Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 22nd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Simran hugging Wazeero happily. Everyone smile. Her dad says Wazeero took Simran’s name and she was adamant to meet you. Simran says she loves me a lot and I did not do anything for you, I gave you pain. Wazeero says no, don’t say this. Simran says it happened because of me, I should have not taught you, else everything would be fine today. Tau ji says forget the past now, she is fine so be happy. He asks Simran to clean the stains, do as Laali wants, and free Rajveer soon. Simran says you are asking me to lie. He says when did I say.

She says if I take my complaint back, it will be like lying against my statement, and do injustice towards Wazeero. Wazeero says I don’t want justice, but your happiness which is Rajveer. She says I got justice when you have sent Kuldeep in jail, free Rajveer now. This family and you need him, so please go. Simran hugs her. Laali sees this and is happy.

Laali talks to Kuldeep and says Simran is coming to take her complaint back, now you also come to me soon. She smiles. Simran comes to the police station and takes her complaint back. Kuldeep says finally, we both are free. She misbehaves with Simran and threatens Rajveer. He leaves. Rajveer hugs Simran. Laali gets ready to meet Kuldeep. Himmat sees her and is happy. He asks is this for me, is it our suhaagraat today. She says yes, sure. He says I feel happy, tonight will be special. She syas I did not dream about this night, I felt you always with me.

He promises her that he will love her a lot. She says lets see. Everyone wait for Rajveer. Simran brings Rajveer home and everyone are happy to see them. The band plays. They are puzzled thinking whats going on. They go out and see Kuldeep coming to take Laali frpm their house, dressed like a groom. Kuldeep greets Tau ji and everyone are shocked seeing him. He says I came in right house, I brought the baraat here. Tau ji asks are you mad. Kuldeep says you are from bride’s side. Tau ji is puzzled.

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Himmat and Laali come down. Kuldeep says see I came to take her. Himmat is shocked seeing Kuldeep. Kuldeep says she is my life, I will make her my bride and take her. Everyone are shocked. He asks Laali to come. She leaves Himmat’s hand and runs to him. She hugs him. Himmat is shocked. Everyone are ashamed seeing them. The dhol plays again. Himmat’s heart breaks. Simran says stop all this. She scolds Laali. Laali says I don’t care about anyone here. Simran says this is wrong, we did a compromise, that you did not tell me you will do this.

Laali says yes, do anyone tell their plans to someone. Simran says I know wrong happened with you, but you are Himmat’s wife, how can fall so low. Himmat thinks of her. He gets angry and leaves. Laali says I doubt on you now, live in present. Simran says you are going in a wrong world. Simran says if you do this, it will be an insult of womanhood. Kuldeep says enough now. He asks her to give the lecture sometime else. He asks her to push the car and make them go. Laali tells Himmat that its her suhaagraat today, but her husband will be Kuldeep today.

Himmat cries and says forget him and come back to me, I will keep you very happy, I promise. The police comes and stops Kuldeep. He says you are under arrest. Kuldeep says are you mad, go to police station and see the complaint is taking back. The inspector says she took the complaint back temporary, she proved that Rajveer was wrongly blamed, and you are culprit for blaming Rajveer with the help of Laali. He says we have proof now, she has complaint again. Laali and Kuldeep are shocked. Kuldeep asks what proof. He says your talk with Laali, she recorded in her phone, we will arrest you now. They arrest Kuldeep and everyone smile.

Kuldeep aims a gun at Simran and says I will kill her today. Everyone is shocked as he shoots.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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