Love you MR. OBEROI (Episode 1)

in my story no zayaz najayaz drama.
and mms om ko nahi rudy ko hi mila hai.
ok so let’s proceed.

a girl talking to a photo mere pradnath kha jao ge bachke mujhse?
a man interrupted are o madam ek jo kam kha tha wo to tum kar na payi …aur jane kya pagal pan le
ae apne sath.
girl: haha kar do gi ….plan a fail to kya hua plan b will work.
man:oh god you gonna make me mad one day.
girl: but….
man:no but wit.
u have 2 weeks time becoz after that i will …
mr .deewan.? (the man talking to the girl was mr raj deewan. a business tycoon from london )

yes mr mehta
mr. mehta( his pa): sir you have a meeting.
mr. deewan to the girl: i will meet u afterwards ishana
(yup the girl is ishana. )

shwetlana tia and romi continued planning against the oberois. …
now romi was also in the mansion as she forced rudy to tell every one that he loves her and want to marry her. though oberois were not ready at first but then agreed as they thought it will be good for rudy to settle down
saumya on the other hand was broken after rudra confession.
shiom sensed something was wrong but can’t ask becoz always romi was there.
tia:shivay baby…..
sh: uff tia kya hua?

t: baby pls talk nicely na plssssss.
s: umm..ya ok. tell me what is it.
t: baby pinky aunty has called all the members in th hall.
as she said shivika moved but tia stopped ani.: anika i said family members.
s: tia she is also a family now come.
shivay held anika’s hand. and anika whispered to tia bye bye cheepadi
all the members were present there
pinky putar kya baat hai?
mummy ji batati hu.shivay putar tu jaldi se shadi kar le .mai ab intejaar nahi kar sakti.
s: but mom u know i m married.
p: shivay mai tere tia se shaadi ki baat kar rahi thi. aur is baar mai esi weddings planers bulwaogi jo dulha ko na phasati ho.
shakti:but pinky
p: no ifs and buts shakti ji

she left the hall and rotilana were smirking.
rudra:o hamare shivay bhaiya aur kitne baar paraya dhan bane ge .
om:pata nahi bata tu aur romi? kuch chupao rha hai ?
rudra:o wo.
romi :mere puja ka time ho gaya hai chalo.romi in terupted.
ha ata hu rudy mummers in sab ne ghar ko ashram bana diya hai .
kabhi reki kabhi mata ka mandir. bachale bhagwan
om came to his art gallery
and was shocked to see ishana sitting there were the y fought last time.
how shameless you ate ishana om barked at her
ishana :hi om. come sit.

om:seriously ishana.
is:om kahani jha pe ruki hai use wahi se shuru karne ae ho.
om:don’t call me om ..
is:theek hai omkar bulao.
o:i m not intrested in talking to u.he moved but was stopped listening to ishana
i:agar zindagi me dard bad jae to anjano se bat lena chahiye.
o:mai tum se nafrat karta hu.
i:omkar mujhse nafrat mat karo wo zyada strong feeling hai.
om can’t deny the fact how much happy he was to see her after a long time and he missed
her at the time riddhima broke with him but he can’t forget her lies.
om sat next to he with tea in his hand and slowly told her everything about his life rotilana ?

,mr.oberoi shivika everyone.
he felt light now.
ishana s eyes were wet .
i:om i want to tell you something .
that man and girl are not my family they were actors i m sorry o ….aur tumne jo paisa un gundo ko diye wo maine orphanage me de diye sorry…aur nd she cried out loud
om was shocked at her confession but moved by her honesty and hugged her.
om i am not after your money but … (she told him something ,which shocked him)
it’s half truth rest i will tell afterwards.
ok ishu.

ishana was shocked and looked at him and said ishu?
ya i love that name that’s why.
so ready pradnath sorry partner
yes partner..
p:o my mata i called that organisers where is she.
i’m here mrs oberoi
all turned to se ishana there
shiru were shocked
p:o my mata.. come comes.
hello i’m ishana .
p:o what’s nice names.

