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Jhalli Anjali Ke Tootey Dil Ki Amazing Story: (Mon-Tue 6 PM)

Anjali is a fun loving girl loves her classmate Angad. She is fascinated by him. Angad does not respond to her calls and she becomes reluctant to find out the reason of his ignorance. She meets Angad and spends some time with him. She expects him to confess his feelings to her and gets happy seeing his behavior. Angad promises her to give a surprise and she starts having high expectations from him. Anjali sees Angad with Sweety and gets worried.

Angad clarifies to her that he is not into any relationship with Sweety. Angad shows his concern for Anjali. They attend a party where Angad announces to everyone that she is his best friend. Anjali gets delighted. Anjali starts believing that Angad loves her. She talks to her friend Preet and shares her feelings about Angad. She meets Angad and reminds him of their school days. She finally professes her love to him. Angad is stunned.

He refuses to accept her love proposal. He tells her that he loves someone else and Anjali finds it difficult to accept. She gets frustrated and her dad consoles her. Anjali decides that she will win Angad’s love. She gets a new look and tries to woo Angad by her beauty. Angad and his friends see her and make fun of her. She feels lost. She challenges Angad that one day she will prove herself to him.

Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri: (Fri-Sat 6 PM)

Cheeku is a college student and has two brothers, Dodo and Sid. They interfere in his life a lot and he gets irritated by this. Dodo talks to him about his views on girls. He asks Cheeku to help him in composing a poem for his girlfriend. Cheeku loves a girl Kimaya deeply and thinks about her.

Kimaya asks him to come on videochat and while in class, he loses focus and is eager to talk to her. But he fails to get in touch with her. Later on, he succeeds to join her on video chat. He talks to her and they share their feelings for each other. Kimaya is impressed by him and praises him a lot. Dodo and Sid pop up there and disturb Cheeku. Cheeku dreams that Dodo and Sid are torturing him. He just thinks to win Kimaya’s heart.

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  1. channelVlover

    1st update paanch ,jhali anjali and yeh jawani its been a week and nothng s updated til nw , thn ask vote

  2. exactly…update the episodes..
    we do not find time to watch it on tv or online.. update the written episodes!!
    hence we will be unable to vote!

  3. Jhalli anjali is worst serial.I used to thought that she will be in relationship with angad and then angad broke that.but actuall they were friends but anjali thought that angad lloves her and anjali proposed angad and he told no.this is toota dil from one side love.Stupidity

    1. StrawberryPie

      Thts why its called ” Jhalli anjali ki tootey dil ki amazing story”
      Its anjali’s dil thts broken

  4. Even paanch is a biweekly program why is it not included??????

  5. I like jhalli anjali but the clothes she wear r not good

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