UNFORGETTABLE LOVE :SHIVIKA (Part 54) (Nok jhok and Flashback)

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Sorry to be late,and thank u for ur support so without any bak bak lets enjoy

Recap: sahil entry and evil plan
Annika was about to hit ground bt shivaay hold her in nick of tym
All: anikaa/anu/princess/ doll/ didu/didi/ bhabhii
S: anika.. annika.. what happened,ankhein kholo (with moist eyes)
Shivaay take her in bridal,make her lay down on bed
Shivaay: where the hell is doctor
Kr: he is cmg

Doctor come outside after checking anika everybody rush toward him bt shivaay was more fast
S: doctor how is she ,she is fine naa, how she fainted all of sudden…bla bla
Doctor: relax she is fine now i have given hee medicine , she will get her conscious in few tym .. don\’t worry
Ad: bt doctor why she fainted all of sudden she was totally fine in morning than how
Doctor: that even i m thinking ,may be bcz of stress ho sakta h bt i m not sure bt don\’t worry i have taken her blood sample if there is something else everything will come in reports so don\’t worry
Saying this he left omru were about to accompany him till door bt stop by raghav glare and raghav left with doctor followed by kriyan
Shivaay and adhiraj sit beside her in different side
Shivaay on left ,adhiraj on right holding her hand
Shivaay with moist eyes
Aanika i know i m responsible for all this bt plz don\’t punish me with ur silence speak to me ,shout at me , beat me , i promise i will not say a single word bt plz open ur eyes don\’t punish ur bagadbilla with ur silence , i know i m sounding selfish bt me aisa hi hu,… bt i can\’t live without u, u don\’t know how i spend these 2 years without u ,me roz marta tha,tumhare bina…sb ne kaha tum nhi ho , bt i know my anika can\’t left me… Bt when i met u after 2 years.. u don\’t know what was my state at that tym..meri zindagi mujhe wapas mil gayi thi..i got the reason to live bt when u said u don\’t know me ..u r not my anika me toot gaya.. aisa laga meri zindagi kisine wapas cheen lii… I tried to convence u… Bt when gauri told me that u lost ur memory… Me mar gaya… Me wapas toot gaya ..bcz i know i was responsible for this …and now wht u did with u… I know u didn\’t care about urself bt fir bhi how can u be so careless …apna bilkul khayal nhi rakhti… Once open ur eyes na than i will make u regret for being u so careless toward urself… I will take care of u bt plz open ur eyes first …plz meri pehli wali ban jao…who is lost somewhere…jiski ek muskaan se meri saari tension khatam ho jaati h… U know na how much i care for u … And even i know u r angry on me for doing engagement with tania ,u think na i love her ,bt trust me there is only girl in my life whom i ever loved,whom i love and whom i will always love that is u ..only my anika me sirf tumse pyaar karta hu…i love u , tears escape frm her eyes and fall on anika face
Adhiraj was constantly looking at him and listening him
Somewhere he also know that shivaay love her sister more than anything and he became emotional too and lone tear escape frm his eye and fall on aanika face bt he quickly wipe it
Aanika open her and two most important person of her life beside her
A: shivaay , veer ji
Ad: princess
Shivaay was quite
Anika try to sit
Shivaay help her in sitting both look at each other with love shivaay was the first one to come in sense
S: how are u ??
Ad: how r u feeling bachcha
A: much better ,i don\’t know how i fainted,i m sorry i trouble u lot

