Rang Rasiya 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Laila drinks and says to mohini that I have one design make it on cloth, mohini asy you came for embroidery and that rudra is taking out threads of your life. Laila says to mohini that rudra cant throw me out as paro will not allow him to do that, today I won, mohini ask how? Laila says all know about paro rudra fight, rudra brought puppet show to make paro smile but paro got more worried, paro thinks I am pari but I made that story by giving money to manager, mohini is stunned, she ask mohini to do embroidery now, as you must remember our challenge, mohini says okay but tomorrow if rudra.. Laila says remember nobody can throw me out as this move is of Laila.
rudra sees paro sleeping and goes toward her but paro turns and sees him, he ask why are you sleeping on floor, you want me make Laila stay here that’s why doing this stubbornness but she has to go, he sits on bed but gives paro another pillow, he says you always put your head on end of pillow, someday your head will get hurt so take this another pillow, he lies on bed, paro smiles seeing pillow (rangrasiya plays), she says can I ask you something, he says no and sleeps. paro and rudra both are not able to sleep, after sometime rudra says ask what you want, paro says did you ask that puppet manger what was the end of the story, whom did raja choose, rudra is silent and couldn’t sleep, paro sleeps. rudra looks at her and says I am also finding answer of this question.

Scene 2
mohini ask Maithili to bring tea, she says okay, mohini says I couldn’t sleep whole night because I had to do embroidery, Laila ays you called devil and I am here, Laila says you did very beautiful embroidery, Laila sees paro and says to her that there is something else common between us, embroidery. I have made embroidery for you, its not good as yours but I wanted to make you smile. mohini says witch made me awake whole night and getting credit, don’t know what she is upto. paro says how can I take it, Laila says please take it, she shows her paro and rudra written on dupatta, she says 1st I thought to write your name but paro is incomplete without rudra so wrote both your name, paro says its beautiful. sunehri comes and says rudra is calling all in hall.

Scene 3
doctor comes there, Laila says if you brought him for your hand then no need, I will make oil for your hand and will also tell paro. rudra says no need my wife is there for me, paro looks at rudra. he says guest come to eat , stay and go out. this doctor is not for me but for you to see your secret kind of inner wounds and all wants there wounds to be healed fast, and also the way you know me, I also know that you don’t like wounds on you. he ask doctor to check her. doctor, sunehri and Laila goes in room, mohini says she is injured and you are behaving like this, rudra says this matter has nothing to do with you so stay out, doctor after checking comes out, he says its good that she is fine, there is nothing to worry, there is no big wound, she will be fine in 2 3 days, rudra says great and now as a friend, I have took a decision that you will not stay here, aman will take you to safe place where tejawat cant reach you, you will stay there from now on. mohini says great justice, when it was paro you brought her here and made her stay here only then why asking Laila to go, rudra says I remember exactly how much problems you had when paro came to stay here, you didn’t want paro to stay here then why you are feeling so much pity for her, Laila says atleast there is someone who cares for me, I stayed here for many so got attached, but I will leave. she comes to paro and says I made this dupatta but didn’t know it will become leaving gift for you, she says rudra doesn’t believe me or maybe he thinks he still have feelings for me.. I should leave what even if tejawat kills me, who cares for me as I am an orphan, paro melts. Laila says I will take my things, she starts to leave and thinks paro stop me, I will count till 3, paro stops her, she says to Laila that never call yourself orphan, I am always with you, if you ever need me after going from here then call me, Laila is stunned, paro says I am sure aman will take care of you, he is very strong, you take this dupatta, it will make you remember this family, because of you I understood rudra more better. Laila jerks her hairs on paro’s face and goe to take her things. rudra gets angry on her behavior, he comes in her room, she says you came to see whether I am packing, rudra says I know you, I know that you gave money to manager to change puppet story, you always tries to show paro that you know everything about me so that she will feel bad but what you thought I will see this silently, Laila says wow you re caring for paro so much whom you met 8 months ago and what about our relation of 8 years, rudra says don’t you talk about them, you messd up our 8 years friendship in 8 days with your cheap tactics, Laila says because I love you, rudra says crap, you don’t know love, learn from paro how to love, she can give everything in love and she takes back her love after sacrificing but you if you love something you want to snatch it, Laila says wow look who is talking about love, don’t know what she has done to you that bitc**, rudra shouts to speak with respect she is my wife, Laila is tensed, Laila says oh that lady my loin a dog, why don’t wear strap which dogs wear around neck, you keep roaming around her, you doesn’t even have right to throw me without paro’s consent, rudra says enough, get lost from house now, he takes her bag out.

PRECAP- Laila is leaving haveli, she thinks I am going for now but I will come back and this time if I comeback then along with paro I will not leave you mohini, I will dance like this that death will dance with me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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