Lovebirds- A Shivika ff Chapter 30

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Recap :

Chapter 29

Rudra, ” If this all that happened, then how come Mom and Dad not know about this ? They should have told us na when Bhabhi was going to take such a step.”
Dadi, ” Tej and Jhanvi had gone to set up the first International branch of Oberoi Industries in London, and stay there for six years in order to establish and settle the firm there. That time there were mobile phones and we had no connections with international landlines, so we could only send telegrams. We sent telegrams of all events happening here, so Tej and Jhanvi should have been knowing this.
Tej, “But We I think we did not get any telegrams except for the ones stating that Shakti was going to get married and then the one which said that his wife was pregnant.”
Om,”When was this ? ”
Shakti, “Pranaalini and I got married in 1982. Shivaay and Mahendra were born in 1983 and I got married to Pinky in 1985.
Om furiously tapped on his phone.
Om, “This happened because in 1984 and 1985 for three months, there were some communication problems in India due to which no telegrams were sent outside India.
Shakti, “That means Bhaisaab and Bhabhi never came to know about my second marriage. They thought Pinky to be Pranaalini and also they came back when Shivaay was two or three and so they didn’t know about Mahendra. ”
Tej immediately hugged Shakti.
Tej, “I m so sorry my brother. I was not there for you when you needed me the most. You lost your love and your son , which is the biggest loss a man can face and I wasn’t there to support you at that time. ”
Jhanvi also came and held Shakti’s hand.

Shakti, “No, no bhaisaab. Dont be sorry. It wasn’t your fault. And its no use digging up the past. Let’s focus on our present. ”

Anika,” I am sorry to be interuppting, but Shakti Uncle, I think you had not lost your son.”
Everyone except Shivaay was shocked beyond limits.
Shakti, “What do you mean beta ?”
Anika, “Uncle, I got a DNA test of Shivaay and Mahi done, and the results are positive. So, it means that Shivaay and Mahi are brothers and also, Mahi is your Mahendra.
At the sound of ‘your Mahendra’ , Shakti felt a wave of emotions. Happy, excited, teary, nervous and what not. Out of the feeling of meeting his son after 33 years, he kind of pounced on Anika.
Shakti, “Anika…beta, where is my Mahendra? I want to meet him. I want to see him now. I want to talk to him. I…I….Where is he ? ”

Voice, ” I am here…”
All looked towards the door and saw Mahi standing there with an upset face and teary eyes. Shakti whispered ,” Mahendra….”
And ran to hug him.
Mahi hesitated but when he saw Shivaay nodding at him, he reciprocated.
Shakti, “You are my son, my Mahendra. Where were you all these years ? I…I thought that you left me along with Pranaalini on that night.”
Mahi, “Arre Uncle, I was in Goodluck Chawl. All my life, I have lived there only.”
Shakti’s smile faltered and seeing this, even Mahi’s.
Mahi, ” What happened ? Did I say something wrong ? ”
Shakti, “You…you called…called m…me…un…uncle ? Don’t you consider me as your father ? ”
Mahi was slightly angry at the moment. <br>
Mahi, “Pappa ? Seriously ? When I needed my father the most then you were not there. How can I call you my father ?
Everyone’s face dropped and then Mahi started laughing.
Anika, “Mahi, tum theek ho na ? Your top floor is intact na ? Why are you laughing ?”
Mahi, ” Bhabhi, I m laughing because of the expression on your faces. I was standing outside and I heard everything. I know Pappa is not at fault.”
Mahi hugged Shakti and everyone smiled.
Shakti was in shock.
Mahi broke the hug, “Pappa, won’t you hug your son ? ”
Shakti grinned and hugged him back.
Shakti, ” Badmaash!…..I am sorry beta, you had to go through such bad times because of me. I didn’t even know that you were alive. I don’t deserve to be called a father. If possible, please forgive me.”
Mahi,”No Pappa, you don’t need to be sorry. Maybe it was my fate that I got seperated from this family.”
Shakti,”Not this family, your family. But still beta, how can we compensate for what all you have gone through. ”
Mahi,”By loving me like your son.”
Everyone laughed out and Mahi and Shivaay hugged Shakti.
Shakti, “Omru, aren’t you my sons as well ? ”
Omru looked at each other and went and hugged Shakti as well.
Seeing all this, Anika and Dadi wiped their tears.
When the brothers broke their hug, Shakti called out to Anika, extending his hands.

Shakti, “Anika, beta, you also come here. You are my daughter, you also deserve a hug.”
Anika smiled and hugged Shakti. Shakti broke the hug, blessed Anika and smiled at her.
Rudra,”Chote Papa, Bhabhi ko alag se hug kyun ? ”
Shakti, ” Kyunki Main apni beti se tum sab se zyada pyaar karta hoon.”
Everyone smiled.
Rudra, “Chhote Papa, this is bhau bhau and it is not fair. ”
Om, “It is not bhau bhau, duffer. It is bhed bhau. ”
Rudra, ” O, go on the feelings and not the words.”

Everyone laughed and had a good time until all realised that Pinky was missing from there.

Ufff! I am feeling so great and happy after giving some dialogues to Shakti. Poor guys doesn’t get a chance to speak while with Pinky ?.

I was working on the story after this which will have the end of the Kamini track and also justice with Pinky and Shivika. Please do let me know if I should add some family back story for Anika. Util next time,

Bye ❤

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