Shastri Sisters 20th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 20th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Minty getting annoyed seeing Anu and asks her to do what she wants, as its her last Navratri in their house. Anu smiles. Devyaani misses Neil and says he did not message me till now, I will beat him when he comes. Anu asks her to help Alka. The people praise Anu’s arrangements and Sareen is glad, and tells them that his bahu Anu did this. He introduces Anu to pandit ji and asks her to take blessings. Anu greets him. Astha comes and sees everyone happy. She smiles and thinks everything will change, once they see the CD.

Astha sees Minty and goes to her. She says she has put on weight and Anu has come to manage all the things. Minty asks is she on her side or hers. Astha says sorry, I will always taunts others by my habit, but when you know what I did, then you will forget all these small things. Minty asks what happened. Astha says you will know when the smile of Shastri Sisters goes. Minty asks her to say. Astha goes and Sareen sits near Minty. Minty asks what did you do. He says I have just loved you. She is stunned. He asks with whom is she talking. She says with you.She asks what happened to him. She goes.

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Anu calls everyone for the puja. Minty looks on angrily. Rajat goes to Minty and asks why is she standing alone. Minty says the main lead has to get to side one day, I used to do all this every year and this time Anu did everything, its her right and duty, I don’t know I feel this house does not need me now. He asks what is she saying, they need her to live, Anu is doing this to help you. She says she managed everything while helping, I m glad she can manage when I m not here. She asks him to go and he takes her.

The pandit ji says puja is completed and asks Anu to come for the aarti. Minty gets angry. Anu says I have light the diya, we will call Ghar Laxmi for the aarti. She asks Minty to do the aarti. Rajat smiles. Minty says but you did all the arrangements. Anu says yes, so that you can do aarti. Minty says but bahu does the aarti. Anu says even you are bahu. Sareen says Anu is right, you are old bahu, but fine, and asks them to do together. Anu says she will be glad and asks Minty. Sareen says Minty will also be happy and asks them to do aarti. Minty and Anu do the arti together. Anu gives Prasad to Minty.

Sareen talks to Shastri ji and says puja looks incomplete without Bhajan. Shastri ji says right and asks Devyaani to get CD from home. Devyaani checks some CDs and sees CD parcel. She says it has Papa’s name, maybe he got this for Navratri. She takes that CD and leaves. Anu asks did she get Cd. Devyaani says yes and gives her. Anu plays the CD and Astha smiles seeing it’s the CD she has sent. She thinks Minty’s puja is fulfilled. Anu keeps the CD and Astha worries. Anu plays the bhajan and it does not play well. Sareen asks her to play other, and Anu plays another one.

They all get stunned hearing Devyaani’s voice, as she says she wants to be close to Neil as much he wants. They see Nel and Devyaani’s kissing moment and Shastri ji is shocked. The color fades from everyone’s faces. Astha says this moment comes less when the Shastri sisters are shocked like this. Anu switches it off and Devyaani is super tensed. Astha looks at her and smiles. Shastri ji asks whats all this. Devyaani bows down. He asks her whats all this and asks her to speak up.

Anu tells Veer that she will call him first when she needs anything. Rahat comes and says he is waiting for her and she is talking to Veer. Veer hears their arguments and gets worried. Minty looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Full bakwaas

  2. I just read it I decide I don’t want to see this episode ….

  3. Hope everything get shot out n astha n minty get good lession

  4. Oh yaar Rajat how can u say like that? Because of veer only u got Anu in ur lifd

    Bechari Devyaani also trapped:( don want to see

  5. Shit….. devyaaniiii

  6. I feel bad for anu, only thing she wanted is love and trust.
    But rajat can’t trust her. She should leave this house!

  7. No anushka plz woh ghar matt chodna becoz wahi toh tumhare jang ka maidan hai or vasi bhi ladai main maza tab aata hai jab hum akale or empty handed hoon….jaise krishma me time thi……app

  8. Wahi baat proof karage ki app log shastri sisters hoon all the best…..

  9. Or rahi baat rajat ki toh main bata doo ki woh hi tumko diserve kaeta hai bass usko uski or minty aunty ki galti ka realise karna hai apko I hope is navratri tak sabb theek ho jayaga or rajat ko is baar itne jaldi maaf matt karna uski aache see roone dena….taking Usko apne galti hamesha yaad rahe…

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