Forbidden love (Four and Tris) – Prologue

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Heya Twisties, I\’m only gonna post the prologue of this story, because I wanna know what you guys think about this one and if I should continue this story or not?
And guys Marcus won\’t be an abusing father and husband as he loves his family a lot. He will be a supportive father as well as a supportive husband.
Some of the characters may be OOC.
End of the AN

“Being a leader wasn’t something I dreamt of, because I’m not a typical Abnegation girl!”
“Then why did you sacrifice yourself and became an Abnegation leader?” My forbidden love asked me and I answered bach by saying: “because Jeanine wants to kill all the Abnegation leaders except for my dad Andrew Prior!”
“What the hell is wrong with her?”
“Everything, that’s why she killed your dad as he was the head leader and she thought that my dad will become the head, but I ruined her plan!”
“But why is she so obsessed with your dad?”
“Because my grandparents promised her that my father will marry her and even assured her that dad will stay in Erudite!” I replied back with a small smile.
“How do you know all that?”
“Because my family isn’t a typical Abnegation family just like yours. That’s why your parents supported you when you choose Dauntless instead of Abnegation and now look at you, you have become one of the most important Dauntless leader!”
“But what about is Tris?”
“Our love is forbidden Tobias, uf anyone finds out about us then…”
“Then what?”
“They’re gonna kill us!”
“I don’t mind getting killed, because I will die with you Tris and that’s what makes our life more beautiful!”
“You are insane Tobias!”
“Nope, I am insanely in love with you Beatrice Prior!”
End of the Prologue

Disclaimer: Sadly I’m not the owner of the Divergent series or else it would have ended differently. Four would have never ended up with Christina. Eric, Tris, Uriah, Lynn, Marlene and many more characters would have been alive. But what I actually own is the plot of this story.


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  1. Liya

    Superb update buddy ,I have not watched this series ,so didn’t get a clear picture of the plot.. waiting for next part

    1. AMkideewani

      Jaana you should read the book Divergent as these two are from that book and my plot is that their love is forbidden as they don’t have the same faction?

  2. Tanz

    Yeah, do continue this story because I do want to see an alternative ending….The concept’s amazing so keep going 🙂 I’ve always liked Tris and Tobias as a couple and I’d love to read more of it … post soon 🙂
    PS: Are you going to post it on wattpad too? It’ll be easier for me to follow it there 🙂

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot Tanz, I love FourTris a lott too, I felt sad when Veronica Roth had killed Tris?and in We can be mended she made it Four and Christina? I will post it in Wattpad too, but till then you can read it on Fanfiction. net, I have updated until chapter 14 there and here’s the link to my profile:

  3. Veera

    ok, the leads are leaders of the teams which are rival to each other. That’s what i understood as i haven’t read the mentioned book. But i hope i can follow the story even if i didn’t read the original one. It’s nice.

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot dear❤️
      The leads are leaders of two different factions and that’s why their love is forbidden, but if they were in the same faction, then they could have been together.

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