Gustakh Dil 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 22nd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lajjo getting tensed. Lajjo turns and does not face Nikhil. Mili greets Nikhil and says bye. Nikhil leaves. Lajjo sees his footprints and gets sad. She hugs Mili. Mili says I wanted you to meet that uncle, he is very nice. Lajjo cries. Ahuja asks Lajjo to come soon and takes Mili. Lajjo touches the soil and applies it to her forehead to respect Nikhil. Sagar is at his home, thinking about Arohi and Kabir. He gets angry thinking about their affair. Nikhil talks to Rishi and says he misses Lajjo a lot. He thinks what is she doing. Barkha hears them talking. Nikhil smiles and says Lajjo is amazing.

He asks does she miss me. Rishi says yes, she might be missing you a lot. Nikhil says I wish to call her and talk. He says I was thinking to meet her, go Sonbarsa and see her once. He says I wish life could be simple. Barkha thinks it means Nikhil does not know Lajjo is in Delhi, they are not in contact. Singh asks Sagar to open the door. Ahuja and Lajjo come back. Everyone ask Sagar to open the door. Ahuja asks Singh to use duplicate keys. Singh says we can’t open the door without his permission. Lajjo takes the keys and opens the door.

They are shocked to see Sagar fallen on the ground. Mili runs to him and cries. Lajjo sees a paper in Sagar’s hand. Ahuja takes Mili. Lajjo says make him lie on the bed. Singh says I will call the doctor. Lajjo says no, he is much drunk. She says bring cold water and a napkin. Lajjo looks at him and removes his shoes. She takes care of him. Sagar wakes up and says leave me alone. She leaves. Sagar thinks of Arohi and is disturbed. Lajjo comes home and tells Rancho and Shreya that she met Barkha and she may tell Nikhil. Rancho says no, if she said, he would have called us.

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Rancho says she won’t say as she does not want you to meet Nikhil. Rancho says you will win for sure. She says I have head ache. Lajjo says apply balm. Rancho says fine and takes it from her bag. She gets the paper and asks whats this. Rancho opens it and Shreya says its blood in it. Barkha thinks about Lajjo’s words. Nani comes to her and asks why are you looking tensed. Barkha is angry. She says Lajjo is here in Delhi. Nani is shocked. She says I met her, don’t tell this to Nkhil. She says if Nikhil knows this then. She says if Nikhil sees her, then he will bring her here.

Nani says Lajjo won’t come here. Barkha faints. Nani says her BP is high and calls the doctor. Lajjo tells Rancho that Sagar was much drunk, I took this so that Mili should not get it. Shreya says your life is so exciting. Rancho says lets read this. Lajjo takes it and they see it’s a letter from Arohi. Lajjo says its his wife’s letter, maybe it has the reason why she died. Rancho says read it. Lajjo says we should not read it. They insist. Lajjo says its his personal matter, I m worried about Mili.

Nani asks Inder to take Barkha on vacation. Inder asks her why her BP rose. Nani thinks I can’t tell Inder the truth about Lajjo. Its morning, Lajjo is lost on thoughts. She says I m thinking about my fate, I m unable to get my goal, I can’t help anyone. I m worried about Mili. Rancho says if you want to change your fate, you don’t have to worry, go and do something, if you can’t, then stop thinking. She says think what Barkha said. Rancho says you have to go ahead. Lajjo leaves.

Rancho says I don’t know what she will do now. Lajjo comes to meet Mili. She comes to Sagar to see if he is fine. He drinks wine and she asks why do you drink so much. She gives him lecture. He says shut up, why did you come here. She throws his wine glass and he gets angry. He hurts her in anger. She says leave my hand, you don’t have any right to touch me. He leaves her hand and says how dare you stop me from drinking. She says I will. He sits holding his head. She says of I don’t stop you from drinking, how will I work with you, you said you will make me star, show me how will you do it. Sagar is shocked.

Sagar asks Lajjo to go and change. The girls see her clothes and laughs.

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