Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi being scolded by principal. Ishita asks whats the problem. Adi says I m sorry. The principal says we called his mum and she did not come, so we called you. Ishita says its fine, we are his legal guardian. The principal says Adi has insulted our guest lecturer and Ishita says he is grown up, we know his state and he will have some reason to say anything and asks Adi. Ishita supports Adi. Adi tells Vohra’s son that his dad is a cheater and lies to win cases. Vohra’s son defends his dad. Vohra looks on and meets Ishita.

Ishita says we can solve this matter, can we talk alone. She tells Vohra that Rohan also feels he is good, it matters to him how you behave in real life, you don’t see difference in right and wrong, did you think what will he feel when he knows this. She says he is fraud and cheated to make a child and parent apart. He asks her to talk slow as he can hear. She asks why, is he afraid to lose his son, she lost her daughter because of him. She says she knows the pain and does not know anyone to go through it, did he think about his son when he knows his ideal man is a cheater.

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She says heroes do faults, if you don’t rectify, Rohan’s heart will break, Adi misbehaved with you, I apologize, he is hurt by Ruhi’s getting away, what you did is wrong, you may have done wrong with many and maybe you don’t have any feelings, lets go Romi, no need to talk here. Vohra stops her and says he is best in his profession, and he could not face his son today, maybe now he knows whats right and wrong, I want to help yopu, case can be won by breaking truth, but not child, I will give letter to you by which judge will give you Ruhi’s custody. She gets glad and thanks him.

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She tells this to Bala and Bala says Raman will be relieved. She says she will give him surprise and they thank Adi for all this. Adi is surprised. Ishita says Vohra is helping us because of you, but what you did was not right. He says I know, I got angry seeing him. She says you will be punished and we will give you one Gulab jamun less in Ruhi’s homecoming celebrations. Adi says it means you won’t tell dad and hugs her.

Adi and Shravan are on the way. Shravan gives him sweets and says you will be gone when Ruhi comes. Adi says he will come to meet. Bala hopes Raman stops Adi to him by any way. Raman is in meeting and gets a call. Ishita says its good news, we can get Ruhi’ custody back. Raman repeats and Ashok hears it. She says Mr Vohra told me that he will give us papers. Raman says he is much happy. She says Adi made this possible. Raman smiles. Ashok thinks Ruhi should not come back. Raman happily cries and Ishita jokes. She says she is going to get that letter from Vohra. He says this is the best news and ends the call.

Ashok calls Shagun and informs everything. Shagun says what nonsense, Ruhi will be with me, I know you believe in divide and rule, get lost, don’t call me again. Adi calls her and gives the good news that he is coming back to her and Ruhi will go to Papa. She asks who said, this won’t happen, stay with Raman. He tells Vohra said this that he will help Ishita, it will be like before. She asks him to stay there. Adi says but Ishita also misses Ruhi.

She says I don’t care. You are not small kid to sit in lap, stay here, I will not leave Ruhi easily, I will not leave Raman and Ishita, I will torture them. Adi cries and says you don’t care for me. She says stay there. He asks does she love him. She says there are many things than love which he is getting there. He says it means you don’t need me. She asks him to stop crying, she wants to make Ishita’s life hell, and asks him to not irritate her, he is big boy now. Adi cries and says no one cares for him, he creates problems, he is so stupid.

He says Ishita aunty cares for Ruhi, and my mum just uses me as a part of her game, I m so stupid. Vohra asks Ishita not to share this letter and give to judge directly, as it has things against Shagun, he is cheating his client, if she shows it publicly, he can lose his license. She asks about Adi’s custody. He says focus on Ruhi’s custody now, and he will file new papers after he returns from New York.

Abhishek tells everyone about Ruhi coming back to them. Simmi says it was better before, Adi in his place and Ruhi with us. Mrs. Bhalla says they did not feel bad when Adi was not here, but they miss Ruhi a lot. Adi hears them and goes to his room crying. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman did not do wrong with Adi’s custody, as his life would have got ruined with Shagun, Ishita will love him, and I pray that both kids are with us. Raman brings icecream for Adi and says Ishita went to get letter from Vohra. Adi hides a paper and Raman asks him to show whats he is hiding. He takes the paper and asks is this GK book. He reads the suicide article and is stunned.

Raman cries and asks Adi whats this, is he mad, why is he reading this bad news. Adi says just like that. Raman hugs him and cries. He says Papa loves you, you know whats going on at home since few days, the weak people do such things, you are brave Adi. Adi says what wrong did the boy do, he was unwanted, where would he go. Raman asks can I ignore you, you and Ruhi are my life, if anything happens to you, I will die. He tears the paper and throws it. He says if he reads such news or such thought comes in his mind, then remember…. Adi bows down and cries. Raman wipes his tears and asks him to rest.

Ishita and Romi are on the way and talks to Vandu saying they got sweets, the hearing is tomorrow at 9, Raman and she will attend. She thinks maybe Adi will not be with them for one month. Raman makes Adi sleep and thinks he could not become a good father, he will remove this negative thought from his mind. Yeh hai mohabbatein………..plays…………..

Shagun panics and cries saying why is Ruhi’s custody hearing happening, Ishita can’t win. Ruhi looks on. Ishita promises Adi that she will not let him and Ruhi get away from them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Durga Devi Ramesh

    dont like if the story goes in this line, within few days the watchings fans will get reduced if it goes like this,just stop all the nonsense going on between this two childrens and make their family happy , ishitha and raman romance blooms pls go in this way it would be fine and awesome to watch

  3. hi samiha.iam fine.tum kaise hoo.and how was ur exams.

  4. Are nahin yaar aaisa nahin hona chahiye tha. ……..ishita ruhi ko samjha sakti na ki woh usse kuch din bad leke jaye gi. ..kyun nahin samjha ya ruhi. …….yaar ye dekha karhi runa aara ha hai. …jab episode aaye ga. .aur ruhi ishita se nafrath kare gi tab main nahin dekh sakti. ……aaisa track lane ki kya zarorat thi. ..IshRuh alag nahin karna chahiye tha. ……….Adi Adi kya. ..ruhi se toh Adi bada hai na. .Adi apne aap ko sambhal sakta hai. .par ruhi bahut choti hai …….ye ab tak sab se bakwasssssssss track hai aur isse jald khatam karo. ….

  5. will shagun’s plan’s fail
    do u think ruhi will forgive ishita

  6. wat do u think’s gonna happen ??

  7. Are yaar….ab to custody bandh karo…….

  8. only this is balance to c ruhi and ishimaa ka nafarth.oh gosh we cant take it anymore.plz stop this drama and make good scene of ishra.

  9. di..i m fine too…my exams were so good…properly likkha,i tried my best..just hope ki good marks a jaye…arts&crafts par pehli bar flower almost sir k taraf hua… I wish ki higest marks mile..

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