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hey guyz though i am a old member here .but am back after a long time with this extremely different story hope you people will like it .
do comment.

let’s start


in large hall two girls were standing one was devilishly beautiful wearing beige coloured business suite and was standing holding a file while other was extremely cute girl in cute orange frock was on her knees and was literally begging in front of her sister

girl: di please let us gona please please

another girl : swara stop your drama and stand i’ll never allow you to go to such a stupid trip .

swara[stood up]:ragini dii please na i won’t ask for anything else just this trip

ragini: can’t you understand how unsafe can it be to you .don’t forget you are ragini gadodia’s sister

swara: di i am your sister but i not just your sister even i am something .swara gadodia is also something and she’ll prove this to all the world .di this trip is best exposure for dream

ragini:you and your useless dreams

swara[raised her voice] : di dare you insult my passion

ragini: go to your room now and you are going no where

swara went from there with tears in her eyes

in her room swara broke each and everything

swara: till when you can control me di now i am mature enough to take my decisions and will

[what’s swara’s passion ,to know stay tuned ]

in basketball two boys were playing

boy in red shirt while handing the ball: randhir tune apne bhai se baat kar li

ravishingly handsome boy in blue one snatched the ball and did basket: how many times to say don’t get distracted rishab

rishab: matlab you haven’t talk

ron:see dude laksh bhai will never ever agree so

rishab: what

ron: i have my ways

rishab: means you’ll sneak out

ron: yup

rishab: mad or what ur bro will slaughter us if anything happened to u

ron: oh god bhai and his over protective nature

suddenly a stunning boy came with guards

laksh; me or my what

ron: nothing bro

rishab : hi sir

laksh: dismiss

and rishab went from their

ron: ris..[before he could finish rishab vanished]

laksh: how many times i have warned you to not to go without security .they know laksh shekhawat has only one soft point that’s u

ron: as if u’ll save me from anything .bhai you can’t protect me from anything you r just caging me .i am a not only ur brother but also different individual who has his own personality

laksh: one day you’ll understand importance of all this

ron just rolled his eyes and went with his brother

on the shore of a beach was standing she dialled to someone

sanyukta: sanskar all set r they coming or not

sanskar: di they are coming to their end

which place are they all going? let’s see

precap: the trip

guys suggest the pairs and even love triangle if you people want

and please share your views

We recommend
  1. Swasan pls


      thanks for reading

  2. superb. pls dont make love triangle

  3. Sindhura

    No love triangle


      OK and thanks for reading

  4. Swasan plsss..


      OK and thanks for reading

  5. As pairs are on tv i like them only sandhir, swasan and raglak


      OK and thanks for reading

  6. nice..swasan..

  7. I want raglak, swasan, sandhir


      OK and thanks for reading

  8. Simin

    Superb dear
    plz sandhir swasan and raglak
    no love triangle
    this is awesome
    omg my fav couples alltogether


      ok and thanks

  9. IQRA222

    awesome sandhir swasan and raglak
    no love triangle

  10. Srusti

    Episode was super and plzzzzzzzzzz make swasan as pair dear

  11. Nice. Swasan raglak and Sandhir.
    No love triangle.

  12. Asra

    awesome dear . . . swasan raglak sandhir….no love traingle…


      OK and thanks for reading

  13. i only love ragini so dont want her to be negative or side roll


      ok and thanks for reading


      ok and thanks

  14. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear.. Want swasan sandir .. No love triangle

  15. A.xx

    Amazing and raglak or Ragsan whichever suites ur story better and sandhir xx

  16. SidMin

    Sandhir ……
    And Love triangle maybe between Rd Swara and Sanyu ….. would suite may be Sanyu’s plan ……
    Love you post soon ❤❤

  17. The prologue is awesome. Please sandhir, swasan and raglak. Keep writing


      thank ,it’s second part is also updated do read that

  18. Kushagra nice story u r really best yr kepping SANDHIR still alive
    And there is good news for SANDHIR fan’s
    that param Singh and harshita gaur they are dating each other


      thanks do read this story

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