Shivika TS ft rudra (trust)-shot 2

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Hey guys I know I am late but to make up for it this is a pretty long chapter so enjoy 
“Shivay Singh Oberoi!!!!” She screamed she barging into shivaye’s cabin ignoring all the staring and gossips of the office employees and a pleading receptionist on the way. She knew he had to be there this was a working afternoon and shivay not being in office was as impossible as sun rising from the west.
But to her surprise or rather to her shock the office was empty she looked around to confirm she was in the right cabin. Yes this was it but there was something off about it which she instantly felt she could just not feel her shivay here. ‘her shivay’ she scoffed at the thought ‘maybe because he is not hers now’ she thought and was about to leave when something caught her eye. Her feet froze at the point to register the thought and she was as if magically just reached in front of ‘The Wall’ . The only colorfull wall in this dull rather professional office cabin.
“And shivay this?” She asked cheerfully when shivay had brought her to his cabin for the first time. This wall is so different it doesn’t just go with your sadu and boring office.
“Hey hey don’t you dare call my office sadu and this is an office cabin it’s bound to look this way plain and classy” shivay replied seeming offended.
“Accha ok baba your office is perfect just you are sadu not your office happy?” She commented and smiled mischievously. He frowned for a second then the both started laughing and he engulfed her in a back hug as they both looked at the wall.
“You know Anika this is my wall I started creating this wall the day I joined this office”.
“What is it?” She cut him he was saying something but there was something in his voice that screamed to her that there’s something big he is planning on not telling her.
“What I didn’t even start yet?”he asked.
“I know shivay you are not saying hiding something important to you in here come on let it out.” She insisted tightly grabbing his arms .
“He engulfed her even more tightly you know Anika I personally never wanted this business I had always seen my elders fighting over it, I had seen my family losing my Bade Papa, I have seen myself loosing my mother for just that seat there, I have seen my family lose relations in here and the day I stepped in here it was like all these walls, chair, table, everything was just screaming at me that they will snatch me from my family , my brothers I will be just alone in here, stuck in these four walls, so I decided to create this wall, bade papa reprimanded me for this as this is office and had to be kept professional but anyway I did it I created this small corner for myself I have all my memories all my valuable gems here, this wall kept me sane and close to my family in all those sleepless nights where I had to work here days at stretch” he said as they both kept staring the beautiful wall with a lots of pictures of everyone in the family on it, there happy moments, along with some of Shivay’s certificates but not the certificate of Business but of different activities like dancing, cooking, etc. Both there lips just automatically curved into a small smile
“But why are these blank spaces here?” She asked pointing out the void still in his tight hold
“For you ” he huskily wispered in her ear then continued looking at her confused expressions ” What ? don’t say you didn’t notice you aren’t here”.
It was true everyone was there even Sahil but she was missing.
She turned confused and looked at him.
“Come he smiled” he took her to a cabinate and took out a big wrapped box. ” This is why brought you here today” she opened the box and it had a number of framed pictures of her. Her pictures with everyone there was just so many of them she could not comprehend what this mad person wants to do.
“I want to share the wall with you” he smiled while she was still confused he chuckled looking at her weird expressions. ” I had some pictures of you in those places” he pointed at the empty spots “But I removed it and here are your pictures because I want you to decide what to go up there I want this to be your memory wall too I didn’t know which picture you will like so I just brought all the pictures of you I could get and got them framed now decide and fill the void in my life.” He smiled.
While she was gaping at the pictures, the wall and most importantly the person who had done this much for her he was just too good to be true, there were so many pictures of just each moment she valued be it her and shivay’s first meet (from khanna’s phone of course) or her moments with her brother they were all there. The tears made way in her beautiful honey brown eyes seeing which her stupid bagadbilla panicked ” what happened Anika why are you crying Don’t you like it?” He asked scaredly but she just nodded and grabed him in a bone crushing hug ” thank you shivay this is just too beautiful” while he carresed her back.
“Hey Anika I share myself with you then this is just a wall right?” he said wiping her tears.
She smiled and nodded and sat all evening selecting the best shots, pulling each other’s leg making fun of the expressions in photographs and putting them up and last but not the least Shivay’s romantic fits which he got at her every cute photograph and Anika really would have a tough time in controlling her desire and making bagadbilla to billu again. One of the best evening of her life.
FB ends
“I am telling shivay you wasted so much money in framing all these pictures you could have just asked and then we could have got them framed”
“Anika I am Shivay Singh Oberoi money don’t matter to me this moment does if I hadn’t got them all framed this moment of you just selecting and putting up the pictures would have been ruined”
These were the last words that echoed in her ears as she looked at the wall which was exactly as they had decorated the last time she had been there she and shivay had this weird tradition to go in ever few months and update the wall with all new memories nothing had been changed as she was about to touch the frame of their wedding suddenly someone shouted that made her shudder.
“What the hell do you think you are doing here Ms Trivedi.?”
She turned to find same Rudy turned SSO in front of her.
“I” but before she could reply he stopped her.
“Not in here” he growled and pulled her out a little roughly and carefully locked the cabin behind him and took her to a different cabin. He closed the door but not before intructing a person not to let anyone in.
” Have a seat Ms Trivedi” he spoke in low but angry voice making her insides turn.
“Rudy I….wo…shivay….. Sahil…..” Between all this she just forgot why she was here and now that she is remembering she could feel her anger rising again.
“No matter I know what you want. You want your brother back right? I can help with that.” Rudra added rather calmly than before.”That’s why I was waiting for you”.
“Waiting” this was it now she was officially most confused person ever.
“I can make out that you don’t know that Sahil is with me. Don’t worry he is Ok and resting.he had the best doctor and treatment possible in the world don’t thank I didn’t do it for you but for Sahil” He continued as Anika just looked at him ” and here are the papers”
She looked down at them and the floor slipped beneath her feet.
“Th……this..??” Before she could speak any further he started answering her questions.
“Yes Ms Trivedi I have Sahil along with his custody now before you ask how ? Why? Etc let me explain you and my Bhaiya had joint custody of Sahil then you vanished taking him alone and on top of that you didn’t even had money to put him in a good school or even for his proper operation so it was just a piece of cake for me to do this and again cherry on the cake I am an oberoi”.
“But why?? Hmm you see I wanted to crack a deal with you”
“You want your brother back right? So you can have him but ”
“I will not come to shivay again rudra” she almost shouted angrily.
” Listen to me first Ms Trivedi” he shouted at an higher voice” and remember it is Mr Oberoi for you. And I am not inviting you to marry my brother again . I am just here for a deal you love your brother and want him back so do I. I will give you your Sahil back if you give me my old shivaye Bhaiya back” rudra added in a professional indifferent tone but she could feel the pain in his voice…
So what do you think ?
I hope it didn’t get too boring
So guess
What’s this deal about ?
And where is shivay?
Will Anika be able to do it?
And I think this TS will last one or two more shots

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  1. Nikita_jai29

    It is amazing… I think shivaay is having some kind of sickness…

    1. Aditi9

      Thanks and maybe keep guessing ??

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    Superb update

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      Thanks dear

  3. Really nice ,

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      Thanks Tania

  4. Its not boring its so interesting i feel in ur writting yaar hope u come soon ????????

    1. Aditi9

      Thank you yaar I will try to post as soon as possible pakka

  5. ItsmePrabha

    Aditi..This is so cool and interesting..billu ko kya hua?..this question is eating my mind..SSO turned Rudy is Painful to read..will be eagerly waiting for the next..

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