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                 FRIENDSHIP N LOVE

Hey Everyone !

How are you people ?

Okay so here I am back but not with an update but short summary of this story and few questions that I want you all to answer before we proceed to last two chapter’s of this FF ?

                    ~ SHORT SUMMARY ~

This story is based on Friendship & Love ?

Twinjraj are childhood best friend’s , twinj father’s were army officer’s and old friend’s , their mother’s also had a great bonding , they were just like a Small happy family , Kunj was more closed to Leela and Twinkle was more closed to Usha ?

Twinj father’s died during a criminal operation since then Leela and Usha took care of them as a single mother’s and established themselves as a buisness women.

When kunj was 5 year’s old and Twinkle 3 ,  Anita shifted to house alternate to Taneja and Sarna’s with her 6 year old son yuvraj , twinjraj became best friend’s so we’re Leela , Usha and Anita , Twinjraj called trio Maa.

By the passing time twinkle and kunj were already in Love with eachother but we’re unaware about eachothers feeling’s and scared to loose eachothers friendship , while on other side yuvraj was in one sided love with twinkle but being aware of kunj’s feelings for twinkle he never expressed his Love.

It was Kunj and Yuvi’s last year of college and kunj had to leave for London to continue his studies abroad , so gathering courage both twinj decided to confess their love for eachother.

Before expressing her love for kunj , twinkle told her feeling’s about kunj to yuvraj who trapped Twinj in such situation making Kunj believe that twinkle proposed yuvi and loves him infront of kunj.

Though it was just a practice which yuvraj asked twinkle to do but intentionally called kunj to that place who later see twinkle proposing yuvi and thinking them to be in Love decided to suppress his feeling’s for his friend’s and instead of leaving for London a week after left the place same day broken , shattered and hurt without informing yuvi and Twinkle.

Twinkle who was excited to confess her Love on kunj’s birthday for him was hurt knowing he left without informing them but still unaware of the fact that yuvi created a mis understanding.

Twinkle was also broken and hurt but yuvraj was happy considering he was able to separate Twinj.

Story took leap of four year’s introducing completely different twinj as were in past , a bubbly and chirpy twinkle had turned quite , calm and composed , she loves kunj and craves him back.

While on the other hand kunj was changed in to an arrogant , rude , reckless and stone hearted person but deep inside a broken and vulnerable soul.

Aarav kunj’s buisness partner come brother to him was the only person with whom kunj was a normal person but yet a never smiling person but a little angle who is Aarav’s three year’s old daughter ananya had created a special bond with kunj , the only person who had made kunj smile whole heartedly in four year’s of his broken and vulnerable state.

Where as yuvi had been playing evils cards against twinj and by creating misunderstanding that twinkle loves yuvi in Leela and Anita’s view got engaged to her where as for twinkle it was her mother’s wish which was another misunderstanding created by yuvi.

Twinj never talked to eachother in last four year’s , twinkle many times tried to talk to kunj but kunj had distanced himself from her thinking he might end up opening his feeling’s and broken state infront of his friend’s and not wanting to be an obstacle for his friend’s maintained distance from Twinkle hurting her and himself even more.

A storm takes place in Twinjraj lives when kunj had to return to India with a heavy heart due to a project that was to be signed by either Aarav or Kunj but as Aarav’s wife Aliya was expecting their second baby and was in her eight month Aarav could not go and thus Kunj had to return to India unwillingly but determined to return back as soon as project is over.

While on other hand twinkle was unaware if kunj’s return to India , It was then twinkle heard LeeUshAni gathered in Taneja Mansion preparing happily for kunj’s arrival , her happiness was visible on her face which was noticed by yuvi who was angered and unhappy about kunj’s return , unknown to Twinjraj some one was already spying on them.

Twinkle moved out From the place where LeeUshAni and Yuvraj was present but collided with Kunj and was about to fall but as always her saviour her Love saved her on time , they had a painful eyelock but was soon broken by Kunj who avoided any kind of contact with twinkle.

He met everyone , yuvi who was also present there took the advantage of the situation and intentionally introduced twinkle as to be twinkle yuvraj Luthra to hurt kunj more which he was successful in doing.

Time was passing by a blink , Kunj was avoiding twinkle as much as possible and left no chance for conversation , Twiraj marriage was already fixed , it would be taking place after 4 month’s.

While twinkle was shocked seeing completely changed Kunj , who wasn’t himself anymore , the person whom she always saw smiling , laughing , fun loving and carefree had now turned arrogant , rude , reckless and ignorant toward’s himself.

