : Look , she destroyed my favourite dress.

Mishal : It’s not my fault .Actually Appi by mistake ketchup fall on her dress.

Seerat : Who told u to use my dress as table cloth .Now, I will make ur ketch up.

Nayab : Okk…Stop it now.Mishi say sorry to her.She is elder.

Mishi : Not at all ….She is just elder by two mins .I am not going to apologize .

She said while making faces while Nayab give her deadly glare.

Nayab : But it’s good to apologize for your mistake.

Mishi : Sorry …It’s my mistake .

Seerat smirk on her victory while she give a irritated look to her.

Mishal : You are very bad .You always take this Churail(witch) side.

Seerat : What did u say ….I will not spare u girl.

Nayab : Now it’s done …Stop eating my head .

They both stop fighting .Mishal again start munching her snacks while Seerat is still in shock that her favourite dress get spoiled .

Seerat : Now, what should I do.

Nayab : Calm down, You can take my clothes .

Seerat : Why the hell u always give ur clothes .Whose fault is this ? . Mishi , right ….I will take her clothes now .

Misha : Ya Khuda , You are fat from me .My clothes get destroyed ….Poor my clothes.

Seerat : What the hell Mishal…

She said & throw a cushion toward her but she escaped & it hit on a lady.They three get shock .

Precap – Who is the lady ?

Characters :-

Nayab Fatima( Female lead)- She is 23 year old girl who lost her parents at very small age.She has a stepmother . She has two half sisters who love her more than anything .Though her mother don’t like her much but she don’t hate her.Her sisters called her ‘Noor’.She is mature & a confident girl.

Seerat Fatima( Supporting female lead) – She is 20 year old confident girl. She is lil bit short tempered . She is always fight with her mother for Nayab.She has a twin sister which younger to her by 2 mins.

Mishal Fatima( Supporting female lead) – She is bit childish & chirpy girl .She loves her sisters & love to irritate Seerat a lot. Thought Seerat & Mishal are lil bit different by face but still people got confused & Mishal always take advantage of this .

Rest of the characters introduce between the story .

How is it .Is it relative .Kindly ignore grammatical & spelling errors.Do like/dislike & comments.Stay tuned.

Lots of love
Niyu( Niyati) .

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    The dialogues were spot on for me this is the first time I read your story just attracted by the name I love reading so thought to give a try and the POV was very soulful mishap seems a naughty brat I love seerat character cute the one who came at the last is noor’s half mother may be but great writing
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