Nadaan Parindey 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nadaan Parindey 22nd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer calling out Purab seeing him. Purab is tensed seeing Meher and Sameer on either sides. Purab drags Sameer inside and hides him. Meher turns and does not see. Purab talks to Sameer and says I came to meet you. Sameer hugs him and smiles. Purab says you go emotional. Sameer asks how is Bebe, is she angry on me, or happy that I came here. Sameer asks how is Meher, does she miss me. He asks who takes care of Bebe and who brings her medicines, Meher may be bringing. He gets tears in his eyes and says I miss them a lot. He says its not easy to become responsible, but I will come back soon.

Purab says I m taking care of them, you do your duty right. Sameer complains about Avtar. Purab says he is training you. Sameer asks did you also do this. Purab says yes, everyone does. Sameer thanks him. Purab says I will leave now. He asks Sameer to sit here till he comes back. Sameer salutes him. Purab smiles and thinks nothing can happen off this donkey. Meher talks to Purab. He says sit fast. They leave. Avtar sees Sameer sitting and the utensils fallen. He asks what are you doing sitting there. Sameer says Purab asked me to sit there and wait.

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Avtar gets angry on him and asks him to clean the utensils again. He says clean the home neatly. He says disgusting boy. Meher buys Bebe’s medicines. Purab smiles seeing her. He brings icecreams for her. She says lets go, Bebe might be waiting. He gets angry. She says ok fine sorry, lets eat icecream and then we will go. He says you came here many times with Sameer. She laughs and says yes, many times. She talks about Sameer and smiles. He gets angry. She says it was good days.

He asks do you love Sameer. She says no. He smiles. She says why do everyone ask me this. He says maybe as he said he loves you. She says he said that to break my marriage, he knows we are only friends. He says I m your friend, but don’t tell your husband about your friendship about Sameer, he won’t bear this. She says my husband has to accept him, I won’t my friendship with him. Sameer and Ashish clean the house. Sameer talks to Ashish about Bebe.

He thinks Bebe will be proud of him seeing him as army officer. Avtar comes and asks whats going on. Sameer gets tensed. Avtar scolds him and asks is the work over. Sameer says I m doing. Avtar gives him more work. He takes Ashish with him and leaves. Sameer says how will I get Meher if I don’t become responsible. Gopi gets a call and Angrez scolds him. Gopi argues with him. Bebe talks to Mangal about Meher. She says she is broken. Mangal talks to her about Meher marriage. Bebe says this is not the time to talk to her about marriage, she is your daughter, you decide.

Angrez says Meher is sensitive, let her be happy like before. Mangal understands and asks about Sameer. Gopi hears them. Bebe says I don’t know where he went, he will become responsible now, I m happy but I get worried thinking who takes care of him. Mangal sees Meher and Purab coming. He gets happy. Purab greets him. Mangal says we will talk next time and leaves. Meher gives medicines to Bebe. Bebe says I have to take care of myself till Sameer comes back. Meher says he has to come back soon.

Bebe and Meher have a talk. Meher sees Bebe hiding Sameer’s shirt. Bebe misses Sameer. Meher makes her smile reminding her of Sameer. Bebe smiles. Purab looks at them. Bebe asks Meher to serve food to Purab. Meher tells Purab that Bebe is very sad, what to do to make her happy and to tell her that Sameer is fine, think, I can die to see her happy. Purab gets angry and says I made you talk to him, I will find some way. He says I forgot something, I will be back, you be alive. Malik asks his men to find out about Sameer, as they have to free Sartaj.

Sameer gets a gun while cleaning the house and aims outside holding it with excitement. Gopi asks his boss to allow him to meet his mum. He asks Gopi to find Sameer else Malik will not leave him.

Avtar asks Sameer to pack his bag and go home.

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