The person spying on Twinjraj was Anita who came to know about Yuvi’s evil dead during his self confession before kunj’s return and was determined to unite Twinj at any cost , She knew kunj would never confess his Love for twinkle cause of his friendship.

So joining her hands with Leela and Usha trio mother’s vowed to unite Twinj back , Yuvi was out of town for a month due to a project and taking at as a chance LeeUshAni planned to send Twinj out of town near to Amritsar so that they had to go through High way where they had already sent their Fake goons.

On other hand yuvi was ready with his evil plan, He was going to be back before a month, He decided to marry twinkle at any cost , He planned to kidnap kunj and marry twinkle forcefully but his plan backfired on himself when Anita who heard his plan made him kidnapped by the same goons ?

Goons trapped twinj such that they end up getting married and yuvi was kept captured , when twinj reached home LeeUshAni behaved normally arising a doubt in Twinj’s mind , they made them promise to be together always and fulfill all the rituals and duty of being husband wife.

In between there was Lot of twinj romance and a suspense created by twinj terming ‘ THEIR PLAN ‘. Their was a jealousy track where twinkle was all possessive and jealous when kunj talked about his angle and was a happy lovable person while talking about her , who was later reaveled to be Ananya only whom kunj called Angel always ?

On Twinj reception everyone was shocked except LeeUshAni , Aarav , Aliya and Ananya that twinj are married , yuvi who was asked to release by Anita on Twinj reception reached SARNA MANSION and was shocked seeing twinj married.

Before he could reach twinj or create any drama Anita took him from there and confronted him to which yuvi finally accepted truth ?

Anita was broken and hurt with his bluntness , yuvi was shocked seeing his mother hurt , broken and shattered , He was affected by Anita’s word’s but his mind overpowering his heart he vowed to get twinkle at any cost even if it meant kunj’s death now.

On other hand after twinj reception , twinj in their room reminced how they came to know about yuvi’s plan and how they wanted to tell all the truth to trio mom’s and confront yuvi but before that they were trapped in situation where they ended up getting married , they were sad and emotional about yuvi’s evil plotting ?

However the night ended up by twinj romancing and consummating their marriage , story took 10 day’s leap with lot’s of twinj romance and care for eachother , they had a romantic date planned by Kunj spending lovey dovey moment’s and once again consummating their Marriage.

It was AarLiya’s (Aarav and Aliya) son naming ceremony which was held in Sarna Mansion , everyone was happy and contended but twinj wasn’t still able to reveal about yuvi’s truth to trio mother’s cause of some or other reason , same was with LeeUshAni , but unknown to destiny a big storm was awaiting them which would shattered them into pieces ?

After AarLiya’s baby naming ceremony and pooja everyone was having light family moment’s when kunj get call from yuvi to reach cliff point, He left without informing anyone but twinkle who saw him leaving was worried and restless when Anita got call from Yuvi’s pa barun who was her detective set by Anita to be after yuvi and his every move.

She was shocked when barun revealed about yuvi plotting something evil which can cost kunj’s life and told them about his where abouts , Leela , Anita , Aarav and Twinkle left for cliff point and on reaching the point was shocked seeing yuvi holding gun on kunj’s head.

They had a confrontation where yuvi accepted his obsession for twinkle , by that time police also reached there and threat yuvraj to put down his gun but yuvi was about to pull the trigger of the gun but before that they heard a bullet shot which Anita fired on yuvi to stop him from hurting kunj or himself.

But kunj who saw Anita firing bullet toward’s yuvi pushed him and came in between getting himself shot on chest shocking everyone , He pushed yuvi to save him from any fatal results but unfortunately bullet hit him on his chest.

Anita was shocked seeing Kunj hurt cause of herself , Aarav and Twinkle immediately took Kunj to hospital bit his condition was worsening due to blood Loss And fell unconcious.

On other side police was about to arrest Anita for shooting kunj but Leela stopped them knowing Anita didn’t mean to hurt him whilst Anita was in deep trauma due to all the happening’s , yuvi who himself was shocked reached out to his mother received slaps from her and a bitter conversation leaving yuvi in guilt and shock.

Leela and Anita reached hospital where Usha and Aliya were already present along twinkle and Aarav , Kunj was being operated but doctor had been quite doubted about kunj’s condition , they told his survival chances are very less due to heavy loss of blood and as bullet has directly hit him near heart can be Fatal.

However the story has been left from her keeping reader’s in suspense ? 

