RABUL: love forever (Episode 22)

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I am sorry readers. I couldn’t update because of my exams. Now I am completely free . This is my last episode. I am going to start new one for RABUL.

Recap: Neil stabbed purab. Police arrested Neil and bb’s dad. Purab asked Arjun to make arrangements for his marriage after a week.

Five days later, purab was discharged from hospital.

At night, purvi was waiting for bulbul in terrace. Bulbul came there.
Purvi: why did u call me here? What are you hiding inside your dupatta?
Bulbul took a wine bottle out.
Purvi: what nonsense? Are you mad? Why did you bring this here?
Bulbul: purvi come on dear. I am going to get married. Let’s have a party.
Purvi: no way bulbul. I can’t do this?
Bulbul: I know you won’t do anything for me. You don’t think me as your friend.
Purvi: okay drama queen. Please stop it. I will drink.
Purvi started to drink.
Purvi: not bad.
Finally she completed whole drink. Bulbul started to record their conversation.
Bulbul: do you hide anything from me?
Purvi(in a drunken tone): no bulbul see my hands. I have nothing.
Bulbul: okay what do you think about Arjun?
Purvi: he is so cute, handsome, loving, caring and he loves me so much.
Bulbul: do you love him?
Purvi: do I love him? Haan bulbul I love him so much.
Bulbul: that’s it purvi. Come we will go to your room.
She took purvi to room and make her sleep.
She messaged purab,”plan success”. Purab saw that message. Bulbul again went to terrace to hide that bottle. She went to purab’s room and purab came from outside with a plate in his hands. He patted her shoulder. She was shocked and turned to see him.
Bulbul: stupid I was scared.
Purab: okay come on. Let’s eat.
Bulbul: why didn’t you eat till now?
Purab: I am waiting for you.
Bulbul: let’s eat.
They started to eat.
Purab: how is it?
Bulbul: really nice and this is my favorite.
Purab: thank you.
Bulbul: why did you thank me?
Purab: I cooked this for you.
Bulbul: really? I am so lucky to have you.
She kissed his cheek. They finished their dinner.
Bulbul: purab have these tablets.
Purab: bulbul let me have it later.
Bulbul: come on baby have it please.
Purab: I will have it. But one condition. You have to give what I ask.
Bulbul: I know what will you ask. Okay I will give you. Have it.
He had that tablets.
Bulbul: you ask for kiss only naa.
Purab: no
Bulbul: then what?
Purab: I want to sleep in your lap. I heard some people will sleep in their mom’s lap. But I didn’t experience that. You are my everything. So I want to sleep in your lap. Can I?
Bulbul with emotional face nodded her head as yes. He slept in her lap.
Morning purab woke up and saw a letter below the pillow.
Purab: letter?
He opened the letter and saw the message,”you made me so special yesterday. Love u my darling purab.”
Purab called her. She answered.
Bulbul: haan tell me.
Purab: I got your letter and love you too my darling.
Bulbul: now we have to do step 2 of our plan.
Purab: yes. Go to purvi’s room. She will agree.
Bulbul: okay bye.
Bulbul went to purvi’s room with lemon juice.
Purvi: bulbul I am going to kill you. This head ache naa.
Bulbul: okay drink this juice.
She drank that juice.
Bulbul: tell me. When are you going to propose Arjun?
Purvi: me? Propose? When did I tell you that I would propose him?
Bulbul: you are loving him. Then you have to tell him right?
Purvi: I like him. But I can’t do this.
Bulbul showed the recording to her.
Bulbul: please go and propose him. Otherwise I will show this to him.
Purvi: no bulbul. I can’t do this. It is not easy.
Bulbul: you have to propose him before my marriage. Otherwise I will stop my marriage. If you want me to marry, then do this.
Purvi: okay I will propose him tomorrow morning.
Bulbul: sure?
Purvi: sure.
Bulbul went to purab’s room and hugged him tightly. Arjun came there and saw them hugging. They came out of the hug. She ran to her room.
Arjun: purab I think she can’t wait until tomorrow night.
Purab: stop it.
Arjun: okay come down. We will eat. From tomorrow you won’t eat with me.
Next day, purab and bulbul got ready for marriage. Arjun came to his room.
Purvi: Arjun I have to tell you something.
Arjun: tell me.
Purvi: Arjun I…
Arjun: you?
Purvi: I love you Arjun.
He was surprised to hear those words from her mouth. He was waiting for this long. He hugged her in happiness. After sometime, Arjun went to purab’s room with huge smile in his face.
Purab: today my marriage but someone is blushing.
Arjun: your plan worked well. Thank you. This day is so memorable.
Purab: I am so happy for you.
Purvi went to bulbul’s room.
Purvi: bulbul I told him.
Bulbul: really? I am so happy for you purvi.
Purvi: thank you bulbul.
Purab came down. He was sitting in mandap and waiting for his bride. Bulbul came down along with purvi. He was mesmerized. Bulbul sat near him.
Purab(in bb’s ears): you look beautiful.
Bulbul(in his ears): you look handsome.
They took seven vows. He tied mangalsutra in her neck and put sindoor in her head. They got blessings from elders.

Screen freezes with smiley faces of all. Love has no end. This story ends now but not their love life.

I will update the character sketch of new one tomorrow

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