i:wow aunty such a nice english
p:o thanks beta ji.
with in a minute ishana impressed everyone. except shiru
a:o bete ki ishana tu to bilkul mere gai se mast hai.
ishana smiled .
s:what the wuck. she is not gonna work here.
p:but shi.
no choti ma ye tha kam nahi kar re ge. aap in he zante nahi ho

rudra said angrily
tej. rudra talk properly she os elder to u
s: bade papa he is right. get out ishana.
ishana kahi nahi jayega. every one could hear the authoritative voice of omkara singh
oberois who walks on and stand next to ishana.
s: but om .
shivay ise yahan mai layak hu.
all after a long argument agreed to om.
after one week.
ishana became every ones dear sums secret sharer rudy partner in crime , anika ki chudy budy
and oms sweetheart though he didn’t confessed yet…ye stone singh oberoi also melted by the sweet girl.

but something was wrong with the nafratbaazs
swt:ye ishana hamare liye badi prblm ban gayi hai
r:ha di dekha na kaise usne mere aur rudra ki shadi postponed kar wa di.
t: aur har bar wo shiomru ko kaise anika ka saath de kar bacha lete hai
mrs . kapoor :we have to do some thing.
rts:but what mom?
mrs. :just wait and watch.
ishana was passing through the corridor just then her leg hitter a paint brush.
she picked it up and went inside o’s room to keep it
ye julfi bhi na apne zatao ke alava kuch nahi sambhal sakta .
just then she heard the door closed and her pradnath standing by and folded on his chest.
zulfi, zatae to ye sab sochti ho tum mere bare me
om moved forward and ishu moved backward sh was blocked by the wall and between oms hand
let me go she said nervously.
om moved his hands sensually on her face giving her shiver.
om pls.
they heard shivay calling
om mummers
mera bhai mere romance ka dushman. and moved back.
zulfi hame family samne act karna hai akele me mera faida authane ne ke koshish ki na to
om : to
om kha hai tu
o:a rha hu.

he walked out
ishana smiled and went to ani and som
hey guyz

they talked about various stuff just then somo asked
anika di apko bade bhaiya ki shadi ki tension nahi hai
ani nahi kyu ki…
ishana :kyu ki ye shadi mai hone nahi doogi.
in the hall
saumya by mistake spilled the green tea on romi

r: saumya are you mad.
s:i said i m sorry romi
r:do you know kitne mushkil se mujhe is fitting ki dress mili the.oh sorry tumhare jaise fatzo
fitting ke bare me kya zane.
by that time all were there in the hall .and then
s:romi mere bhi to green tea kharab ho gayi

r:ha jaise tum ye green tea pe kar mere jaise hot ban jati.stupid girl ye tum bhi janti ho ki tumhare
jaise moti ladki mujhse compete nahi kar sakti.
s:ha right mai kam se kam ladki ko bewakoof to nahi banti tumhare tarha …mai atleast ek sachi dost banti hu.
r:dost tumse to dosti bhi tara kha ke ki jati*dy down market girl.jiske ghar me koi admi na ho wo kaise kaise trike apn ti hai ye sab jante hai
this was it now saumya ‘s eyes welded up with tears .and bang!!!
romi’scheeks were red with finger prints of….
yup it’s the cool dude rudy
rohit was shocked because this was the first time this saw your little brother rudy being so much angry on someone. this angry side of rudra shocked everyone to the hell because this was my first time with cool dude lady killer rudra slap someone so badly.

ru: how dare you insult my soumya huh? what the hell u think of your self romi
ro: but rudra
get out !
ro:tum jante ho na ki mai kya kar sakte hu.
kar sakte hu nahi kar sakti thi romi . ishana entered the game.
what do you mean ?
mai samara hu miss romi all turned to see ranveeer singh randhawa standing at the door.
priyanka was nervous to see him but shocked after what she listened.
ran: tumne ham police wali ko bewakoof samaj raha hai? jos video ki dam pe itna u chal rahi ho na usko to mai kab ka ud a chuka .
(o teri hamare nafratbaaz to be rang ho gaye ? matlab unke chee ka rang ud gaya)
ro: tum kehna kya chahte ho acp. jante ho kis se baat kar rahe ho
ran:maaf maaf romi mata maafi (joined his hands and acted to be scared) then suddenly laughed *are ye kahi pagal to nahi hogaya* what u thought ha i will be scared no no my dear mata ji. maine apke ashram come home se sare saboot miya de ye hai priyanka ke….mm..mms ke.

