Qubool Hai 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: On the road and Ahil’s residence
Sanam finds the truck and gets inside. Gazalla and razaak enjoy thr possession of their new room, which was the new bride’s room earlier. but they are oblivious of the stitches that she has kept for her black magic. gazalla steps on it, and they both start screaming. They rush out. Meanwhile, due to the end of the black magic, Seher wakes up with a start and remembers having been captive. Seher wakes up to realise that she is trapped, but she doesnt realise that sanam too is in the car, trying to search her. Ironically, sanam gets trapped in the truck, and seher makes a mad dash for escape, oblivious that her own sister is stuck behind. The truck starts moving, while she tries to ask one of them, if they saw the girl. The girl screams, and this draws the driver’s attention. They start to check whats the matter. One of them realises that the dress of one of the girls is changed, and deduces that this isnt the same girl, but her twin. the other one wonders where is she. They decide to find out about the other girl. Sanam hears this with her head hung low, and when she tries to escape, they throw her, and her head hits against the sides of the truck, and she doses off.

The next morning, seher has a bad headache, and is stuck in the forest. She thinks that sanam must be very worried, for her, and hopes that she finds her way out soon. Sanam wakes up worried and tensed. Meanwhile, the drivers find her sitting stranded, and rush to catch seher, who makes a mad dash. they finally catch upto her, but she throws sand and dried leaves on them, and runs out of their grasp. She finally finds her way to the highway, where she almost collides with an oncoming truck, and is thrown off a long distance. the drivers think that with such a great collision, she definitely would have been dead.

In the corridor, ahil is tensed for sanam’s messges, and thinks that she must be busy planning a surprise, and eyes the ring that he has got for her, and admires it. he thinks that this would make a perfect gift as a symbol of their love, a diamond ring, expressing their never ending love. He enters the room, and finds sanam’s stuff gone, and her wardrobe empty. He turns around to find the new bride standing in front of him, and asks why is she still here and where is sanam. She says that she is apologetic, and that she didnt want to cause sanam or ahil any arm. The new bride starts weeping, getting on her knees in front of ahil, and saying that she didnt want sanam to read it, but she did, and went out. He opens the package, and finds thats a confirmed pregnancy report. Ahil is shocked, while the bride says that she is pregnant and not sanam, and when sanam read this, she was distraught and stormed outside. he asks what nonsense is she talking. She says that these are her reports and its their baby. He asks how can this be. She asks if he doesnt remember the night at the hotel. He gets frustrated saying thats all a lie and asks how could he show this to sanam. Ahil is apalled and shocked to hear this. She says that she begged her to stay, but sanam didnt listen. Ahil goes out angrily. The new bride thinks that his efforts shall be in vain, as she is gone forever from their lives, and now ahil has just one sanam and thats she herself. Ahil comes to the kitchen and hollers for latif

Ahil says that the new sanam showed her some fake pregnancy reports, and sanam went out. latif is tensed too. Some girls unidentified come in too. Just then, ahil notices a heart placed across his demand note for apple custard. He opens the fridge. Ahil finds the apple custard and a note in the fridge, saying that she loves him. He tells latif this means she wasnt angry at him, when she went out, then what and where could she be. he leaves to find her. He finds her phone not reachable. the girls come to ahil, boggled and tensed. Ahil’s sisters ask him whats the matter. he tells about sanam and seher’s disappearance, and that he wants to make sanam understand that he didnt betray her. they console him, while he hugs them. The new bride eyes them from a distance smiling evilly.

In the truck, sanam desperately keeps crying, while the other girls wake up too. The truck comes to a halt. The drivers serve them food. meanwhile, while all other girls eat, sanam refuses. The drivers recklessly tell her, that if she is fortunate then she shall stay in the sheikh’s harem, or else she shall be his servant all life. sanam is distressed, and her being sold is certain. they leave. sanam apalled eyes the other girls hungrily gorgng on food. she wonders what is she being punished for, and thinks that ahil is waiting for her, whereas she is being sent to a different country. the screen freezes on ahil’s and sanam’s faces.

Precap: Ahil gets to searching sanam, but in vain. he gets berserk in frustration.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. I think tanveer is even beter than dan dis sorcere known as new bride at least she is not a black magician I just hate her how could d writters do this to the 1st sanam ?dis is so unfair

    1. I totally agree witj u….new bride is a WHITCH…..

    2. She is a actress and acting her scene. new Sanam started with positive correcter . suddenly the story changed her to negative correcter. it’s not her fault doing black magic and trying get Ahil in her life. She is just following the story. Since Tanveer death this story must be ended with the happy note but i don’t understand why this show dragging with the unnecessary and unpleasant scenes. Please come up with the new story line and make new Sanam helping Sanam unite with Ahil and end the story.