Okay so here is a short summary for everyone even the new reader’s ? 

I will continue the story from here but I am confused regarding few thing’s so thought to ask you all and take your opinion regarding it ?

Shot : 9 is almost complete just yuvi’s punishment is left to be written but I am confused ?

According to you all what should be yuvraj’s punishment ?

A Happy Ending or Sad Ending ? (Though it’s already decided but I want to know your opinion ?)

Okay I might be bit late in posting cause I am having my board’s till 18 May but once I will be free I will be regular cause this time I will be having 6 Month’s Long vacations ? So you will get regular updates more often ? Well don’t worry there are two updates ready which will be up in 2 or 3 days ?

Tomorrow is my physics paper ?

I hope you all understand my busy schedule ?

I will be back soon ?

Okay before I take leave ? I will be writing my stories on instagram also for the twinj lover’s there ? So all who wanted to catch the old memories of my stories can read them there ? 

And who all wants FRIENDSHIP N LOVE (Season 2) ? Well I will be writing that once I complete this season and Love Heals pain + Main phir bhi tumko chahunga ? Once they are finished I will think of starting season 2 of this FS but if you all want ?

Do you want me to start season 2 of  ” FRIENDSHIP AND LOVE ” ?

Do tell me your opinion about yuvi’s punishment and season 2 ?

Will be back soon ?

Bye Everyone !

Love You ❤

Urs Aanu ?



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  1. I want a happy ending because they had to stay away form each other n uv should be given the punishment that he’ll never forget it n about season 2 I’m ok with it. N yes I’ve read your new ff’s promo on Instagram waiting for that too. U can post whenever u r free. All the very best for your exam. Allah hafiz

  2. Shalu Choudhary

    I really want a happy ending and yuvi punishment i think ummmm i think he is go to jail

  3. Happy ending

  4. Vibhu

    I will obviously love to read a happy Twinj ending. But I also know whatever you might have thought about the story is going to be great ..!!!!
    And yes .. Season 2 of this ff is a great idea. Go for it. ✌
    Yuvi’s punishment should be something that would change him and make him a better person by heart.
    Plz post the next part soon . we have been seriously waiting since long.
    All the best for physics exam ✌

  5. Cheena2001Cp

    Summaries aur promos dekar hi kaam chalaogi yaa post bhi karogi!??! 🙁
    Ahaaannnn!!! You have no idea of how eager I am to read your stories!!! Please post them soon!!
    Oh! All The Best for your exam!!! <3
    And season 2 is needed , a happy ending is needed , a severely punished Yuvraaj is needed too , an episode with TwiNj being romantic is needed!!
    Hahaha 😉

  6. plz give a happy ending of this ff
    and i eagerly waiting for season 2
    plzpost main phir bhi tum ko chahunga…if u get time and ur other stories also plz
    best of luck for ur exam

  7. Heyy …

    1. Heyy I want happy ending ?…
      And about season 2 it’s brilliant idea ?…
      And plzzzz give twinj romance ? in episode…
      And I want u to post the episode which u have already wrote..

      Best of luck for ur exams …
      I am happy that after 18 may u will b regular asu would be free… Bcz I am also free after my matric exams… So I will be able to enjoy ur writings…

      Post soon…
      Waiting for your ff…

  8. Hi amna how r u I am seeing u r after so long and the story also love it yaar I jab read all the episode plssss do post soon and ya a happy ending plsssss post soon love u take care bye

  9. I already knew the story babes….waiting for ur amazing post dear …..
    it should be happy ending …I think but as us aid u has already thought about the ending …so I m sure it will be outstanding …….
    thanks for summary dear …..All the best for ur exams.

  10. Mere ko yaad h ye pura ff yrrr
    Bas tu jaldi se episode post kr de .
    Wait nhi hota yrrr aur plzzz happy ending krna aur tune bhi ye socha ho bas god kre
    Post soon dear
    Best of luck for UR exam
    Luvvvvv u

  11. SSK

    Hi, I always wait for you posts and I remember all your FF, please post the episodes quickly as I have been waiting for that from a long time. Please give a happy ending to this FF. All the best for your exams and thanks for the summary. 🙂

  12. I remember everything
    And here madam
    You again left in mid air
    This is not fair.
    I have waited enough so now you should post.
    OK. OK. I know even I’m late.
    Forget it. Just post soon.
    And don’t give any sad ending.
    Just give it happy wala ending.
    And I want season 2
    After all who will miss such a golden opportunity.
    Love you

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