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this story is work of pure fiction is has no relation with past neither it’s related to any place or person

Characters Introduction

let’s start

so here’s the name of character’s from past
this story will proceed in both past and present and when the quest for emerald throne began both past and present come together for epic destruction

this is journey of mysterious with devilish personalties
no one is innoncent but in love have their loyalities
quest for throne is just namesake it’s competition for love
where there’s is a hidden hawk in every dove
backstabbing is base of this vengeful game
at end of each win nothing will remain same


this story in past is of centuries ago when every prince,princess,warrior wanted to rule the world by power so lords organised a quest for most special throne of world called throne emealrd let’s meet it’s most tough competitors

rebel commander rudr(rithwik dhanjani{one who was talking to sanyukta}): exteremely ambitious in past and a rebel commander who lead the coup to demolish monarchy centuries ago but destiny made him fell for the crowned princess but his ego and greed for power made him play mean game with love itself beacuase of he suffered the most .still alive as he cursed to live like this all alone until and uncless the justice isn’t given to……….

princess of one of the richest kingdom of that time

crowned princess sarayanika(sanaya irani): extermely beautiful and intelligent princess of hearts .who ruled with justice but did only one mistake trusted two most cunning persons one her lover second her half sistern though she was righteous conquerer of throne emerald but her this mistake santched that from her……

prince of biggest kingdom of that time
prince abhilash(vivan dsena): cunning and mean. he played with hearts burned the flame of jealously and ripped the bond of two sibblings and used them for throne emerald only person he loved and cared was his younger brother .he lusted her when she loved him,when she was gone he realised her impoortance and died of pain of separation.the most strongest warrior of that time died of the thing he loathed most

princess varnika(sukriti khandpal): sweet immature pricess but bind love made her a cunning sister who backstabbed her own elder sis for greed of her lover.she forget everthing her every relation for one who never valued her

prince abhiman: brother of abhilash most mean,cunning person of the story,he was the one who got throne but still lost his everything .he nothing but power butwhen he got htat he noone to stand by him his obsession for power and guilt for what his love for her cost her killed him brutually .think who his reincarnation would be

manvika:[a mystery]

this story of past characters present one are reinccarrnation of many of them

in their respective rooms both swara and randhir were pacing fast to sneak was very strange something was making them impatient to go which even they never know was there whole destiny

wheare as sanyukta and sanskar were dessperately waiting for them

ragini and laksh were adamant to save them from any anthing they could control destiny
but “karma is b*t*h”

precao:long part

sorry for no such a short update do comment please

  1. Simin

    Honestly i m confused
    but i think as story starts i will understand it


      sorry for confusing you but soon i’ll clear thanks for reading

  2. Just iam guessing now sanayairani is sanyukta
    Swara is sukirti
    Vd is sanskar
    Prince abhiman is randhir/laksh
    Manvika is ragini
    Am i correct?


      sorry dear i can’t reveal but keep guessing thank’s for reading

  3. hey it’s very very confusing. but I am extremely excited


      thanks i’ll clear it soon

  4. Little confused…. but m sure u wil clear my doubt in next episode


      thank’s i’ll clear the confusions soon

  5. SidMin

    Interesting….. you give me shocks with each episode….good ones
    Love you post soon ❤❤

  6. IQRA222

    awesome but little confusing

  7. It is amazing and confusing. Waiting for the next part. Keep updating

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