Raglak ss the incomplete past by kitkat – part 2

Hey guys back with next part of my SS THE INCOMPLETE PAST….

Those who forgot the plot can read previous parts in album….

Thanx for this beautiful edit Anee…. I m really in love with it……

So here we go…..



5 years ago….

A young boy is seen proposing a young girl in a lavish hotel….

He was on his knees and wearing a brown leather jacket, white T-shirt and black pant and is forwarding a ring to the girl sitting in front of him on chair in a long, black, sleeve lace, deep neck one piece with hairs tied in a bun n long silver earrings, a watch and diamond bracelet in each of her hands…..

All the people present there are looking at them with a smile….

Boy:- We know each other since childhood n love eachother from past 5 years but now i wanna give a name to this beautiful relation of ours…..

So, Miss Ragini Gadodia will you give me pleasure of being a part of your life and make you the happiest girl in the world?

Will you become Mrs. Ragini Laksh Maheshwari???

(yes the girl was our own Ragu n the boy is our Lucky)

Ragini was first shocked but then she smiled with tears rolling down her chicks and she nodded in yes….

R:- yes laksh i love you and i really wanna be a part of your Life…..

Laksh slide the ring in her finger and they stood up and hugged eachother tightly….

Their families too agreed for their marriage specially Ragini’s family was very happy for her because they were very tired of requesting her to marry….

Where as DP was very happy as after AP’s death their was no lady in house as DP was only son n now too had no sibling….

Soon the marriage was done……

It was happiest moment of their life specially for Raglak….

They went to honeymoon at Switzerland as Ragini wanted….

Raglak’s life had Taken a romantic turn….

Leap of 10 months…….

Everything was well till there was entry of Kriya singhania….

She was appointed as PA of Laksh and soon fell in love with him….

She was in her dreamland with Laksh till she mate Raglak together and Laksh introduced Ragini to her…..

Kriya was a irresponsible girl…

Her life was her shabby group of friends, parties n nightouts with boys….

Kriya tried to forget Laksh after knowing he is married…….

But all was not well as she got to know that she was pregnant with one of her Ex boyfriend, who rejected to accept her and the baby…..

And when consulted to doctor, abortion was not possible due to threat to her life.

So, she decided to trap Laksh……

During a business trip she spiked Laksh’s drink n when he wokeup in morning he was in alcohol effect n so she acted to be forced by him.

He her for not saying about it to anyone as it was dangerous for his reputation and relation with Ragini.

Kriya again acted to be convinced and as if she agreed to him, but her game was something else…..

From many days Ragini was feeling Laksh to b tense n even asked him but he denied saying some business tention…..

Once he even had an accident and after that Ragini too seemed very disturbed…..

It was first marriage anniversary of Raglak.

A grand party was organised by DP in MM…..

All were very happy and specially Ragini as she had very big news with her as a gift to Laksh….

All was normal till Kriya fainted and Ragini asked laksh to take her to a room….

Doctor was called who declared the news of her being pregnant….

The party was over till then and Kriya then started her drama…..

K:- atleart now u will b happy laksh sir after spoiling my Life???

R:- what are u brabbling Kriya?? What did Laksh did to spoil your life???

K(shouted Loudly):- Because he is father of my baby….

Then she received a slap from ragini in returned….

During this whole scenario Laksh was just rooted to a place just numb….

R:- R u out of ur mind???

She moved to Laksh…

Laksh atleast u say something….

L:- she is saying truth Ragini and he said the whole Incident (till he knows)…

Ragini was shattered to core…

Dp slapped Laksh….

Dp:- I m ashamed of u Laksh… how can u loose ur control….??? you wasted life of this two innocent girls…. U didn’t even thought about Ragini???

Ragini like a lifeless body didn’t reacted and silently went to her Room n locked it before Laksh could enter who was following her…

L:- Ragu plz talk to me… don’t u trust me…??? plz open the door…

But ragini was just crying Merging her to the door…

Kriya went away as her work was done….

Whole night was like a burden for all….

In morning Ragini came down in whole devastated and messy state with swollen eyes n red nose which proved that she cried whole night…..

Laksh n Dp who were sitting on sofa saw her n Laksh went towards her to talk to her but before he could come close to her she showed him her plam stating him to stop….

She spoke ignoring Laksh n facing Dp who was Behind him…..

R:- For some days i m going to live at my mom dads place….. Till then the divorce papers will b ready…..

Laksh was shocked to hear this… His anger reached to peak…

He went to her and her face him holding her shoulder….

L( litrally shouting):- Ragini how can you do this to me??? You know right that i cant leave without you??? How did you think of leaving me??

R( shouting back n threw away his hands):- The way u betrayed me Mr. Laksh Maheshwari….

Said Ragini in the most highest pick of her voice making Laksh stunned….

R:- U will get the divorce papers soon… if u won’t sign it u will find me dead…..

And she stormed out of MM without looking back at Laksh….

The divorce procedure was also mutual so there was no Raglak faceoff…

The day she left MM was the last day they saw eachother….

After raglak’s divorce Laksh uninterestedly married kriya for the sake of baby….

Ragini shifted to her brothers place in Pune and joined him in his business….

Ragini had a guilt in her heart for carring the biggest secreat of her life with her i.e. her and Laksh’s baby….

Yes she was a month pregnant when she left Lakshya’s house and life…..

She came to know it on the day before their anniversary was was planning to give him this news with her reports at nightas a birthday gift……

But all her Deams n thoughts of happy family with laksh n their baby were ruined within few minutes…..

To be continued….

Precap:- Past to continue and Lakshs POV…

So here is next part of my SS…

N guys don’t hate Ragini….

She too have her POV and it will b reveled in next few shots….

So tell me how is it……


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    1. Kitkat

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