My wife, Yuvani, part 1

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Hi guys,

Sorry yar, I changed the title. The other one wasn’t having much significance to the story, hopefully I won’t change this.

The plot I took is really wide one and through this ff I would only be able to scratch its surface. This is going to be an emotional one, hope you would be with me.

Yuvraj – Captain of Indian football team. A typical sports person. He breaths his game. His game is important to him than every other damn thing in the universe.

Suhani is lecturer by profession. She is Punkaj Lata’s only child.

Sharad is Yuvraj’s friend and not cousin; because I want my cupid to be from outside family and no one other than Sharad can be Yuvani’s cupid.

NO Gauri.

Ok, now the story.



“Tomorrow’s game will be my last game. I am resigning from the post of captain and also retiring from the game” Yuvraj announced in the press conference. Everyone present there were utter shocked. His passion for the game is known to everyone, and to retire at the age of 27, that too when he is in the form, is unbelievable they were all looking at him as if he is an alien. Who would not?

The reporters bombarded him with questions.

Yuv: Guys, I know you have so many questions, but I am not going to answer any of them today. I will, tomorrow.

He smiled at them all and left the place.

Everyone who heard this was shocked and sad, what lead him to this decision??


Birla house:

Menka watched Yuvraj’s press conference on TV. She rushed to hall and called everyone excitedly. Everyone other than Dadi came there.

Prat: Menka, what happened that you are shouting at the top of your voice?

Men: Mummy ji you won’t believe it, I am soooooooooooo happy.

She turned Rags around.

Anuj: (Irritated) Will you please say?

Men: (happily) Yuvraj Bhaiya is retiring tomorrow.

“WHAT??” Everyone exclaimed in unison.

Men: Yeah, he announced in the press conference.

They were all very happy, happy that the tension they were holding till now just left them.

Prat: Now I want him to come back home.

Men: With your daughter in law.

Pratima who was happy till then appeared disturbed. She was upset, angry and fumed.

Dadi: (Coming in, angrily) Don’t you dare to speak of that girl in the house.

Anuj: But Dadi,

Dadi: Don’t forget Anuj, Yuvraj is in the state because of that girl.

Saurab laughed sarcastically.

Sau: So finally, you agree it Dadi? But do you know what it means?

Dadi: Saurab, don’t forget that he left this house because of that girl.

Anuj: No Dadi, Bhaiya didn’t leave the house because of Bhabhi.

Sau: To the truth be told, your other two grandsons and their wives are here because of her. If not for her, I would not have stayed in this house after what you both did to her.

He looked at Pratima and Dadi.

Rags: But don’t expect Yuvraj to take it lightly, if ever he comes to know it, forget his coming back `he will never forgive you both.

Dadi fumed and went away.

Sau: Ma, what happened to you, can’t you at least,

Before he could complete the sentence, Pratima too left the hall.

Sau: Ma,

Rags: Leave it Saurab, but what happened that Yuvraj changed his decision?

Anuj: (excitedly) Guys, do you think that, that Bhabhi got promotion?

Men: Promotion? But she has only 18 months experience right, then how can she be promoted, and we are talking about Bhaiya right?

Other three clapped their hand on their head.

Anuj: (sighs) Meri Ma, I was not talking about her job. I was asking if she is promoted as first wife from second wife.


“But Bhaiya, I am his second wife na” Suhani stated when Saurab was angry on Yuvraj for fro taking her for her friend marriage.

It was one month after Yuvani’s marriage; Suhani, Saurags and Menuj were sitting and taking about Suhani not attending the function.

Saurags & Anuj: WHAT?

Suhani laughs.

Men: Oh jiji you are laughing? Are you saying that Yuvraj Bhaiya is cheating on you?

“Shut up Menka” the four said in unison.

Anuj: But Bhabhi what are you saying?

Suh: I am saying that for your Bhaiya, his game is his first wife. He loves it as his soul mate, wife, take cares as his child and respects as his parent.

She smiles and others sigh.

Anuj: So what about siblings Bhabhi?

Suh: What?

Anuj: Na, you said about wife, parents, kids, and then siblings?

Suh: Anuj!!

She beats his arm.

Anuj: I hope that you get promoted soon.

Suh: I don’t want to.

“But we want” the four said in unison.


They smiled remembering that incident.

Sau: I just hope you are saying truth Anuj.

Rags: Oh hello, stop predictions, call her.

Sau: Yeah.

He calls her.


Suhani was sitting in front of the TV. She had watched his press conference and was thinking about it. Whatever happened appeared to be so unreal even n dreams, she is not able to believe all these. She was staring at the TV, and her phone rang.

Suh: Oops!

She sighed seeing it is Saurab’s,

Suh: Bhaiya, that I, I am sorry that I didn’t call,

Sau: Stop your explanation and tell us what happened.

Suh: I got promoted.

They all screamed in happiness. Suhani felt like her ear drums broke.

Suh: Ouch!!

Anuj: Oops, sorry Bhabhi, (excitedly) but, but Bhabhi, are you, are you saying the truth?

Suh: Yes.

She told them everything. All the five of them became emotional by the time she finished talking, none were in a position to speak.

After few seconds:

Sau: I must really thank Sharad.

Other three agreed.

They were so happy for their sister, yes, the four of them treated her as their own sister, they always wanted this.

Men: So jiji, when are you coming back home?

Suhani’s face fell.

Others glared at Menka

Men: I am sorry jiji.

Suhani sighs.

Suh: Yuvraj is really angry, I don’t know,

Anuj: Of course Bhaiya would be.

Rags: You calmed us, but Yuvraj,

Suh: I know bhabhi, but, anyway how is Dadi and Ma.

They sigh, she understood, she became upset again.

Suh: Ok then, guys, take care, I will call you later.

She cuts the call and looked at a pic, it was a pic of the five of them. She caressed it. She was always alone from childhood, ever though her parents loved and cared for her very much but she still carved for a sibling. After her marriage, she got everyone, an elder brother, elder sister, younger brother and younger sister. She smiled at the pic. She looked at another pic, it was of Dadi, Pratima, Lata and Punkaj, all together, taken at her and Yuvraj’s engagement.

“Will you forgive me at least now” she asked with tears in her eyes.


How do you find it? Confusing? I will reveal everything soon. I deliberately won’t give precaps for this ff. Eagerly waiting for your valuable comments.

Thank you.

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      Thank you

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    awesome story…really interesting

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      Thank you

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  4. Excited 4 the nxt one

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  5. Impressive!! the way you began, raising questions in the minds of the readers one after the other.. yes, I’m a lot confused.. looking forward to the next one..

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      Thank you

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