Raglak SS- The Incomplete Past…..Intro

Hey friends kitkat here with my new SS…..
So here we go with the intro…..

Ragini Gadodia (Tejasswi Prakash) :- A successful n leading businesswomen in construction from Pune in Maharashtra. Owner of Raksh Constructions. Has a dark past so lives with her bhai n bhabi. Very strict n focused towards her work n even short tempered but has soft corner towards her family n her only reason to b alive…… her 4 years old son Raksh……
Laksh Maheshwari (Namish Taneja) :- A businessman from Kolkatta n CEO of MM industries…. Loves to invest money in children related projects. Kind hearted but has a dark past which is reason for his depression. The only ray of light is his 4 years old daughter Ragya. He lost his whole family in an accident when he was abroad for his studies.

Vansh Gadodia ( Ritvik Dhanjani):-Big brother of Ragini, beloved maamu of raksh n MD of Raksh Construction. Ragini is his life. He n Ragini lost their parents at a very young age n then grown under their grand parents who died few years back. So they are only support to eachother.
Urjita Vansh Gadodia ( Asha Negi) :- Bhabi of Ragini n wife of Vansh. More like n elder sister n mother to Ragini. Loves her family a lot. Mother of Ansh.
Kriya Singhania-Maheshwari ( Shivani Surve) :- 2nd wife of Laksh. She is the reason for Raglaks Seperation but released the truth to Laksh on her death bed due to guilt.
Raksh Maheshwari :- Son of Raglak. Ragini’s life. Laksh still didn’t know about him. 3 years old.

Raksha Maheshwari:- Daudhter of Laksh and Kriya. Laksh’s only happiness and reason to live after ragini left him. 3 years old.
So whats the real story of Raglaks separation?
Why Ragini changed so suddenly????
Will Raglak ever b together???

Stay tuned to get answers…..
First part will b uploaded soon…….

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