Dastaan – Ishqbaaz ff ( episode 1)

Hii guys Niyati here with the first episode . So let’s start.
In OM ( oberoi mansion) –
A old lady was walking here and there ,search for T.V remote because today is the concert of her rockstar grandson (Yagya). Yes, she is our dadi.She ask for remote to Anusha.
Dadi : Anu , Have you seen remote ?
Anu : No P.d (par dadi). I am sure it was the prank of Yug .
Dadi : Abhi batati hu us khote ko .

She called out Yug. A boy was come there. His eyes were filled with naughtiness.
Yug : What happen P.d ? Why are you shouting ?
Anu : P.d is shouting because of u. You hide the remote and today is the concert of bhaiya. I will not leave u.
And their chasing game start.Suddenly, Yug collided with a lady and all the water in the jug is fall on him.
Lady : phaila diya raita tune yug. ( she is none other than anika).
Yug : Sorry badi ma . It was a mistake of your daughter.
Anika : Anu, why were you chasing him ?

Anu : Ma , he hide the remote and dadi want to see the concert of bhaiya.
Anika hold his ear .
A voice (from behind): Hey shankar ji , When these chidren grow up ?( she is gauri).
Yug : Kya choti maa, bacche badon ke liye hamesha bacche rehte hai. aap hi kehte ho.
He recieve patt on his head from Gauri. Next moment, a girl was enter in OM. She was laughing for Yug’s antics.
Girl : Yug bhaiya ! Why you always done these childish pranks?
Yug : Shree, You know life is about fun. So just chill.

In oberois office-
A man wa talking with his P.A(sameer mehta).
Man : Now tell me about our company’s position.( he is yog).
P.A : Sir our company is 2nd best in India .
Yog ( shocked ): If our company was on 2nd position . Then, Who will be the first ?
P.A : Sir , It’s Rathore Empire.
Yog : Who is the owner of company .Last time I remember this company was on 5th position . It is a great achievement in very short period of time.
P.A :Kaurwaki Singh Rathore.
Yog : Hmm. It ‘s impressive.

On other side in a concert , A man was singing. Girls were cheering for him – Yagya, Yagya,Yagya. He throw flying kisses to them.

(Author’s Note – sorry, guys i forget to mention that siya is dancer and kaurwaki is afraid of darkness and always wear black because she think that her life is ful of darkness ).

Oberois dinner ……………Yog talk about company to Shivay……….. Kaurwaki ‘s entry.

Kindly ignore gramatical & spelling errors. Do comment. I knowit is toi boring but after some episode i will try t make it funny.

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