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Saumya was ready to come back to Oberoi mansion and Svetlana had informed Rudra about that. He was so happy that he started jumping and dancing in his room.

“Did she sign the immediate divorce papers ?” A chirpy Bhavya said when she saw him dancing.

“Hell no !!”

“Then why are you dancing ?”

“None of your business.”

“What has happened to you Rudra since the wedding I’m seeing you, you are always taking her side, what has she done to you ?”

“Shut up and get out of my room, you what get out of my life as well it will be a huge favour for me.”

“Rudraaa !!!”, his bhabhis and bhaiyas shouted.

“Really Bhavya ? Now you are going to play the victim card now. I’m so bad, right?” Rudra scoffed. She was really getting on his nerves now, seriously ? Turning his family against him ?

Now started her teary eyes action. Everyone started consoling her.
“Its all because of that Saumya, bhabhi I’m telling you, its all because of her.”

Now Rudra’s face was like what.

Shivaay and Omkara took him to a corner. “Look I know you are pissed off right now and you are-”

“Taking your anger for Saumya out on her but please don’t do that.”, Omkara said.

“Nothing of that sort bhaiya and O, its just that she is…Shit!!!”, he said the end word when he glanced at his watch.

“Wh.. What happened?”

“I’m late that’s what’s happened. Bye”, and Rudra ran out. To his Saumya.

Here when Rudra reached the Kapoors house, the two men had their ears closed and Rudra also had to. The music was very loud. When he got to her room the four girls were dancing and having a nice time and when they¬† turned and saw Rudra there , they had to stop the music. “What are you doing here ?”, stunned Saumya asjed him. “Well picking my wife up, before you ask your luggage is already kept in my car’s trunk so now you can’t say I’m not coming and if you don’t I will pick you up in my arms and take you to the car, wanna try that ?”

“No but I’m not going with you.”

“Yes you are.”

And he picked her up in his arms.

She shrieked.

“Rudra put me down. My head’s spinning. Put me down you Duffer Singh Oberoi.”

And he put her down.

She smacked her hand at the back of his head.

“Ouch.. What was that for ?”

“For not putting me down on time, I would have fainted you Dumbell Singh Oberoi.”

“But why ?”

“Because I have vertigo you idiot !!”

“Now what’s vertigo.”

“Oh my god. I don’t have patience for this. Come on lets go.”

“Accha Rudra listen.”, Svetlana called him out.

“Yes Svetlana ?”

“She is working on the lyrics right now so don’t disturb her in the car if she is humming.”


“She has a YouTube channel for songs, dance, makeup,life hacks, cooking, self defence, everything.”

“Wow, I didn’t know, she is super talented.”

“There’s a lot that you don’t know about her.”, she said, pain evident in her voice.

“Huh ?”

“And yes doctor has said that she needs to sleep. But she is an insomniac. So if you can try to-”

“Don’t worry, I will take good care of her.”

“Thank you.”

“Your most welcome.”

The ride was very pleasureful for Rudra as he could hear her sweet voice humming some words and noting them down in her notepad.

When she entered the Oberoi mansion, the whole family was shocked as they realized that Rudra had gone to pick Saumya up. The box in Omkara’s hands almost fell down as Gauri gasped too loudly seeing them together. Well Omkara and Gauri were shifting their room back to ground floor as it was for Omkara to have access to his art supplies rather than being on the first floor. So kow the first floor wing was only for Rudra and everyone doubted if he would come down. Well the answer was definitely NO.

Now after dropping Saumya to their room, he was running downstairslike anything.

“Ab kaunsi nayi musibat laane wale ho tum Rudra ?”, Jhanvi asked.

“Kyu, am going to Saumya’s Doctor.”

“Why did you bring her back ?”

“So that I don’t have to answer the Court.”, he played a little knowing that his family would do anything to make sure his divorce happens.

And then went to the Doctor and took some medicines.

And returned home only to see Saumya back to her coding.

He shut the ipad making her wince.

“What ?”

“Why did you shut my ipad ?”

“Because you have to rest and I have to change your dressing.”, he said pointing at the white patch on her head.

“You will change it, how ? Do you even know ki bandage ke coloured part ko kahan lagana hota hai mister ?”

“Jahan pe chot lagti hai wahan par.”

“You are right but still I won’t let you change my dressing.”

“So you are saying that you will do it on your own ?”


“Go on.”

“With my pleasure.”

She turned and went towards the mirror, slowly tried to remove the dressing but when she swiftly removed it, the blood came down flowing and a stinging pain was making her scream.

He quickly ran upto her and tried to remove her hands which were covering the injury.

“Saumya… Saumya let me see.”

“No don’t you will touch it. Ouch… It hurts real bad ahaha wahhh.”, and she cried like a baby.

“Let me see that na and I will change the dressing now, show it, stop fidgeting for God’s sake Saumya.”

And finally let him see his injury. He blew on her injury to give a soothing effect while Bhavya, the bros and bhabhis watched them from their door. Bhavya ran away seeing them that close and the rest followed her leaving them alone.

Here Saumya opened her eyes and saw Rudra close to her and dangerously close to her lips. Rudra saw her gazing at him and looked in her eyes. Their intense eyelock now getting more intense. He moved very close to her and they were going to kiss if her phone hadn’t rung up.

After sometime she kept the phone he cane upto her put the bandage very slowly so that it wouldn’t hurt her abd kissed her forehead.

And yet again she was shocked. He cared way too much for her. Didn’t he hate her ?

“Don’t you hate me ?”


“Why ?”

“Can’t tell you.”

“But why?”

“I think i answered you, and now I’m getting your khichdi and you better eat it. Svetlana already told me you tired so don’t try pull that stunt on me ok ?”

“Try yourself”


After a lot of struggle Saumya finally ate khichdi from his hands.

Later he found her YouTube channel and was shocked as she boasted of 5 million subscribers within a year. He was seeing her videos through a projector on the screen.

“Saumya is a YouTube star ???”

He was startled and turned back to see the that the younger Oberois were having their mouths gaped open along with Bhavya.

“Yes she is.”, he replied smiling idiotically.

After switching everything off, everyone went to have dinner.

He then went up in his room and gave Saumya medicines not before adding sleeping pills.

After the pills had started effecting her, he quickly placed her on the bed and beside her holding her hand.

At midnight…
Saumya suddenly jerked very violently waking up Rudra.

“Saumya ?”

“No…” It seemed like she was gasping for breathe.

“Saumya ?”

“No… Don’t hurt them… Leave him… Let me go…”

He held her hand but she jerked his hand away shocking him.

“Leave me… Don’t touch me.”

“Oh my god she is having a nightmare.”

“No… No… Noooooo!!!”, she woke up shouting. And saw that Rudra was close to her. She got up away from the bed.

“Don’t come close to me.”

“Saumya listen to me.”

“Leave me alone, don’t you dare come close to me.”

She took a vase to attack him.

“Saumya !!!”

And she came out of her nightmare.

She realized what she was going to do.

“I’m sorry Rudra, that nightmare-”

“Its alright Saumya, come sleep.”

“No I don’t sleep, this is why I don’t sleep, no I can’t.”

“Don’t worry I will be there I will hold your hand, your doctor has told it was important to for you to sleep.”


And she slept on bed with Rudra beside her. After sometime Rudra engulfed her from behind, spooning her. And for the first time in twenty-two years, she slept peacefully

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