  2. I hate dis show now so annoying. …no gud time only bad times

  3. This witch new sanam she is getting on my last nerves i getting sick n tired of her black magic writer you only a corrupt this show plz dont separate ahil n sanam they faces plenty problems already plz let them be happy for once

  4. This is utter madness, the story is going no where!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. What on earth?? Last I watched sanam n aahil were happy n now this?? Wth!!! Their happiness should have at least lasted!!!

  6. I am so frustrated this story is going nowhere come on writers do something end this show right now

  7. Why Sanam cannot be happy ,is this her destiny.When Sanam acted in the very firs series of this show as Zoya she went through hell and back ,now the same thing.Is there nothing else can they write to show some happiness for this girl.Now what do any one learn from this story line of magic.Are they teaching women to go out and do this nonsense to have a man.Are they teaching women to fake pregnancy to gain entry into a man’s heart.Are they teaching women to lie and be hateful to other women.I do not think this is a good example because there are people whose minds are weak will fall for this evil.Writers are you really thinking right or Sanam 2,the new bride has cast a black magic spell on you all.Please get a grip with the times.Make your women of that country look good. There is so much out there you can write about them that we the viewers can learn.Not this asinine story line that has no value to the human mind.

    1. I think not only on this show somany shows had been showed fake pregnancy report. Blackmagic and selling woman are not pleasant to watch. we are not supposed to curse or calling names who ever acting the scene.. We supposed to curse the story writers and the director. I really agreed with your comments about the story.

  8. Speechless!!!!!!!

  9. Speechless too!!!!!!!

  10. Speechless threeee!!!!!

  11. man again
    writer you are written shit now….itz better 2 end the episode …..

  12. End this new sanam, its not worth it. The whole essence of the series is lost. End the show

  13. How ridiculous, seher is dead by an road accident and ahil will think seher death to be as sanams and will cry inconsolably. At same point ,destiny will take sanam to land in pakistan. Hopefully, they are not getting married. Think, tanveers daughter will love that army officer and this can be the first point rift between the sanam and misbha. So finally, seher apparition will kill sanam 2.same love triangle ,same concept, no change in any season. In all season ,they suffer a lot to join their love lfe. So horrible. Disgusting. I loved qubool hai so much.but now hard to accept the upcoming romantic scene’s with some other guy with sanam. Hopefully, seher isn’t dead, and comes back alive to save her sister life. So that pakistani hero can became sehers pair. Let’s hope seher to not die. Let’s see now new luv fake life of sanam. Twist are too much. Let’s watch.

  14. Fedup with this shit……

  15. Please can we have our favourite Zoya and Asad back! QH was the best and most watched! now it’s just unrealistic and annoying…..really.

  16. What d hell kind of story its become. Array love birds have to b together forever. Yeh toh khandani chala araa hai. Dilsaad ki story mein razia villian. Zoya ki life mein tanveer. Abb sanam seher ki life mein. New wittch….. huh. Story s bakwaas nw a days.

  17. This show is full of evil people and how come the writer has too many duplicate caste in the show.

  18. Hopless continuation. Should have stopped looking at this while ago when the first generation was gone(zoea and asad). I think the writer has gone mad and is planning life long story with the same farmat over and over again.

  19. I’m really fed up with did story …..

  20. what the nonsense of this serial writer’s Dont you get better story lines always making to win the evil plans watching this serial I am getting frastution yarrr..

  21. New Sanam doing an excellent acting on her negative correcter. Please don’t cast new Sanam more evil. come up with the interesting story line we can enjoy. the show.( Gul Khan please come up with new story or end the show with the happy note. Thanks)

  22. so sad of aahil sanam and sehar… separtng a loved hearts.. chi giving one’s wife to another person… hate this

  23. Pathetic story… I dont think India has so much of wickedness in each household… so much of negativity reflects very bad on our family oriented society. Please stop broadcasting any serials which has so much of negative scheming against the family members itself

  24. So bad, seher is dead. Her final moments she spend was shown. This means seher is dead. Pathetic. To save her sis, sanam ran , but lost her luv life. Going to enter a new life. Don’t wanna see sanam as afsana. But one thing is clear, misbha , tanveers daughter is nawabs daughter. Sure this shows sanam will meet her in pakistan and the show will come back to bhopal in June or July. So within that aftab khan and sanam losing memory will luv again remembering nothing of her past. Hoping they don’t get married. Sure the story will switch to bhopal again with a new twist were again sanam will meet ahil but remembers nothing ,so latersanam will will remember all her past and will be in such a distraught to no she has been with another all this while. Hope tanveers daughter will luv aftab khan. Let’s see were qubool has can take the viewer’s to.hopefully sanam reunites with ahil and seher to come back alive.

  25. Writers please try to make sense bring some thing watchable

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