aur ab it’s tha the time to disco but in my jail. so shall we proceed.
you how dare you.
dimag sirf tumhare pas nahi hai romi said anika .tum mere sweet dewar ko pareshan karo gi mujhe pata nahi chale ga. stupid girl.
ran veer take her said ishana.
all were shocked except ruishka.
ranveeer smiled at priyanka who silently thanked him and walked away with romi.
anika:to joor se bolo romi mata ki
all (except tilana) jai.
p:o my mata ye romi to badi wali nautanki thi ha.
s: but hoe you people did all this?
anika: billu ji ye sab na ishana ka plan tha .
ru: ha wo maine ishana didi ko romi aur uski blackmailing ke baare me bataya .tab us ho ne acp se madad li.
ishu par is sab me mai nahi chati the ki sumo ko hurt ho. i’m sorry saumya.
su: it’s ok di. waise bhi romi is correct mai moti hu hu she said making a crying face

rudy : sumo pls tum moti nahi fluffy ho and side huge her .
su: thanks rudra mere side lens ke liye
ru: are sumo maine romi ko is leye mara kyu ki usne galat bola tum moti nahi ho…
(while running said) bahut moti ho sumo wrestler.
so:you (and runner behind him )
all the others adored their friendship. but what shivika and ishkara noticed was love.

o:waise aj rudy ne mujhe drawn diya
s:ha kya tha pad tha
r:bhaiya o us romi ne mere saumya ka majak banaya .mere alva use aur koi tang nahi kar sakta.
oand s: “mere saumya”
s:kya baat hai rudy
r:are bhaiya wo..
o:are mer possessive boyfriend singh oberoi
r:mai ja raha hu mujhe kuch kaam hai

s:are par
o:jane de shivay apni saumya ke pass ja rh hai and the duo laughed.
ani: saumya to theek hai na
s:ha di di
i:waise jo kaho aj rudy ne kamal kar diya nahi saumya
s : ha ..ha didi mai bhi shock ho gai the
a: pata hai saumya aj maine..
a: ha billu ji
s: wo mai ..mai wo
a: oho baki ki tarha mimiya kya rahe hai
i: bhaiya apko sona hai na ham chalet hai
s:thanks ishana warn ye pannika to samajti he nahi.
somuishu left
anika: billu ji mujhe lagta hai ki rudra saumya se
s: pyar karta hai
a :are wah bagad billed
s : anika

o: so what n ext
is:bang bang pradnath oops partner
o:by coming near. ishu tum mujhe pradnath kyu bolting ho.
i:wo..wo galti se sorry (and ranges out leaving om laughing at her innocence
r:are u ok
s:ha i’m fine
r:sumo mujhe lagta hai ki ishu didi ke sath kuch gadbad hai
r:mai bas chahata hu wo om ko dukhta na de. par kabhi kabhi jab wo ham sab ko sath dekhte hai to lagta hai kuch chupa rahi hai.
s:cry baby tum na faltu soch rahe ho.
________thairoooooooo!!!!waitttttttttt. mai thak gai hu aur nahi lik sakti .?
precap :

ishana : i missed your hugs rajveer
rajveer: me to isha(ab ye kya hua )

tia: tumhara pura naam kya hai? class kya hai status kya hai?
rudra: saumya rudra singh oberoi naam hai uska.
pinky: shitiya’s marriage to done ho gayi.
rotilana ki mummy: finally oberois barbados ho gaye .ab na
ghar hai na gadi na busseness. ( crore pati se road pati)
shiomru+anishsa: picture abhi baki hai

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
anika apki bahu nahi hai : mr. deewan(fail gaya raita)
agar age ke kahani janni hai to comment karna mat bhulna warna(don’t forget to write comets otherwise) …..

mai age ki story nahi likh gi .simple?(i won’t write the story further.simple)
stay tuned with navya srivastava. .bye bye

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    1. Navya

      Well thank you and I have submitted the next part soon it will be available to you

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