Ek Boond Ishq 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
rudra comes in room with nandu and ask what all are doing In house, I know you told police, nandu says why would I, rudra says I only told you thinking you are my friend but you played with me, you betrayed kala and its punishment is death, he strangles her with dupatta, he ask what all are doing in house, she says I wanted adi so I had to bring all for him, he presses her neck, nandu says its leader’s trick to 1st make kala culprit then rudra kill me and also go in jail, nandu breathes for life, rudra leaves her and says sorry I got angry. you are right if he can know that rudra and kala are same then he can know where is my den, sorry I doubted you, I made you red but you are looking good and I forgive you for bringing all family as for my new plan all are needed.

Scene 2
tara in her room thinks why kala didn’t brought mj, its mj’s birthday tomorrow, I wanted to wish him but.. she sees star breaking in sky and prays to make her meet mj, she sees rudra going out in night, she thinks where he is going and follows him.
otherside mj is not eating food, he says I didn’t go to my chaat stall, potatoes are waiting for me and you tied me. tara is following rudra. he gets suspicious but tara hides. mj is crying to leave me, he prays to granpa to save me, rudra comes and says your granpa has sent me, mj says it cant be as he is in heaven and you look like came from hell, rudra says shut up rudra says kala has send me to take you from here, mj thinks that if he is rudra’s getup then everything is going as per plan, mj says bring kalavati indumati whatever here, I want to go to suseela, rudra says you can only go to your granpa, mj says okay I will do your work but raise money I will take 50rupees more, rudra laughs, mj says okay I will take 75 more, rudra laughs more, and says I will give but do preparations, rudra askher servant to come out. tara also comes there and sees all this from window

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tara whistles, mj turns and is shocked to see tara, he comes to window by jumping with chair, mj ask you here? tara says I came to see you, how rudra came out in open, tara says nandu knew about where he was hiding, so she told police, when police came there so rudra had to c ome out in open, mj says I need a kiss, tara says how you can kiss me, he tries hard and finally kisses her hand, he ask tara to give him kiss, tara says no I will give at 12am, he ask why, she says its your birthday, I prayed to wish you first and it got fulfilled, mj says my wish is to get cricket team of kids, tara says no 11 kids, mj says 12, one extra also. he says you are not even giving me kiss how will we get team, tara says wait for 2 minutes, its 11:58pm, rudra ask his servant to make bablu mj, she says its that difficult like me having child, I cant make him, rudra scolds him, rudra listens some noise and comes to window of bablu’s room, tara hides, mj looks at rudra and says ghost ghost, rudra says its me not ghost, servant says did you see rudra its so difficult to make him mj, rudra ask how you came here you were tied, mj says I came to get wind, rudra closes window and goes, tara is tensed, how to wish mj now, mj ask what time is it, servant says 12am, tara gets sad and says happy birthday mj and goes, mj says give one puppy(kiss0. servant eunuch thinks that he maybe in love with me.

Scene 3
tara tells nimmo that kala wants bablu to come in house as mj, nimmo says you shouldn’t have gone there, tara says nothing will happen as mj is with me, tara says I went to wish him birthday but.. nimmo says you willget chance, nimmo says I thought to do pooja for mj, tara sees nandu coming and shouts how you thought that I will allow you to do pooja of mj, nimmo pleads, nandu thinks that if I do this pooja then they will be impressed, nandu says tara you should be ashamed he was your husband, tara says don’t give me lectures, nandu says if you don’t agree then I will call police and tell them that you ill treat us, tara says fine do whatever you want, jairaj comes there and says to nimmo that we are going to mandir for pooja, nimmo says no need, pooja will be here as nandu made tara agree for this, jairaj says tara should be ashamed that for pooja of her husband others are asking permission, tara bluntly says you should be happy that atleast pooja is happening. rudra thinks that I wanted to bring mj/bablu in mandir but now I have to bring him here in villa.

PRECAP- baba and all family members are ready to start pooja of mj but suddenly mj/bablu comes there, all are stunned to see him standing there.

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