Raglak SS- The Incomplete Past….. Part 1

So guys here I m with first part of my SS….
Intro for that she who missed it:-

I know I m very late but still had my own reasons….
But i m back now n yup this part is dedicated to the person who brought me out of lazy zone i.e my sweet little sissy micky……
This is for u miku sweetheart…. LOVE YOU…..
So here we go….
Somewhere in Pune,
A big office building is shown ….
Inside the office lady is seen working in a cabin n was going through some files n was comparing its contents with laptop on table…
She is wearing a baby pink formal shirt, with a grey jacket n and a knee length body sticking skirt of grey colour and a spect with hairs gathered in a messy bun. White pearl studs in ears n silver wrist watch….
The name plate on her table is shown…..
On the table their is a frame of her and a small boy of approximate 3-4 years….
The cabin is full of all her family pics and their is a small frame of raglak too where she is seen in lakshs embrace with her head on his chest…..
Someone knocks her cabin door….
R:- come in…
Pritam(raginis assistant):- Good Morning Mam……
R:- Good Morning Pritam…!! So whats the planning for today….
P:- mam you have two meetings today and here are some papers for you to sign followed by a cheque for the donation you want to give to Angel Orphanage as you said…..
Ragini smiled to her n signed the contract papers after reading it carefully and clearing her doubts in it through Pritam.
She was about to sign on cheque n suddenly her eyes caught the date written on it…. which resulted her eyes to weldup remembering something .
But the she came back to reality when Pritam called her n she hurriedly signed the cheque and Pritam left.
Ragini took raglak’s pic in her hand n kissed lakshs pic saying happy birthday Laksh…..
Just then Urjita entered her cabin and hears this…..
( she works there as vanshs PA)

She saw Ragini crying n got worried n grabbed the photo from her hand …
U:- What is this Ragini? Why you can’t forget that man who ruined your life n left you with your unborn baby???
R:- bhabhi he didn’t left me…. instead I left him or to say I forced him to leave me… he didn’t even know that he has a son……
U:- Ragini how can you still love him this much after his betrayal….???
R:- Bhabhi its almost thousand times i said u that he didn’t betrayed me….. it was just a mistake n it can happen from anybody…..
U:- k ragini let it go. No one can win against you on this topic but make a point you don’t utter his name before your bhai….. you know na how much he hates him????
Ragini half heartly nodded in yes…..
Urjita kisses her forehead, cares her cheek n left from their with weldup eyes…..
Ragini keeps the frame back on its place and keeps stairing it…..
R( in mind):- why that incident happened Laksh. Why?
If it wouldent had happened I n Raksh would have been with you…
We would have lived together happily…..

Otherside in Kolkata,
A huge building named Maheshwari constructions is shown…..
A big cabin is shown in which there is a huge Raglak pic on one wall and on pic of Laksh with raksha…..
A man is talking with someone on phone….
We had wore a black suit, with black pant n dark red shirt n has thin beard……..
Man:- yes baby… papa will b back till you come back from school….
R:- promice papa??
His face is reveled to be laksh….
L:- yes bachha pakka promise….
He stops remembering something and his eyes ….
L:- beta I will talk to you later have some work…. bye… papa loves you….( he saus this in a chocked voice)
R:- k papa love you too….
Laksh looks at Raginis pic n his eyes weldup resulting in tears rolling down from his eyes……
Screen freezes on Raglaks crying faces……

Precap:- past to be revel…..

Hey guys tell me how ways the first chappy n do comment…..
Next update soon…..

  1. Jayanti

    it was great kitkat…waiting for the next part eagerly….reason for raglak separation

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  3. Hello choco di???
    I don’t know how I missed to comment in intro.. how I forgot ??
    But I read it and it was super interesting diii..n this​ part is also chooooo brilliant ??? what was their past?? N why they got separated!!
    Awww..didu this part was for me?????????? How sweet of you didu???? Take care , keep smiling and haa don’t become lazy again ??

    Love you sooooooooooooo much!!!?????????

    1. Kitkat

      yes my dadi amma love u too n won’t be lazy again sweetheart I promise……..

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