Raglak ss the incomplete past by kitkat – part 3

Hey friends here it’s me Kitkat with next part of my SS THE INCOMPLETE PAST…..

Didn’t expected me to post my new work so early na???

But what to do I have a habit of surprising others…. Hehehe….

So let’s proceed without more bakbak of mine….


Laksh tried a lot to find Ragini but it was of no use.

During second trimester of pregnany kriya got to know that due to some complications she cant survive it that baby is born n she cant even abort the baby as it may too cost her life….

So she decided to deliver the baby as the baby was the only hope left in Laksh’s life which was too lonely after ragini went away…..

Laksh use to work day and night for forgetting his memories with Ragini but on other side was also was also very careful about Kriya’s health for the sake of baby….

He didn’t loved Kriya but was still bearing her for baby’s sake….

Kriya realised that Laksh was bothered n caring her for only sake of the baby n can never for Ragini ever so she said her gynaecologist who was her friend too to not to tell Laksh about her health issues and threat to life….

On death bed after delivering Ragya, Kriya confessed her trap to laksh n told whole truth to him, even Ragya not being his daughter……

Laksh brokedown now as he was all alone….

DP too left abroad after Raglaks divorce as he was angry on Laksh…

DP loved Ragu as his daughter and was very sad n hurt due to what his son did….

So Laksh was now left all alone with this tiny bundle of joy n happiness with him in the form of his daughter, his only support….


Laksh is shown in his office’s cabin near window engrossed in his thoughts…..


Why bachha??? Why you did this to me??? I loved you soo much and u left me just because someone made a story about me??? Didn’t you trusted me??? I know I made a mistake by trusting Kriya but I trusted you more than her… Why u did this Ragu??? Why you left me here all alone…. plz come back… I need you….

But you know what Ragya is just like you….. She don’t have a single character heridated from kriya…. She is my mini Ragini and I love her because still I love you more than her….

I miss you more when I see her…..

I just wanna meet you once and clear this misunderstandings between us….



Laksh’s PA karan Came in breaking his trance….

K:- Excuse me sir….

L:- yes Karan….

K:- Tomorrow we have to go to Lonavla near Pune city in Maharashtra for a big tender deal auction where top companies from India are coming to get this deal from scindhia’s…..

L:- K karan and ha book three tickets of aeroplane tonight as Ragya won’t stay alone at home so need to take her too n so Meera too will accompany us……

K:- ok sir….

Laksh passed him a fake smile as he left and started collecting his stuffs to go back home as it was already 6 in evening n Flight was at 12 in night as Karan informed him…..


Laksh parked his car and entered in with dull face….. n found it whole dark…..

L:- Ragya…. Manik kaka…. Meera (Ragya’s caretaker)…..
Where did all went????( he thought to himself…)

Suddenly the lights were on and here came a surprise for Laksh…..

Whole MM was decorated beautifully with decorations and a smiling Ragya at centre of hall with a big blackforest birthday cake which was his favourite…… surrounded by all workers of MM and some of his office staff…..

Ragya ran to Laksh and hugged his legs………

R:- Happy Birthday papa…..

Hearing her sweet voice a smile crept on on Laksh’s lips…..

L( kneeling to her height):- Thank you sweetheart n my princess really surprised me……

He kissed on her both cheeks…..

L:- I love you my angel….

R:- n i love you papa…..

Laksh laughed at his daughter’s cuteness N again hugged her tightly……

All asked laksh to cut the cake but Ragya stopped him…..

R:- Papa, mamma too wanna wish you…. we should go to her first…..

Saying so she started to drag him…..

Laksh just gave up at his angel’s stubbonness and went with her towards a big photo frame at the corner of hall…. which when focused was of Raglak…..

Laksh considered Ragya as his and Ragini’s daughter…..

Not even a single pic of Kriya was left in MM after Raga was born….

Whole MM was filled with Raglak’s pics and so Ragya considers Ragini as her mother….

Laksh said Ragya that mumma was angry on papa so she left us…..

Laksh cared Ragini’s side pic and a lone tear escaped from his eye….

R:- Papa, now mamma too wished you….. I know mamma will b with us soon….

L:- yes sweetheart…. now enough talking….. we have to cut the cake and then I have a surprise for you……

R:- what surprice papa???

L:- A trip to Pune for a week and we are leaving tonight…..

R:- what??? Tonight??? n you are telling me now papa??? I have to pack so many things….

Leave me down papa… we have to cut cake too…..

As Raglak( Ragya and Laksh) reached the table Laksh left Ragya down and smiled at her antiques which always made her resemble with Ragini…..

Laksh cut the cake and feed Ragya…

Ragya ran too room in excitement of trip and to pack her luggage….

Laksh stopped Meera who was about to leave….

L:- Meera we need to leave for Pune in few hours n you too need to accompany us for taking care of Ragya….

M:- Ok bhaiyya…. I will make ready Ragya n mee too will get ready soon….

Laksh smiled softly and nodded n meera went behind Ragya….
( short intro of Meera- 22 years old n caretaker of Ragya…. she is an Orphan who once saved Laksh from an accident when Kriya was pregnant so Laksh considered her as his sister n appointed her for taking care of Kriya n then for Ragya…. leaves in MM itself… She is a loyal and soft hearted person….. Like a family member for Ragya and Laksh)

Laksh thanked all the people present there beeding them bye and he too left for packing…..


Ragya, laksh and Meera boarded their flight where Ragya was sitting between Laksh and meera and Ragya soon dozed off hugging Laksh……

Laksh got some Different vibes as Pune was coming near…..

Laksh’s POV….

Why do I think I m going to meet you Ragu??? I feel like I m coming towards you…… hope to see you soon jaan…. I love you…..

End of Laksh’s POV….

Laksh was weeping silently and soon dozed off….

@Ragini’s room in pune….

Here Ragini felt a jolt in her heart when Laksh was weeping on other side….

She was lying on bed dressed in her night gown lost somewhere while facing ceiling….

Ragini’s POV….

Why do I feel like you are calling and missing me Laksh??? Why can’t i forget you?? Why still I love you???

End of Ragini’s POV….

Thing of this Ragini closed her eyes tightly cluthing her gown on her stomach with her both hands..

And soon she bursted into a cry and buried her face into her coushan….

Screen freezed on Ragini’s crying and swolleed up face and Laksh’s soaked crying and charmless face….

Precap:- Ragini also decides to leave for Lonavla…..


Here I finish 3rd chappy of my SS….

Do comment and tell me how is it…..


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