Kumkum Bhagya 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Arvind asking Suresh if he really wants to marry Pragya. Suresh says Pragya is so good that he will start loving him later. Arvind says he loves Bulbul but. Suresh says she loved Bulbul and used to wait at the window to see her, but it was just his dream. Now, he feels happy looking at Pragya and it is the reality now. Arvind asks Suresh not to break Pragya’s heart again. Suresh says this time, he really wants to marry Pragya and will marry her for sure.

Servant’s daughter hears a sound outside. She informs her mom. Servant says it must be Pragya as she wakes up at this time to drink water. Pragya comes out and sees Bulbul awake. She asks her why is she awake. Bulbul says she was thinking about Purab. Pragya asks her what happened now. Bulbul brushes up and starts joking that Pragya must have seen Suresh in dream filing PIL. Pragya asks her to stop laughing. Bulbul says whole locality laughs at Suresh. Servant and her daughter see them talking and think earlier Pragya was in love, now looks like Bulbul is also in love, so they are not getting sleep. Bulbul asks Pragya why is she tensed. Pragya says she is confused and will not understand her feelings. Bulbul says she must be definitely thinking about Suresh. Pragya thinks she is still confused about Suresh’s marriage proposal. Bulbul says Suresh is perfect for her and says someone who is confused about his gury should be worried. Pragya asks her who is she describing about. Bulbul sees breaking star and runs to pray.

Pragya says it is a lamp post which Suresh has not fixed yet. Bulbul asks her to ask Suresh to fix the lamp post, else she will think it as broken star. Servant sees them and thinks today there is no star in sky, then why are they praying. Bulbul and pragya then go back to bed. Pragya remebers about Suresh. Bulbul remembers about Purab and she getting intimate with him. A song plays in the background.

Sarla wakes up in the morning and sees Pragya and Bulbul still sleeping. She tries to wake them up, but they don’t get up. Sarla says if they don’t get up in 2 minutes, then she will call Akash’s horror faced mother. They both get up and says why did she take such a horror woman’s name.

Pragya and Bulbul get ready and ask Sarla for breakfast. Rachna brings breakfast for them. Sarla praises Rachana and says her daughters are too lazy. Door bell rings and Akash’s mom comes. Everyone gets angry seeing her. Akash’s mom asks Sarla how can they laugh when they created rift in her family. She starts scolding Rachna and asks did not she get any other guy than her son. She then scolds Pragya and says she is not married yet, so she tries to break other people’s relationship. Sarla asks her how dare she to talk to her daughter like this. Akash’s mom says nobody will Pragya at all. Suresh comes just then and says what rubbish she is talking.

Suresh says what is wrong with Pragya and starts scolding Akash’s mom. He says she wanted to sell her son to rich women, but her dream shattered, so she came to insult them here. He says Pragya helps everyone and takes care of her family. He says she asked Rachna if her child was Akash’s, what proof she has that Akash is her husband’s son. He says Pragya is cultured, so she is silent and asks her to get out before he forgets his culture. Akash’s mom angrily goes from there. Suresh says a guy who marries Pragya will be lucky. Sarla says Akash’s mom was right, Pragya’s marriages broke many times. Suresh says she is Pragya and whoever marries her will be lucky. Sarla asks why did he tell whoever when is engaged to Pragya. Pragya says she will marry Suresh. Sarla asks if she is speaking truth. Pragya nods yes. Sarla happily kisses them on forhead and prays for them. Pragya and Suresh are tense though.

Purab says Abhi’s girlfriend that she cannot meet Abhi. Girlfriend says Abhi gave her concert pass and will meet him for sure. Girlfriend then gets worried that her pendant is lost and starts searching in Purab’s car. Bulbul comes to the parking lot and sees Purab’s car shaking. She sees Purab with a girl. She says Purab that he is disgusting to be with this girl. She does not allow him to speak and says he was taking a chance yesterday. She throws a file on his car and says she does not want to come near a man like him.

Suresh comes to Sarla’s home and thinks if Pragya was telling true. He thinks of asking Pragya and tries to go towards her, but Madhavi comes there and takes Pragya from there.

Abhi and his girlfriend are stuck in a traffic jam. Abhi’s girlfriend says she is smelling dirt. Abhi remembers Pragya’s incident and says she is so boring.

Suresh is buying groceries. He sees Pragya coming. Rain starts. He borrows umbrealla from shopkeeper and holds it over Pragya. A song plays.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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