S:don\’t to dare to say this again …aaj toh bol diya that u trouble us..if u dare to say this again in future no one will be worse than me…and haa just tell me what the hell u think of ur self ,kahi ki maharni ho kya , jo bacchcho ki tarah behave karti ho..even childrens are much better than u…waise u always used to care of other bt when it comes to u ,wht happens to you, can\’t u take of urself …do u have any idea how much we got scared what if something happen to you haa…mera kya hota ,what will i do without u , now why r u silent speak up haa ( moist eyes)
A: why r u scolding me like this as if i did this knowingly…
S:me daant raha hu??? And yaa …ryt u never do anything knowingly bs ho jata h hamesha
A: i m sorry frm now onward i will
S: hamesha ki tarah first don\’t care about urself and when fall sick …say sorry… Bt this tym ur sorry doesn\’t work and for ur kind information not u bt i will take care of u
A: whattt for ur kind ur information i m not kid and i know how to take care of myself very well
S: yaa i can see that (sarcasm)
A: u…
Cut by adhiraj
Ad: relax bachcha and don\’t be hyper and i agree with shivaay
Shivika look at him in shock
Adhi continue
U r so careless abt urself ,now we will take care of u
A: bt veer jii…
Ad: no more arguements
A: pr
Ad: i said na that..
His phone ring and he move outside to attend the call
Now shivika was alone
A: now r u happy , bcz of u..veer ji
S: what i did haa , it\’s all bcz of u if u take care of urself than nothing will happen like this
A: i will not leave u
She try to get up bt stop by shivaay voice
S: stop
She again sit with jerk
A: now what
S: don\’t u dare to get up
A: why
S: u will stay here only jb tk tum theek nhi ho jaati
A: now can\’t i even get up
S: yes u can\’t and i m ordring u
A: and i don\’t follow any one order she again try to get up
Bt shivaay come to her and hold her frm back and make her sit on his lap
She wiggle to come out
A: leave me
S: never ever … I will never leave u ,u have to stay with me like this always
Annika look at him
A: kabhi nhi
S: never
Both get emotinal and lost in each other eyes
Tear escape from her eyes
Bt b4 it fall shivaay catch it in his palm and nodded in no
He kiss his forehead anika close her eyes than eyes and cheeks
Aanika open her eyes and lost in each eyes
Proximity is increasing between them ,they move toward each other ,their lips were inches apart bt b4 they touch ,door opened with thud both came into sense and compose themself and saw gauri there with food tray
G:sorr wo..wo..
A: chutki why r u standing there and saying sorry ,come inside
G: wo i came here to give u food jiji, bt i think i came on wrong timing(teasingly)
Shivika blush unknowingly
A: nothing is like this
G: achcha leave it waise dii how r u
A: i m fine
G: achcha dii have this soup and after that take ur medicine ,i have a lot of work ,so i will catch u later
And she left
Shivaay make her drink soup and medicine too forcefully
( I m not explaining how )
And anika sleep due to medicine effect holding shivaay hand
Unknown place
In dark
Two men is shown
One give money to other and other one handle him a envelop
Men open the envelop and take out paper and read it and smirk
Men: good job
And both left
Adhiraj room
Ad: did u find anything
Ad: y i m paying u even after two year u said u didn\’t find anything who was behind ….get lost
Adhiraj pov
Ad: i can clearly see in his eyes how much he loves her bt i m not able to forget wht he did with her b4 2 year…
He thought that he is responsible for anika\’s accident… He is guilty about something for which he is not responsible …even today i remember everything
Adhiraj was sitting on his cabin when his phone ring after watching callers id he smile and pick up the call
Ad: hello princess
Aanika was driving car
A: veer ji( scared )
Ad: princess what happen ??r u fine naa
A: i m fine veer ji … Tell me where r u… Aap theek toh hai naa…
Ad: princess tell me clearly ,y r u scared , mujhe dar lag raha h
A: veee ji plz don\’t go anywhere … Stay here only ..till than i came here …i have to tell u something …i m coming directly toward office
Ad: wht u want a say
A: it\’s related to our family hume bhaut bada dhoka diya gaya h and haa plz wahi rahiye
Ad: okk i m waiting
A: i will not let anything happen to …
Before a huge sound of blast came
A: veeeeerrrrr jiiiiI(scream) and call diaconnect
Ad:princess (panickly) princesss wht happend …bt no reply came frm other side
Fb end

Ad: i don\’t want anybody will take tension that\’s why i didn\’t say anything to anybody bt wo kya baat thi jo princess bataney chahti thi and why she told me not to come out frm office or kis dhoke ki baat kr rhi thi or kisne dhoka diya hai, and whom she will not let happen anything ..kiski baat kr rhi thi wo… That questions are still unknown
And jb tk i will not find answer me chain se nhi baithunga

Screen freeze

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