Female Youth Icon on Life Ok

Choose your favorite Youth Icon from these woman. We hope our description about them would interest you and help you in deciding. They are gorgeous, loving, caring, supporting, respecting and their praise list goes on. Read on to know about them.

Pakhi is one such woman who has given many tests not to win her love, but to win her husband, whom she waited for 18 years. When Anshuman brought her home, he tried to get rid of her. Even after knowing the truth, she stayed calm as a sea. She won her son Ayaan’s heart and soon grew a place in Anshuman’s life. Soon their togetherness turned into love, only because of her pure soul. When Anshuman hurt her self esteem, she bring a strong and independent woman, has left him and went ahead to start a new life without the married tag. Pakhi is a strong woman whom every woman should look upto.

Tara married to Mrityunjay under strange circumstances. Initially she did not accept him by heart as he was a prisoner. Soon, love entered their hearts and they became inseparable. She starts living for MJ. When she got to know the truth of Kalavati aka Rudra Pratap, she did not back off and supported her husband. She fought for justice and united with her husband to start a rebellion against evil. Tara is a never say die and a go getter. She is a good example of inspiration for everyone.

Simran who was brought up in Singapore got adjusted in a village just to stay with her love Rajveer. She accepted his family by heart and did everything possible to protect those innocent people by their enemies. She always stood first when death knocked their door. Rajveer and Simran’s love went through many hurdles, but they faced it together and won over it too. Simran is an ideal bahu, an ideal wife and a great human by heart. Her virtues and values make her an outstanding youth icon.

Lajjo has Sonbarsa’s soul in her. She is an idol of sacrifice, pure heart and selfless love. Nikhil did not value marriage when he got married to her, but with time, he realized Lajjo is his true love. They soon united as husband and wife. Nikhil’s mum Barkha was unhappy with Lajjo knowing she is a village girl and can’t live between them. Lajjo promised her that she will come to them only when she makes a name for herself. Lajjo and Nikhil started working to become independent. Lajjo is soon going to become a star in the show, all thanks to Sagar Khurana. Lajjo has unbelievable patience in her, which is her best trait.

Meher’s marriage broke with Ranveer as he was already married and was not divorced. Her childhood friend, Sameer became the reason for this. Sameer accepted infront of everyone that he loves Meher and will marry her. A shocked Meher could not understand what to do and broke her relation with Sameer. But when she came to know that Sameer has saved her life, she rolled down to tears thinking of their friendship. Meher stood strong amidst people’s taunts who called her unlucky, characterless, and a family breaker. Meher did not bend to anyone and took up the responsibility to take care of Bebe till Sameer comes back. Meher is truly dutiful and full of humanity.

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  3. pakhi is the best,tara is better and simran is good.others are nothing.

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  5. […] Also check out “Female Youth Icon on Life Ok”. […]

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  8. Laajo is cute ,sweet and talented just the perfect not extremely over like Pakhi and under like others .

  9. Tara rocks

  10. Hamari bhai of bopal Tara is best <3 <3 <3

  11. Pakhi is a woman who not only uses her heart but her head too, shes not a rhona dhona character like many of today’s heroins, she stands up for whats right! She really inspires women, shes not over good, her heart is pure and she’s really intelligent! 🙂

  12. Pakhi is the best!!!datz it

  13. Tara is best coz she is better than other characters in lifeok shows

  14. Tara is best others are worst

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