Fates of 3 Doctors……third shot

Hey guys ??? missed me? Ok now I know I’m very late but what to do na? I got busy unexpectedly. So anyway I won’t take much time to chit chat today. Right after I submit this I’m gonna reply to all your comments. So by the time you get to read this I will be finished.

I know many if you didn’t like the last part coz I broke Kabir’s heart ??? in to tiny tiny pieces and made him help Sanveer and then I broke Veer’s heart by revealing Sanchi’s secret!!! Last but not least made Veer slap Sanchi. So yeah I know you practically hate me. But no matter I love you guys ???.

Ok this will be a “fill in the blanks” kanda chap, so it’ll be super boring but please comment and tell me what you think about it even you my dear silent readers ???.

So last time on “fates of 3 doctors”,

“You lied to me! All this time, all while I while I was looking for Sanchi Mishra, you lied to my face like it was nothing!!” He held her by her shoulders tightly. “Tu ne mujhe itna bada dhoka diya! Kyun? You and your mother, Jaya Mishra want to kill my mother. You two conspired together and planed all this didn’t you? Showing me fake love…! How could you?” He was so angry.

Sanchi tried to talk to her. “Veer please believe me! I was about to tell you-”


She was cut off by a tight slap from Veer. She was turned to the side because of that. Someone came and hold her.

Today starts from there.


“VEER!!! What the hell do you think you’re doing” the person raised his voice.

“Dr. Kabir, stay out of this! This is not your problem!” -Veer

“So you’re telling me to watch you hit a woman silently?” -Kabir

“You don’t know what this girl have done!!” -Veer

“I know what she has done is wrong!! Atleast let her explain why she did so” Kabir tried to reasoned.

All the whole Sanchi was crying. Pragya and Isha tried to talk but she stopped them shaking her head.

Dr. Malhothra was so happy with Veer’s reaction and enjoying all the drama ???. He turned aside and looked at someone. It’s none other than Riya. She gave him a thumbs up ???. **Dr. Kabir hates liers. Now he’ll hate her too. Sanchi Mishra GAME OVER!!! Now Kabir will be mine & MINE ALONE**


After Konkona & Arpana incident, Dr. Malhothra was so angry with Sanchi for ruining his plans. While he was thinking of various ways to get rid of her in his cabin, he heard someone knocking.

“Come in”

Opening the door, Riya came inside. “Riya I’m busy right now, so can you come later?” asked Dr. Malhothra.

“Dad, I know you’re thinking about Sanchi. I want to talk about her too” Riya said and Malhothra gave her a curious look.

“What’s on your mind Riya?” he asked her.

“This Sanchi Agarval isn’t what we she seemed to be…. Think about it dad! You know as well as I am that she is an average student. Yet she managed to get the head intern position with ease. She even answered you difficult oral test” while Riya was explaining Dr. Malhothra was thinking deeply.

She continued further. “Not only that! Today she did konkona’s test that too all by herself! How could an average student be this talented?”

“I understand you Riya, we should keep an eye on her. You can do that right?” Malhothra entrusted the job to Riya.
Riya was investigating but couldn’t find anything. Then she checked Sanchi’s file and took information from that. She went to Sanchi’s house. But the best part was Riya met Rashi, Sanchi’s sister. (Coz the info SDCH has is Sanchi Agarval’s)

Riya acted like she was a college friend of Sanchi and came to catch up with her. Rashi fell for her tricks and told Riya everything about the accident and that she’s a coma patient in SDCH.

Then she and Dr. Malhothra figured the truth of Sanchi.

End of flashback

**Sanchi Mishra, you wanted to take my everything from me didn’t you? Now who’ll save you? ???** Dr. Malhothra thought evilly. Just then police came.

“Dr. Sanchi Mishra, you’re under arrest for taking someone else’s identity & deceiving” police officer said and a lady constable came forward with handcuffs.

Sanchi looked at Veer for one last time but he just said “I hate you Sanchi Mishra! I HATE YOU!!!”

When she was being taken away, in the middle of everyone’s mumblings, she just held her head high and went without shedding a single tear.

**even though you are our enemy’s son Veer, I still loved you! Trusted you! I thought you were different from your father. But no! You didn’t trust me! You didn’t even give me a chance to explain. After all I’ve done for you! Not even a single chance. They say that trust is the base of a relationship. When there’s no trust, there’s nothing. I was wrong Veer. Now it’s time to say goodbye! Goodbye my love!** she thought while leaving.

Dr. Malhothra and Riya had victorious smiles while Veer was shattered and at the same time he was angry at himself for loving Sanchi.

Kabir was standing still. He couldn’t understand what’s happening.

Some time after Pragya and Isha went to talk to Veer.

“Veer..!” They called him.

“What do you want now? You guys knew from the beginning. I was searching for Sanchi Mishra madly! Even then you didn’t tell me anything. All of you lied to me! ??? please let me be!” Veer said and left.

“Ab kya karu? I’ll call papa and ask him to do something!” Said Pragya.

“No Pragya, you know Sanchi won’t like it. Let’s try to talk to Dr. Kabir first. If we don’t have any other option we’ll get uncle’s help” said Isha.

“Are you mad Isha? Why would Kabir sir help us? Sanchi lied to him too. You know he don’t like rule breakers and this isn’t a simple thing! He’ll never help us!” Pragya exclaimed.

“Oh ho you won’t understand Pragya! Just come with me!” Isha dragged her to Kabir’s cabin. The door was slightly open. They peeked inside and saw him pacing impatiently while talking over the phone. They decided to listen.

……….in Kabir’s cabin……….

(Phone convo)

“I don’t know Sanket, do something! I want her out of there and that’s it!!!” Kabir and Sanket became friends when Sanket was working in SDCH.

