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Hey guys! I am huge fan of Samaina and it’s my first ever attempt to write something on them. I seriously liked the chemistry of them in Yeh Un Dino ki Baat Hai and this show always amazes me. Guys! Well the plot of the story will be same but the story line will be different! Hope you will bear my mistakes and support me and welcome me in the world of Samaina fantasies.



Sameer’s point of view

Life is so unfair and so is love. Those who need love are the one who doesn’t get them. People say we often don’t value things when we possess them and it is right too. But I know the value of love and loved ones cause I have no one to say my family except my Nanu. Life in hostel revolved around everything but love was nowhere. I have none to share my feelings with. My mom is not there to make food for me.She is not here to feed me with her hands.She never ever knitted a sweater for me. My dad is not there to scold me for my mistakes. People say I am full of life and happiness because they haven’t seen Sameer behind that mask. Mask of happiness. Sometimes I wonder Do I matter to anyone? Will my presence or absence will make a difference or not? I guess, Not. Who will care about a nobody like me?
But She did. She proved to be the light in darkness. She was my angel. She cared about me. She saw the Sameer behind the mask. She knitted a sweater for me. She made me feel like I can be loved too. It was because of her that I experienced the magical feeling of Love. I thought love as a joke but she proved that love is beyond that. Far beyond than that. But I broke her. I broke her heart just for that stupid bet and when the realization hitted me I was left with nothing. She left me.


Naina’s point of view

Sameer. A week before my life revovled around his name. Whether it be morning or evening his thoughts were keen on making their home in my mind and heart everywhere. He and his brother Rohan newly got admitted in our school but I knew Sameer before he joined the school.  He is a good friend of Arjun Bhaiya and has the same interest of cricket like him. It was love in first sight for me. I was baffled when I first saw him. His smile.His hairs.His eyes.Him. Everything was so special. Until class 8th the only aim of my life was to achieve good grades in school. My life revolved around my school and my family until he came and reserved a special seat for himself in my heart. After he entered the school, life was full of happiness. Happiness of first love. Magic of first love. It was the first time in my whole life that someone felt so special to me that I was willing to give my everything to him. I thought he loved me the same way I did but I guess I was wrong. He was just playing around like love was a joke. He broke that magic of first love and changed everything. Even Me.


Character Sketch

Ashi Singh as Naina Agarwal::  The Class Topper and a girl with full of innocence and Life.. Didn’t want to fall in love but her heart didn’t cooperate with her and Sameer was the one who stealed her heart

Randeep Rai as Sameer Maheshwari :: A carefree boy and always wears a smile. He has his two sides among which one is hidden from the world. He pretend to be Happy but that is a mask to fool the world. The careless attitude he carries often leads him in trouble.

Hema Sood as Shefali ::  Good friend of Arjun and best friend Naina.

Somendra Solanki as Arjun :: Big Brother of Naina and good friend of Sameer.

Ayesha Kaduskar as Preeti Agrawal:: A soul sister as well as a best friend of Naina. They may not have connection of Blood but Naina and Preeti definitely have connection of souls

Kristina Patel as Swati:: A true best friend of Naina who always stick by her sides.

Sanjay Choudhary as Munna:: A brother like best friend of Sameer and Pandit. He is jolly and full of life but his stupid antics never go well for his Pandit aka Swati.

Raghav Dhir as Pandit:: A best friend of Sameer and Munna. He is not less than a brother to them.

Rohit Chandel as Rohan:: Brother of Sameer.Though they did not have Blood relation yet they have good bonding.


Friends ! I have made some changes in the story line. Here Arjun and Sameer will be good friends and even Rohan would be living with Sameer.
I know many people who watch yeh un dino ki baat hai pairs Preeti and Pandit together but maybe in the college track Rohan and Preeti love story will start.Also it was preeti’s wish that she and Naina get married in the same household so here no PreeDit  pairing. So sorry for that…

Guys! This was just the prologue! Hope you will continue reading the story and share your reviews to helpe improve more and more..

1 comment = 1 smile on Rakesh Sir’s face.

See you all in next part…….
Byee ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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