Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj talking to Lata and saying he will send Suhani to her today. Sharad looks on. She asks is everything fine. He says yes, mum taunts me that I don’t send Suhani. She says fine, I will tell Pankaj to come home early to watch a Big B movie with Suhani. He ends the call. Sharad asks what happened. Yuvraaj says what Suhani used to do and now she has changed, he does not like her sadness, I think to take her to her mum, maybe she will like it. Sharad smiles. Yuvraaj asks why is he smiling. Sharad says congrats, as you are in love with Suhani. Yuvraaj is stunned and asks is he mad. Sharad says shayari and says he got the right thought, like he cares for Suhani, he did not care for Snoopi and his car, whom they love a lot, this is love for Suhani. Yuvraaj says stop it. They see Suhani and Sharad gets tensed thinking did she hear them.

Rags asks Ramesh about Suhani. Ramesh says I don’t know. Menka asks shall I get Suhani and apologizes to her. Rags asks her to go and not disturb her. She says against Soumya and Rags agrees. Suhani’s dupatta gets stuck in Yuvraaj’s shirt and she removes it. Saawre…………..plays…… He leaves. Sharad asks her what does she need. She says she wants to know the truth and says I knew you will get silent, its good, I don’t want to lie more. She asks about Pratima. He asks what happened. Rags sees Suhani. Suhani says the matter won’t end so easily. She leaves.

Rags stops Menka from talking to Suhani and says she will do what she has to. Suhani sees them and goes to find Pratima. Rags come to her and says I know what you are finding, I know you won’t trust me, but I have all answers. Suhani says I don’t want to know. Rags says you want to talk about Dadi and Soumya, infact you took right decision, Pratima can clear the confusion and we also have same confusion, that Yuvraaj told Pratima that he wants to marry Soumya, why did she take proposal to your home.

She says we did not ask her and she did not tell me, I hope she tells you the truth, Yuvraaj did not do mistake, he has sent Soumya’s pic to Dadi, Pratima did mistake by taking wrong proposal. Suhani asks her not to bring Pratima in this. Rags says I know you won’t believe me, ask Pratima, she got confused and did this unbalanced marriage, we are doing this for Yuvraaj, to make him get his happiness. Suhani says Pratima loves Yuvraaj a lot, she will not sacrifice his love.

Rags says exactly, ask her why did she let him marry you, what happened that Yuvraaj married you against his will, there are many questions and answer is just with one, choice is yours. She leaves. Suhani gets sad and thinks Maa can’t do this, I have to tell her this. Pankaj comes to meet Yuvraaj and everyone, and says about loan and EMI. Pratima asks what. Saurabh says they will manage. Yuvraaj asks did he come for this.

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Pankaj says yes, is there anything else. Yuvraaj says nothing. He says send the slips, we will transfer the funds. Pankaj says fine. Saurabh thanks him for supporting them. Pankaj says even this is my home. Saurabh asks him to meet Pankaj. Yuvraaj asks did he not meet. Pankaj says no, where is she. Suhani comes. Yuvraaj says don’t know. Saurabh says she will be in kitchen, cooking something new. Pankaj says she went on Lata, everyone likes the food she makes. Suhani sees Pankaj and turns to leave. Saurabh stops her and says your Papa came.

Pankaj says Suhani… She smiles hiding her worries. Suhani hugs her dad. She asks why did he not call. He says he has come for imp work. Sharad makes her sit. Pankaj says I will go now, I will come later. Pankaj asks them to deposit money. Saurabh says it will be done. Pratima says don’t worry, it will be done tomorrow. He leaves. Pankaj thinks what happened to Suhani, why is she so lost, what happened to her suddenly.

Rags tells Dadi that Pratima will be wrong in Suhani’s eyes after knowing everything. Dadi says great Rags and asks Menka to learn from her. Dadi says people bear the wounds of enemies and get hurt by loved one’s given wounds. Pratima talks to Suhani. Suhani says if I told Papa about the house’s situation, he would have not bear it. She says that people want to make her wrong in her eyes, Dadi has created rift between me and Yuvraaj, I have prove, I recorded it. Pratima asks her to go and make Yuvraaj hear it, and prove what she said was right.

Pankaj is on the way and says something happened, is Yuvraaj troubling Suhani, I did not feel I met my daughter, even Yuvraaj was rude, whats going on. Suhani asks Pratima what Rags told her, that she did mistake to make her and Yuvraaj marry, I know they can do anything to save themselves, but Rags said you know Yuvraaj loves Soumya, not me, she said this happened because of your forgetting habit. She cries and says I have seen just love in relations, I don’t know such lies. Pankaj thinks what Yuvraaj did, is he not keeping Suhani happy, and gets worried. Pratima says they think I did mistake in my forgetting habit, but I chose the right girl for Yuvraaj.

Suhani cries talking to Pratima and says Yuvraaj told me he does not love me, my marriage does not have love. Pankaj hears this and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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