Raglak ss the incomplete past by kitkat – part 4

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The scene continues from where Ragini was engrossed in her thoughts….

Suddenly her trance was broken by a knock on her room’s door….

She went n opened the door only to find Ansh m Raksh….

As soon as she opened the door they both entered the room quickly pushing her aside n jumped on her bed…..

R( a bit amused):- What are u both doing here??? U both should be in ur room n on ur bed now….

Rg:- Mumma we are gonna sleep here today with you n u are supposed to tell us a new story…. Am I correct Big B( Ansh)…..????

A:- Correct chote…. bua plz….

He said it with a puppy face which melted Ragini n she was in Aww…..

Ragini nodded her head in disbelief n sigh with a smile……

She went to bed n sat in between them and they both rested their head on her lap while she started telling them the story n lapped n stroked their head softly…….

Soon she realised that they are not responding n found them sleeping….

A smile crept on her lips n she kissed their forehead gentally….

Just then Vansh entered….

V:- So here are these Shaitans…. I was searching them from such a long time in whole house….. Wait I will take them back to their room…

R( nodded):- I will too help u…

V:- N ya Ragu don’t sleep… I have something very important to talk with u……

R:- Ok bhai……

Vansh n Ragu made them both sleep in their respective rooms n as Ragu reached her room Vansh to entered along with her….

V:- Ragu u know about residential one week conference in Lonavla na???

R:- Yes bhai…. Its u who is handling that projects details na??? Then when are u leaving for Lonavla??

V:- Ragu I cant go thir as Meheta’s have lineuped their meeting here now n I cant leave it n go just like that …. So, I want u to go n Ansh n Ragsh can tag along with u… Nina( caretaker of Ragansh) will come along with u to look after them both…..

R( a bit tense) :- But bhai this contract is very important for our company to crack n If I do any Gadbad??

She said this with a puppy face n pout which made Vansh smile at her cuteness n innocence….

Vansh came near her… held her shoulders n kissed her forehead….

Ragini smiled genuinely at his love for her n then Vansh said looking in her eyes….

V:- I know my chutki’s potential n moreover Ragsh n Ansh too have 2 week holidays due to Diwali….
So they will eat my head as they wont listen to anyone except u n not specilly me… u know that na…..????

He said this with a pout…

Ragini smiled at his pout n nodded in yes making Vansh smile…

Just then Urjita entered…..

U:- So what Khichadi is been made in my absence…..???

She said sternly with fake anger….

V:- Nothing baby… Was just telling Ragu that take this both little Monsters n go somewhere so that I can spend some romantic moments with my beautiful wife….

He said side hugging her followed by n wink….

Urjita hit his chest n blushed….

Ragini smiled at their bond but then her eyes weldup remembering her moments with Laksh….

But before anyone could notice them she wipped them off n said dramatically….

R:- Oh Romeo-Juliet continue ur romance in ur room…. This room is mine n I have to sleep now….

V( Dramatically with a salute):- Yes boss….

N then continued softly…

V:- n yes Ragu i have already said Pritm to accompany u there n b with u…. You u go by car as its just 2 hours away….

R:- K bhai love u….

Said she hugging him….

He too hugged her back….

R:- Love u too Chutki….

U( with an annoyed face):- N me???

R:- I love u the most Bhabhi….

She said hugging Urjita….

V:- yes but not more than me…..

Ragta ( Ragini n urjita ) together:- Jelous….

N they shared a Hifi….

Vamsh’s mouth was hung open….

V( with fake anger):- U chutki I will see u tomorrow n now Biwi its ur turn…

Said Vansh and picked Urjita up in his arms….

She was bitting him…..

Ragu bursted in a laugh……..

n as they were….

Vanshita( vansgh n urjita):- Good night Chutki/Ragu…..

Ragu:- Good night love birds……

She said with a smile….

Ragini Locked the door of her room n then went to her bed….

As she lied on bed she took a small frame from side drawer of her bed which was revelled of Laksh…..

R(kissing the pic ):- Happy Birthday again hubby n good night…. love u….

And she slept hugging it tightly to her chest…..

Here Scene shifted to lonavla…

Ragya n Laksh too reached Lonavla n went to the room allotted for them…

Ragya was already s;ept on the way so she was sleeping on Laksh shoulder who had carried her….

As he was also tired he too dozed off quickly….

Next morning….

Janki Sadan…. (JS)

(Ragini n Vansh’s bungalow)

Ragini was completely ready to leave n was hurriedly having her breakfast….

Kids were the most excited for their trip among them all….

After they finished they bid bye to Vansh n Urjita n left for Lonavla…..

As soon as Ragini sat in car unknownly she again went into her past n her beautiful memories with Laksh…..

Screen freezed on a sad Ragini with moist eyes sitting in between Ansh n Raksh at back seat…..

PRECAP:- Ragini’s POV…. N Ragini’s side story…. Some secrets to be revelled….

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