Which show’s sequel would you like to watch?

While many big shows have ended as a finite series and some got shut by its low TRPs, the fans got to bear the loss of watching their favorite stars and had to wait till something new came in the slot and the stars coming again in new shows. But for few shows, like Ek Haseena Thi, its stars haven’t made any comeback yet and even people miss Ashish Chowdhry for his EMA role. Let’s take you on a ride to recall some of the hit shows which became close to heart by its characters and actor defining it superbly to mark their mark last.


Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon got much hit by Vivian D Sena and Drashti Dhami’s chemistry, and his superb toned word Biwi to call Madhu out. They had some uniqueness in them, the crispy characters which stayed well even after the show got the leap and both characters entered into new roles. While Drashti will be seen soon on Zee TV’s new show Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani, viewers are missing out to see Vivaan.


Ek Haseena Thi has been a finite series and many people enjoyed the numerous twists in the show every week and how it maintained a high since start to end, and the news of the sequel made fans happy. The entire cast of EHT are reason for its success and seeing them again will be delight to watch.


Beintehaa had the sweet Zain and Aaliya, and their sweet romance in presence of many vamps, villains and hurdles. With Rehaan’s entry, viewers are wishing Zain and Aaliya to unite, and the show was going well till it got the late slot. Low TRPs had made the show exit and still Zain and Aaliya remain a favorite.

ajeeb dastaan1

Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh has shown a mature love story, where the ending is good, yet not best. Shobha chooses to stay as Vikram’s friend and the makers have made point clear that friendship and true love does not need any label. The serial was loved for its simplicity and right storyline and many would be missing to watch witty Vikram and sweet Shobha.


Uttaran went on getting well on Colors tv, and the reason why it stayed for so many years was the lead stars. Tina Dutta who played the role of Iccha and Meethi has been superb all the while and missed by many fans.

Humsafars fans started to like Harshad Chopra in Humsafars and wanted to see more of Sahir and Aarzoo’s love story, the show ended by low TRPs and giving away its slot. The good thing was its happy ending and many viewers wish to see a sequel of it.


Ek Mutthi Aasmaan best known for Ragna… and the fan’s craze for the lead actors have made the show get on top, and many wanted to quit watching the show after Ragna was removed. Even then, the viewers wish to see EMA2 with just original Raghav and Kalpi.

Which show would you love to watch again with your fav stars? Did you had enough of all the show by the dragging tracks and non stop emotional Atyachaar by unwanted twists? Let us know in this fun poll by choosing a maximum of three choices. Also state the reason for your selections in comments section below.

  1. EMA.. i want to see it Again

  2. princess sofia


  3. I wnt 2 c Madhubala ekej again n UTTARAN too

  4. Ek hasina thi. …madhubala. ..beintehaa

  5. beinteha nd madhubala….

    1. True that
      N only the before leap part in madhubala!

  6. Yes yes!!! Many want EHT!!! Pls we want EHT with old cast. Pls……………….
    we luv Devga, sakshi nd of course our flirt boy Shauryaaaa

    1. yea ur right 😀 We r madly in luv wit Eht. V wnt it back at any cast

    2. eht is best
      we want it miss u shaurya,saksi & sweet couple devga

    3. yes xactly want to type dis…

  7. madly want EHT…… EK HASINA THI……. v miss devga and the whole revengful team……….. i was heartbroke wen it ended… plzzzzzz i want EHT WITH SAME OLD CAST……

  8. S we want EHT. PLZZZZZZZ cum back wit a bang…

  9. EHT n MADHUBALA pls pls pls

  10. Eht is best of all.it has a point also to b started.please restart it.

  11. EHT. D 1 & 1nly EHT 4evr. Yeh serial sabse alag aur sabse roking h

  12. I wanna see EHT and ADHY both with their same cast

  13. I want to see EMA nd Madhubala.

  14. Bentihaa pls

  15. EHT is d best. all other r waste

  16. Madhubala before leap pl pl pl!!!

  17. plzzzzzzzzz beinteha nd eht
    i love to watch those 2 plz plz

  18. Ek hasina thi my all tym fav

  19. eht and madhubala..



  21. I wanna watch ek Hazaron mein meri behna hai again

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  23. I love the first kalpi and raghav bring them back in a future soap .they were stunning, and dynamic together.

  24. Ehmmbh ek hazaron mein meri began hair with same cast at least virika again

    1. Seriously…… Ehmmbh was awesome especially virika

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  26. I want to see beintehaa love u zaya

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