Swaragini- Jab Sanskar met Ragini Episode 1

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A girl of 25 yr old is standing with her parents.
The girl is wearing a simple kurta she is holding her bag.
They were standing in the girl’s hostel.
Hostel warden: Dont wry Mr. And Mrs. Krishna kumar she will be very comfortable here
The girl’s parents are revealed as Raghu Krishna Kumar played by Gaurav Chopra and Janki Krishna Kumar played by Diljeet Kaur.
Janki: No madam its nothing like that, actually Ragu have not never stayed away from us thats why we were lil worried thts all
Raghu keeps his hand on Janki’s shoulder
Raghu: Nee pedikanda Ragu manage cheyithukolum (You dont worry Ragu will manage it)
Raghu looks at the girl
Raghu: alle Ragu (Right Ragu)
The girl is revealed as Ragini Krishna Kumar played by our Teja
Ragini smiles
Ragini: Acha amma its ok nyan manage cheyitholaam (papa mumma its ok i’ll manage it)
Janki kisses on Ragini’s forehead, Ragini hugs Raghu and Janki.
Raghu and Janki leaves

Warden: Ragini beta come i’ll show u ur room
Ragini: ok madam
Ragini goes with her
Warden shows her her room
Warden: Ragini this is ur room
Ragini goes in and keeps her bags down. She sees another bag there
Ragini: Ma’am whose bag is this?
Warden: oh that is ur roommate Swara Gadodia’s. But she only come here to stay oncein a week or so.
Ragini: ok then thank u ma’am
Warden: so beta u r from
Ragini: Kerala
Warden: yh ok then beta take cr
She goes
Ragini sits on her bed and calls Raghu
Ragini: hello acha (hello papa)
Raghu: haan molu (yes child)
Ragini: Acha nyan roomil ethi (papa i am in my room)
Raghu: room engane undu? (how is the room ?)
Ragini: kuzhapam illa (not bad)
Raghu: ok then settle down fast
Ragini: ok acha nyan pinne vilikaam (ok papa i’ll call u later)
Ragini disconnects the call
Ragini closes her eyes
Ragini: Finally i am in Delhi..pls bhagvane enne rakshikane (pls god help me to do good)

Precap: Swara Gadodia

  1. Hemalattha

    Nice start. Do you know malayalam

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Yh Hemalattha di i am a malayali ..i knw malayalam 🙂

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