Sasural Simar Ka 20th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 20th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid holds roli’s finger and hugs her. He steps back, roli says everything will be okay. He says i am responsible for all this. whole family is suffering because of me. roli says you are not responsible. He says i wish i could have.. Roli says don’t ever talk about going away from me. We will face it all together.

Baba and his men are preparing for pooja. simar says according to him when this starts she will start coming towards our house, we have to stop her from coming in. What if our neighbors suffer because of this? mata ji says we should inform our neighbors. They both go out and meet the neighbors. They ask what happened mata ji? why have you called us here. mata ji tells the whole story about fake roli(maya). they are all shocked and scared. simar says we are telling you today because we are having a pooja to end her up. We just ask you not to come out of house, until we are done with this. simar says she can blackmail us. they all sa we are all with you in this difficult time. mata ji says please pray for my family. they leave. mata ji and simar see sid and roli standinf behind them.

The process starts, baba asks him men to go. pari says this is navratri’s third night. we have to do pooja in temple today, mata ji says we will do pooja today. i am sure that this will give more strength to us. Baba says you are right, we should do pooja in temple as well. we will fight it together.

Entire family gathers in temple and do the pooja. Baba starts doing his pooja. Maya says no, someone is doing the pooja to end my powers. I can feel it. that bharadwaj house, they are playing with me again. the can’t do this. All the neighbors look out, maya is coming towards bharadwaj house in anger. they all go in and lock the gates. maya sees some of them. She ignore and goes towards bharadwaj house where both pooja are going on. Maya shouts end this wrath. they are all scared. she says stop it right now. baba keeps doing it. maya says i gave you 24 hours still you deceived me. I will forget that i gave you some time if you don’t halt all this. Leave my husband this is not right. don’t force me to withdraw my promise. sid at least you shouldn’t do this. Prem says sid go to our room. sid says i am not scared of her. Sujata says sid please go, you shouldn’t stay here mata ji says for me please, until we are not done, go to your room, roli take him to his room and don’t let him come out. Maya says open the gate. they all stand with the gate so she can’t open. Maya says i will count till 10 if you don’t open the gate i will be at my worst.

she starts counting 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9.. 10. She shoves the door it breaks and all of the men fall on the floor with a thud. All the women are scared. She says what you thought? you can stop me from coming in? Baba keeps doing his pooja. maya says halt this pooja. she says to baba ji i am here and you are still doing this pooja. she goes to him, prem comes in her way she shoves him hard. all the men stop her but she shoves them as well. they stand up and surround her.

Sid says I beg you roli let me go, only i can save this family from her. roli says i wont let you go. He says what will she do? she will take me? i don’t care. if anything happens to m family because of me i wont be able to live. All i know is that sid has always lived for his roli and always will. she hugs sid in tears.

Precap-maya is about to hit roli. SImar takes the long fork sword from temple and says your story should end today. you have crossed every limit.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. going sid dead shooting ssk to i heard news… it means really sid gng to die?? there is no rosid reunion and scence ha? is it correct sid vl die??? tel me..

  2. Oohhhh noooo… Frm wer did u get dis news… Will he go wit tht maya b*t*h.???As he thinks in mind to make his family members safe… I want to c rosids reunion nd nothing else

  3. If der is no rosid trp rating wil reach zero for sure… Hate tht Maya… Will kill her

  4. i saw in the one who works in ssk posted on her twitter dat on location sid dead shoot going…….. ..

  5. frnds i thnk the trishul is frm temple.. aftr dat baba suggestd to prem dat bring magical trishul frm khandar.. den roli with amar vl go to dat place and brng dat trishul to kill nagin.. i thnk dis trishul is not dat one..

  6. Sid is gng to die????no den I will never watch tis…….and many will wont watch so I think some twist would be there..

    1. s.. me to thnkg dat its twist… bcz in any segmnt dey didnt give sid gng to die and he is levng da show… so may be its twist…..

  7. Me too saw in many latest news sites that naagin will take Sid and then Sid will kill himself to save roli frm naagin… I can’t even imagine ssk with out Sid.. Yes as akshu said many will stop watching ssk.. Me too will hate ssk without rosid…

  8. Did manish(siddhant) get any new film opportunities… Usually serials kill people bcos actors bcum busy nd unavailable… Is d same story behind siddhants case

  9. No no yar off course tat would be a twist I saw a vedio in bollywood latest news in tat sid said nw he is vamp so I think tis maya will try to make sid a naag but she cant…… tat would be tat killing seen

    1. can u post the link dat in whch news u saw dat.. or segmnt link plz post it…

  10. If he goes frm tis serial na then tat solve I will not see am jst seeing tis for rosid and simar

  11. tat trishul story is gng like arundathi movie….

  12. If sid die I never this show .i sid and roli is my favourite pair in ssk

  13. As sss id this is not d orginal trishl need to kill naagin…in an interview wit amar nd roli she has said that simar nd roli fails this time to win over the negative power…
    In youtube I saw a latest video regarding amar nd roli in search of orginal trishul nd she finds it… but whts hapn next is ??? Abt sid nd rolis reunion…
    The video says tht its bcs naagin the trp rate is so high nd thts d resn y writers dont wanna kill naagin soon nd they will cntnue wit d same plot for coming episodes as well

  14. tis sad scene r crying scene in tis also there chemistry is so superb..pls reunite rosid they both luk like real couple wow…

  15. if sid die i will never seen this show again

  16. Oh no then it will become boring

  17. Don’t kill sid yar.I am watching serial for him only

  18. Neethu .Libini .Linsha. Nimisha

    Don’t kill sid pleseeeeeeeeeeeeee

  19. May be Sid will act as if he died .if he dies nagin will leave their family .it will be the plan of roli and simar

    1. dont no yaar… but roli uska pyaar se sid ko wapas layegi aur roli ki jeeth hogi…..and sid vl not naag .. he just kidding i thnk so….

  20. NEW SPOILER..!!

    In upcoming episodes..Maya (naagin) will succeed in taking Sid away with her as bharadwaj family will not be able to complete the naag mukti pooja…she will keep Sid in an old warehouse…Meanwhile Amar will get to know about an ancient trishul which is hidden in an ancient cave.. Trishul posseses powers that can kill Maya ..Roli along with Amar will go to that cave and will try to take that trishul from tantriks who guard that cave..It is yet to be seen that how will Roli find Maya’s hideout where she had kept Sid.

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