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Maharana Pratap 22nd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Pratap tries to open the door and Jb reaches there and stops him. JB opens the door. JB says, come out DB, we are excited to see you. DB comes out. JB thinks about DB’s wordings. DB hugs JB and Jb says, forget everything. Db gives thanks to JB for kunwar jagmal. Then she hugs pratap. She says, i heard that you are getting married. Pratap says, mother and father is thinking on this matter. First of all you go and meet father. She moves towards uday singh’s room and as she take a step ahead into uday singh’s room, she closed her eyes when she sees light. Db ask the reason then uday singh says, i want to discus for pratap’s marriage. Db says, i want to meet with both girls.
Here jalal is distributing gold to his soldiers. Everybody gives slogan of jalal.
Jalal says, i am very happy to see your work. I want to see follower of mughals everywhere and for that we have to put slave to rajputana. Db says, your father wants phool as your bride and your mother wants ajab. All rajkumaris give gifts to DB. Db ask pratap’s choice. then she ask, whom do you like?
Pratap says, no, i dont like anyone. Pratap introduced phool. Db says, you really know about her. Then she ask about ajab. Ajab gets introduced with DB. Pratap goes from there. JB says, i dont like DB’s choice. She will support you. DB reaches there and says, i am agree with you jeeja. ajab is totally reflection of yours. Ajab is perfect for pratap but there is one problem that ajab is not rajput. JB says, how could you say this, She is totally rajput. DB says, she cannot fight like brave rajput. JB says, ajab can stand up on time. Db says, we have to organise a competition for it. Pratap reaches there and ask, what happens? Db says, me and your mother does conversation for your marriage. Uday singh says, we will organise a competition. Pratap accepts this
proposals. JB says, i dont like this. Ajab is perfect for pratap. Uday singh says, this is your mistake. this competition will happen and nobody will stop it.
Faqat mal is laughs on jalal’s decision and says, i will not follow your religion. jalal says, open your dress and turbon. Faqat mal opens his dress then jalal says, first of all your turbon. Pratap’s does practise of his sword. all rajkumari’s run into field. Pratap says, you will become hard and leave your shyness. Phool reaches there and interrupts the situation. Pratap left the dangal. Phool says, i will not participate in this competition. Rajkumari’s says, you cant fight thats why you are not taking participate
Pratap is teaching dassi about plants. Pratap is saying, you are not taking tension about competition. Ajab says, i am not interested in it. Pratap says, why will you denies on my every conversation. Ajab says, if you have some trouble then dont talk to me. JB ask help for ajab.
Db says to uday singh, You are looking tensed about pratap’s marriage. I will take care of everything.
JB goes to kitchen with ajab and she give holiday to every cook. ajab says, i know, you need help for making food. JB says, you put this utensil there. Then ajab put the utensils. JB says, if you will work hard then you will also win. Ajab says, i am not eligible for this competition. I am not so brave. JB says, i will call to pratap and do your practise, dont sit while you will call pratap. JB and sajja likes ajab for pratap’s bride. Ajab then goes from there.
Here faqat mal opens his clothes. Bahram khan says, now order to kill him. Jalal says, no not now. Jalal order for hunter. Jalal gets the hunter and beat the faqat mal and says, dont laugh on my order ever, it is your mistake and you will get punishment for it. Jalal order to kill faqat mal.

Precap:- Pratap will decide, for which girl he will marry?

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