Tumhari Pakhi 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 22nd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pakhi is doing puja for ayaan and says that all mothers so this puja for their child’s welfare. .. she shows deepika photo of ayaan and wonders how she could leave him alone…. pakhi becomes sad…

Pakhi explains how to do the puja and she remembers that she has no coconut but deepika says that no shop is open at this time… deepika says that they will be late and as the owner is coming. … pakhi agrees but aunty saves the day by bringing the coconut. … aunty says that she wanted to make south Indian but pakhi needs it more…

Pakhi prays for ayaan wellbeing and understands how difficult it is for a child to be in a middle of estranged parents. .. she wishes that he has the courage and strength to seal with it… she knows that ping back home will be hard on her. ..

Anshuman arrives in Delhi and pakhi starts her photo shoot. ..

Anshuman arrives at the photo shoot and pakhi realises that Anshuman is here and tries to hide under her dupatta… deepika tells pakhi to change her costume. .. Both pakhi and Anshuman miss each other…

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Anshuman comes to meet deepika and wanted to meet the model… pakhi calls deepika and warns her not to let Anshuman meet her. .. deepika wonders why and she blurts out that he is her husband….

Anshuman leaves and pakhi exchanges the model and he bumps into the fake model… Anshuman leaves from there getting disappointed. ..Anshuman leaves and deepika is surprised that pakhi is Anshuman wife and she wonders why the live separately…

Pakhi says not to inform anyone the truth…. elsewhere, aunty is having kids over to give prasad and they wonder where her kids are and a he shows a photo of her kids to them and asks them to pray for their well being…

Aunty is surprised to see pakhi home so soon… pakhi says that this puja is done for a child’s welfare… pakhi says that she lied to them and that she has kids. ..

Aunty says that Mrs bhalla said to do it and to continue the lie she had to do the puja… aunty tells her to rest but Mrs bhalla comes and interrupts that she did not say to keep any fast…

Mrs bhalla says to pakhi to touch her mother in law feet but aunty refuses saying girls don’t touch feet. … However, pakhi still touches and aunty gives her blessings. ..

Pre cap Asian and aunty meet without realising that they are mother nd son… The investigator tells about the whereabouts of the mother…

Update Credit to: Sheena

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  1. StrawberryPie

    Spelling mistakes gOSH i dont understand the written episode becoz of them

  2. anyways this serial is a big LOL

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