“Yeah I know what she did is wrong but she was helpless! She didn’t had any choice”

“I DON’T CARE DAMN IT!!! Just get her out!!! It’s Friday today and if we don’t hurry up we won’t get bail until Monday. There’s no way I’m letting Sanchi stay in jail like that!!!”

“Ok you make everything ready, I’ll come now!”

(End of phone convo)

Kabir walked out of his cabin hurriedly without noticing the duo who was standing there.

Pragya had her mouth slightly open. ???

“Dekha tum ne? I told you na he’ll help her!” -Isha

“Lekin yaar! Why would he help Sanchi? He’s on Malhothra’s side na” -Pragya

“But how could he let the girl he loves stay in jail?” muttered Isha softly. Pragya didn’t hear what she said. She looked at her suspiciously.

“Isha…. Do you know something that I don’t?” she questioned.

**ab kya karu? I can’t lie to her but if I tell her the truth she’ll misunderstand the situation** Isha thought and finally said “what are you saying yaar? You know na Sanchi ko, she have won his heart by her good nature”

“But I don’t think Dr. Kabir will forgive such a lie that easily. Kuch tho gadbad hai…. ???” -Pragya

“Chod na yaar, maybe he wants to give her a chance to explain. Woh itni bhi khadoos nahi hai as he shows us. Chal, Sanchi ko dekh ne” they went.

……….at the police station……….

Kabir had already reached there. He was doing the formalities to get Sanchi out. Lady constable went to get Sanchi while Jaya came near Kabir.

“Thank you beta!! I don’t know how I can repay you for this!” She folded her hands in front of him ???

“Maa ji, mere liye app tho meri maa jasa hi hai. So don’t fold your hands in front of me. If you call me beta then don’t treat me like a stranger” Kabir said while holding her hands.

Sanchi who came between their talk heard them. Tears welled in her eyes. “Sir app?”

Kabir looked at Sanchi and walked past her. “Thank you Sanket!” He shook hands with him.

“Arre kya Kabir, Sanchi meri choti bahen jasi na. I would do anything for them ???” said Sanket. All four went to Sanchi’s house by Kabir’s car. Sanket say in front while Jaya and Sanchi sat behind.

While driving, Kabir was stealing glances of Sanchi from the rearview mirror (not in the romantic way, just to make sure she’s alright) She was staring out of the window but Jaya noticed it.

They reached home. Kabir didn’t got down but Jaya insisted. So he came in but Sanket went to his house.

In the house, Sanchi went slowly to Kabir. “Sir I’m so….rr….ry…. ???” she broke down. “Y-you tru-trusted m-m-me so much b-but I lied to you ???” she was sobbing uncontrollably. He held her by shoulders. “Yet y-you hel-helped me. Kyu sir?” He made her sit. Jaya came with a glass of water and he made her have it.


Ok that’s all for today. On next part you’ll see how Sanchi’s mission get fulfilled. So until then ???

  1. Dhruti

    it was superb and a little emotional too……but aadha kyu chhoda i thought abhi aage aayega kuch but…..it’s ok…….but please update soon i can’t wait for next one…………tc…………love you………….

    1. RuCh23

      Thank you so much Dhruti ??? and sorry for stopping it so suddenly ??? coz if I didn’t, it would’ve got too lang and I won’t be able to manage the next part perfectly. I’ll update next part soon!!! Pinky promise ??? love you too ???

  2. Anonymousaa

    Arey bich mein kyu chhoda yaar tumne. Pata nhi kyun dil nahi bhara raha tha aaj ke epi se (Being a non-indian I don’t know what I am saying but I mean to say Even at the end of epi I was expecting more. I wished this epi would never end.But it ended I think abruptly.) It was complete power packed epi.I swear if it would be in my will then I would have appointed you as writer of SDCH.Actually this is how the story should have moved forward.Hats off to uh!!!

    1. RuCh23

      Yeah I know I stopped abruptly ??? sorry for that sweetie but it was necessary for the story to get a balenced ending. And thank you so much for giving me this much praise ??? I’ll update the next part soon ???

    2. RuCh23

      Even I’m not indian dear ??? “Pata nhi kyun dil nahi bhara raha tha aaj ke epi se” honestly I didn’t understand this part but after reading the whole comment I got to know you liked it ???

  3. Riyarocks

    Ruwani……..too good dear……..finally kabir stood up for sanchi, & I really wanted this to happen………..kash yehi track show mein dikhaye, phir toh ye show one of the best shows banjaega………..enjoyed reading this a lot……….luv u a lot sweetieeeeeeee……….

    1. RuCh23

      Aww thanks sweetie ??? glad to know you liked it ??? love you too ???

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    1. RuCh23

      Aww I’m so happy I could fulfil your dream sweetie ??? I always look forward to read you comments ???. Sometimes I can’t understand some words you say coz I don’t know that much Hindi (not indian na, that’s why) but today I understood everything you said!! Itna Hindi to pata mujhe ???. Ok ok I’ll post the next part asap ??? retun kisses to you, love you too and good night ???

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    Lots of love

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      Thank you Mitu ??? glad you liked it dear!!! I’ll post next part soon. Lots of love to you too ???

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      Thank you so much for commenting Dhruvi ??? so happy that you liked it!!! I’ll post next one ASAP ???

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      Thank you Priyu ??? glad you liked it sweetie ???

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      Thank you Niyu ??? glad you liked it sweetie, lots of love to you too ???

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    Fabulous. I wish this would happen in the show. U r far better than the stupid writers of sdch. They should take some suggestions from you. I loved it. Please upload soon. Love u a lot

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  13. Oh my goodness , Ru …. It was out of the world…
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    And why are you so good at writing??????
    I m jealous ????
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      ??? thank you Sarah ??? and please don’t be jealous ok? ??? love you too ???

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